23 Best Ways To Sell Notes And Earn Money In 2024 [Rake In Cash]

Updated On: 06/21/2023
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Are you sitting on a goldmine of knowledge in the form of summarized class notes? Then it's high time to discover how you can monetize your academic expertise.

Selling notes online has become a popular and legitimate way to make some extra cash, especially among college students and educators. In fact, there are countless opportunities for you to sell notes and earn money.

With the rise in demand for online education and learning resources, tapping into this market could be a lucrative side hustle or even turn into a full-time career.

Whether you're an expert at breaking down complex concepts or just have an impressive collection of study materials, keep reading to learn about effective methods for selling your notes online and turning your smarts into cash.

Determining How Valuable Your Notes Are

Determining How Valuable Your Notes Are

To establish the value of your notes, it's essential to analyze various factors that contribute to their worth. Here's a breakdown of key aspects to consider in determining the value of your notes:

Quality and Clarity

  • Ensure your notes are well-structured and easy to follow.
  • Use clear language, avoiding complicated phrasing or jargon.

Relevance and Uniqueness

  • Keep the content up-to-date with current educational standards.
  • Add supplemental information, examples, or tips that are not available in textbooks.

Demand for the Subject

  • Assess how popular the subject is among students.
  • Research the number of people potentially interested in purchasing materials related to your subject area.

Presentation and Format

  • Use a consistent layout for headings, subheadings, and bullet points.
  • Incorporate visual aids such as diagrams, charts or tables for better understanding.

To get an estimate of your notes' true value in the market, research competing resources on different platforms.

By evaluating their pricing strategies while reflecting on these factors mentioned above, you can confidently decide on a competitive price for your notes without compromising their worth.

Remember that valuable notes not only contain beneficial information but are also presented in a user-friendly manner.

Start with Local Students

Start with Local Students

One of the easiest ways to begin selling your notes is by starting within your own circle of classmates and acquaintances.

Reaching out to fellow students is not only convenient, but it can also help you gain valuable feedback on how to improve your offerings.

Reach out to fellow classmates

Don't be shy; spread the word about your notes among your friends, study groups, and clubs. By doing this, you create a network effect that encourages referral-based expansion.

Offer services as a tutor

Another excellent strategy is offering tutoring services alongside selling notes. This approach demonstrates expertise in the subject matter and creates an opportunity for buyers to see your work's value first-hand.

Your notes can then become supplementary materials that the students can reference during and after tutoring sessions, leading to higher demand.

Utilize Online Platforms: 23 Best Websites To Sell Notes And Earn Money

Utilize Online Platforms

With the growing popularity of e-learning, numerous online platforms have emerged to cater to the needs of students worldwide, creating the ultimate marketplace for selling study materials.

Here, we will take a closer look at some of the best websites where you can sell notes and earn money.

1. StudySoup


StudySoup is a popular note-sharing platform that allows you to sell your college notes to students in need of study materials. It's an easy-to-navigate platform where thousands of students have had success selling their notes.

To get started, you'll need to sign up as a StudySoup Elite Notetaker and then follow the submission guidelines. Once you've uploaded your notes, StudySoup's team will review and approve them if they meet the site's quality standards. This helps ensure that buyers receive top-notch materials.

Pricing: StudySoup allows you to set your own price for your notes, with most sellers pricing their course materials between $25 - $90. You can earn up to 70% in commission on each sale.

2. Stuvia


Stuvia is an international platform where students can buy and sell study materials such as class summaries, lecture notes, and flashcards. With a huge user base from different countries, Stuvia offers plenty of potential buyers for your course notes.

To start selling, create an account on Stuvia