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Are you tired of hearing about how easy it is to make money online only to feel lost when you finally jump in? Trust me, I've been there too.

That's why I felt compelled to share my journey of discovering how to make money on Medium, the popular blogging platform that can turn your writing skills into a lucrative side hustle or even full-time income.

Earning with your writing may seem like a daunting and unattainable goal, but after diving into the world of Medium, I realized the potential for writers like myself.

Not only does this platform reward quality content, but it also fosters a welcoming community that embraces diverse voices and perspectives. So gather 'round fellow aspiring writers because I'm about to share the ins-and-outs of making money on Medium.

What is Medium?

What is Medium?

Medium is an online publishing platform that was launched in 2012 by Evan Williams, a co-founder of Twitter. It offers a space for writers and readers alike to share ideas, stories, and knowledge on various topics.

Medium stands out due to its emphasis on quality content and rewards writers through its Partner Program. By fostering a user-friendly interface and encouraging diverse perspectives, Medium has become home to countless talented writers and voracious readers hungry for knowledge.

If you're passionate about your writing, then Medium might just be the perfect platform for your creative expression!

Is Medium A Reliable Platform?

Is Medium A Reliable Platform?

In terms of reliability, Medium is a well-established platform with a solid reputation. Over the years, it has gained the trust of millions of users, which has led to a continuously growing community of writers and readers.

However, like any platform, there are pros and cons to consider when deciding whether it's the right fit for you.

On one hand, Medium offers an incredibly user-friendly interface and presents a low barrier to entry for aspiring writers. It plays host to an array of diverse content niches which increases your chances of connecting with the right audience.

On the other hand, while most content on Medium is free to read initially, some users may be put off by the limited number of articles accessible per month without subscribing.

Moreover, though gaining followers and readers is possible, visibility can still be somewhat challenging due to fierce competition among writers.

Overall, if you’re dedicated to producing quality content and willing to invest time in marketing your work on different platforms (e.g., social media), then Medium can prove itself as a reliable platform for you to showcase your writing skills and earn money while doing so!

How Does The Medium Platform Work?

How Does The Medium Platform Work?

Medium functions by combining the best of both worlds: it offers writers a user-friendly interface for publishing their work, while granting readers access to high-quality content.

As a writer, once you sign up and create an account, you can start publishing articles on any topic that interests you.

Medium caters to a wide array of topics from technology to self-help and everything in between.

Every user has access to a limited number of free articles per month. However, for the limitless reading experience, Medium offers a premium membership which costs $5/month or $50/year.

Becoming a premium member also includes additional perks such as supporting your favorite authors and allowing them to earn money for their work.

Medium ensures that quality content gets the exposure it deserves through its established algorithm which promotes articles based on engagement criteria like reads, claps, comments, etc.

This algorithm helps trustworthy and engaging articles rise above the noise regardless of an author's following count.

Medium offers:

  • A platform for writers to showcase their work
  • Access to free articles with optional premium membership plans
  • A wide range of topics and diverse voices within its community
  • An emphasis on quality content shared through its discovery algorithm

How Much Money Can You Make On Medium?

How Much Money Can You Make On Medium?

Before diving into the specifics, it's important to acknowledge that earnings on Medium can vary greatly. While some writers have managed to make a significant amount of money, others may earn considerably less.

It's crucial to set realistic expectations when aiming to monetize your work on this platform.

While exploring various sources and surveys, I found that less than 1% of writers on the platform make approximately $5,000 - $30,000 a month. Meanwhile, 94% of users earn under $100 per month. To put earnings into perspective:

  • Top-tier writers (less than 1%) earn a sizable income
  • The vast majority (94%) make only a modest sum

Now, the discrepancy in writer earnings might seem discouraging at first glance. However, this shouldn't deter you from pursuing your writing on Medium.

Many top-performing writers started out as part of the majority before they reached success. Consistency and continuous growth are key components of earning more on Medium.

It's essential to remember that success often takes time and persistence; initial earnings may be lower but could rise as you continue honing your skills and building your readership base.

Income on Medium is predicated not only upon skill but also determination and perseverance in refining your craft.

My Medium Monthly Earnings

My Medium Monthly Earnings

As an intermediate writer with a year's worth of experience on Medium and a background as a WordPress editor, I've been fortunate to earn anywhere from $500 to $2,000 a month with my articles.

I attribute my success primarily to two factors: my expertise in the lifestyle niche and the hard work I have invested in this platform.

Over time, I've managed to establish a decent readership base that enjoys and appreciates the content I create. However, there have been instances where I've reached earnings of up to $3,000 when dedicating more hours and energy into publishing consistently high-quality articles.

To give you an idea of how my monthly earnings break down:

  • Low months ($500 - $1,000): Occurs when I'm not as consistent in writing
  • High months ($1,500 - $2,000): Usually attainable when maintaining regular content creation
  • Exceptional months (Up to $3,000): Reflect increased focus and extraordinary dedication

Though my experience may not represent every writer's journey on Medium, it highlights the potential for monetizing your passion if you stay committed to refining your craft and understanding your niche.

In my case, having prior knowledge about articles and expertise in lifestyle content has aided me tremendously in my Medium journey.

The crucial takeaway is that determination coupled with skill can lead writers like myself to generate significant passive income through blogging and ignite motivation for continued growth.

How To Make Money On Medium: Top 5 Proven Ways

How To Make Money On Medium: Top 5 Proven Ways

Drawing from my personal experience, I've identified five effective ways to generate income on Medium. These strategies are not limited to advanced writers; aspiring authors can also implement them. The key is to stay consistent and be willing to learn from your audience.

1. Complete The Medium Partner Program Requirements

Your first step towards earning on Medium is joining the Medium Partner Program. This enables you to monetize your content and receive payments based on the engagement your articles generate.

Remember: consistency matters! In my case, the more articles I published, the better chances I had of generating higher earnings. Invest time in creating diverse, quality content that appeals to your target audience.

2. Start Writing Articles On Medium

Since Medium already boasts a sizable user base and actively promotes quality content, you don't need an external blog to begin writing articles and making money on this platform.

Once you become a member of the Partner Program, consistently publish engaging articles that resonate with readers and focus on topics relevant to your niche.

Throughout my journey as a lifestyle writer, I learned that understanding your audience's preferences will increase your chances of creating successful articles significantly. Opt for topics that strike a balance between reader interest and showcasing your expertise.

3. Refer New Members To Join Medium

Another effective way to make money on Medium is through their referral program. By inviting potential readers or fellow writers to sign up for Medium using your referral link, you can earn extra income besides the earnings from the Partner Program.

Medium's membership pricing is as follows:

  • Annual Membership: $50.00
  • Monthly Membership: $5.00

Once new members join through your referral link and become paying subscribers within their first 30 days, you'll receive a 50% commission on the net payment fees of their signup. The payment split (minus transaction fees) would look like this:

  • For an annual membership, you'll get $24.12
  • For a monthly membership, you'll receive $2.27

To clarify, here's how much you could potentially earn per month based on the number of referred members:

  • For 1 referred member: $2.01 (annual) or $2.27 (monthly)
  • For 100 referred members: $201 (annual) or $227 (monthly)

The more adept you are at sharing quality content with friends and followers or engaging with potential new users who might find value in Medium's platform, the more income you can generate through referrals over time.

4. Achieve Author Bonuses

Medium awards author bonuses each month as part of its commitment to support writers. Bonuses are given based on your content quality, consistency, and overall value provided to readers.

I've been fortunate enough to attain this bonus occasionally, motivating me to invest additional time in perfecting my craft.

Author bonuses are distributed as follows:

  • $500 bonus for the top 1% most engaging stories
  • $100 bonus for the top 5% most engaging stories
  • $50 bonus for the top 10% most engaging stories

Keep in mind that trying to achieve an author bonus should not deter you from producing quality content.

The primary objective is to share valuable information with your audience while the potential of this extra financial incentive helps keep spirits high!

5. Get Paid

Once you start accumulating earnings from the Partner Program, referrals, and potentially author bonuses, you'll be paid out the following month via Stripe, Medium's payment processor.

Remember that the accumulated value must exceed the monthly minimum threshold of $1 before Stripe processes your payout.

To further elaborate on the earnings from referring new members:

  • For each referred member who opts for an annual membership: $2.01 per month will be added to your payout
  • For each referred member who chooses a monthly membership: $2.27 per month will be included in your earnings

As your following grows and more individuals sign up through your referral link across both membership plans, you'll see a steady increase in your monthly income.

When it comes to receiving payments, always ensure that your Stripe account is properly set up to smoothly process transactions and avoid potential delays or issues in receiving your hard-earned funds.

7 Ways To Maximize Earnings On Medium

7 Ways To Maximize Earnings On Medium

Achieving financial success on Medium isn't merely a matter of writing good articles; it involves employing various strategies to optimize your income.

Now, we'll delve into seven techniques designed to amplify your revenue as a writer on the Medium platform.

1. Promote Your Blog

While the Medium algorithm is beneficial in promoting engaging content, you cannot rely solely on the platform for visibility.

Actively promoting your articles across social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can greatly increase your chances of attracting new readers and garnering higher engagement rates.

For example, consider joining relevant Facebook groups related to your niche or networking with professionals in the same field on LinkedIn. By sharing your content with an audience that's already interested in the topics you write about, you're likely to see an uptick in engagement.

2. Write For Various Medium Publications

Another method I've found particularly helpful in maximizing my earnings is submitting my articles to well-known/established Medium publications. These publications have an extensive reader base and often garner more visibility than individual authors' profiles.

Take the time to research and find publications relevant to your niche and connect with their editors. Keep in mind that some publications require writers to follow specific guidelines before approving article submissions.

After getting a few articles published within prominent publications, you'll start noticing a significant increase in readership, leading directly to growth in earnings.

Examples of popular Medium publications include The Startup, Better Marketing, and Mind Cafe — keep an eye out for those which align best with your expertise.

3. Create An Unique Profile

Your Medium profile serves as a reflection of who you are as a writer. A compelling profile can not only captivate the attention of potential readers but also encourage them to engage with more of your articles — thereby increasing earnings.

To create an appealing profile:

  • Write an intriguing and concise bio that showcases your writing personality and expertise
  • Use a clear, high-quality profile picture of yourself to appear more personable and approachable
  • Incorporate relevant links to your social media profiles, websites, or projects

Don't be afraid to try creative approaches in showcasing your individuality; these efforts can make you stand out among the plethora of writers on Medium.

4. Keep A Steady Writing Schedule

Consistency in producing content is pivotal for maintaining reader engagement, growing your following, and ultimately boosting earnings on Medium.

The more readers see and interact with your content regularly, the more invested they become in following your articles.

Aim for publishing at least one article per week (or more), ensuring that each piece maintains the same high quality as the last.

Regularly producing excellent content will lead to better visibility within the Medium algorithm and consequently better financial returns.

5. Select Trending Niche

Writing about trending topics or niches can significantly improve your chances of being discovered by readers interested in those subjects.

This strategy will not only attract new followers but also keep existing readers engaged with fresh material.

Always stay informed about current affairs, industry developments, and popular trends specific to your niche. Research keywords frequently-searched online or which generate significant engagement within Medium's community.

By incorporating these keywords naturally into your content, you'll increase its discoverability while offering valuable insights to a wider audience.

6. Engage With Other Medium Authors

Building a solid network within Medium is crucial for long-term success on the platform. Interaction with fellow writers can result in increased exposure as you share ideas, collaborate on projects, or exchange insights regarding revenue growth strategies.

Foster relationships by commenting on articles you enjoy or follow authors that write in similar niches or have a comparable style — this reciprocal engagement creates organic growth opportunities for both parties involved while enhancing earnings potential.

7. Optimize Your Article Layout

Your articles should be visually appealing and easy to read. This simple choice will significantly impact reader engagement and potential monetary returns. Break up text with images, bullet points, headers (H2, H3), and bold or italicized keywords to emphasize key points.

Formatting your content for a seamless reading experience helps readers stay connected to your narrative, boosting retention rates, earning more claps, and — most importantly — potentially increasing your overall earnings.

Employing these seven strategies consistently in conjunction with excellent writing skills, you significantly improve the likelihood of maximizing your income potential on Medium.

Remember: being unafraid of exploring creative approaches will serve as the foundation for growth on this dynamic platform.

Top-Performing Niche On Medium

Top-Performing Niche On Medium

In order to optimize your readership and earnings on Medium, identifying top-performing niches is an essential step. These high-demand topics captivate a substantial reader base and leave room for ample engagement with your content.

Here are a few top-performing niches on the platform, alongside examples from noteworthy publications.

  1. Personal Development – This popular niche covers self-improvement, productivity, and mental health. Examples include articles published in Mind Cafe and Better Humans. Personal experiences and advice pieces resonate with readers seeking growth.
  2. Startups & Entrepreneurship – Many readers flock to Medium to seek guidance in launching startups or improving their entrepreneurship skills. Publications like The Startup and Better Marketing cover diverse topics that cater to these readers, such as business innovation, marketing strategies, and revenue models.
  3. Technology & Programming – The tech-savvy audience gravitates towards articles about programming languages, frameworks, software development, and breakthrough technologies. Authentic insight into these subjects can be found on publications such as Hacker Noon and Towards Data Science.
  4. Personal Finance & Investing – As individuals aim to improve their financial situation by learning how to invest or manage their finances wisely, this niche maintains high demand. Strong examples include articles within publications like Making of a Millionaire or The Post-Grad Survival Guide.
  5. Freelancing & Remote Work – With the rise of remote work and freelancing opportunities worldwide, this niche appeals to readers exploring alternative career paths. Examples of publications catering to these topics are Remotive and The Writing Cooperative.

Understanding which niches perform well on Medium is the first step in attracting a larger audience and generating higher engagement with your articles.

Keep track of trends, conduct thorough research, and explore the examples mentioned above to excel within your chosen niche.

Is Writing On Medium Worth It?

Is Writing On Medium Worth It?

After analyzing the extensive potential — alongside examining copious examples from various corners of the internet, including millions, if not billions, of websites and high-end blogs — I can confidently say that yes, writing on Medium is worth it.

Writers benefit from numerous advantages by utilizing this platform, whether they're aspiring authors or seasoned professionals. Medium offers a built-in audience hungry for valuable content that spans various niches.

By honing your skills and focusing on topics that connect with readers, you can steadily grow your following and potentially earn income while doing so.

Moreover, as an author-centric platform, practicing on Medium fosters creative growth through real-time feedback from readers and other writers.

Regardless of whether you aim to build a name for yourself in your industry or simply wish to explore writing as a creative outlet or potential side hustle, Medium represents an opportunity worth seizing.

Do I need a Medium subscription to make money as a writer on the platform?

No, writers can join the Medium Partner Program and start earning without subscribing. However, subscribing will grant you full access to premium content and support other writers.

What's the minimum payout threshold in the Medium Partner Program?

To receive payment on Medium, your earnings must exceed $1 monthly. Payments lower than $1 will be rolled over to subsequent months.

How often are earnings paid out to Medium writers?

Earnings accumulated through the Medium Partner Program are paid out monthly via Stripe (Medium's payment processor).

Is it necessary to have prior writing experience to be successful on Medium?

Prior writing experience isn't essential but can be helpful. Regardless of your background, commitment and regular practice remain key components in finding success as a writer on Medium.

Can I republish content from my blog onto Medium?

Yes, Medium allows you to republish content from your blog using its Import Tool. Just ensure that canonical tags are utilized correctly for SEO purposes.


In summary, Medium offers a wonderful platform for both amateur and professional writers to showcase their talents and make money while doing so.

By joining the Medium Partner Program, engaging with a supportive community, and consistently creating enriching content within top-performing niches, you can maximize your earnings potential over time.

As with any creative pursuit, growth on Medium requires determination and patience; your dedication to refining your craft will pave the path to success in this thriving digital landscape. Happy writing!

Michael Restiano

I support product content strategy for Salt Money. Additionally, I’m helping develop content strategy and processes to deliver quality work for our readers.

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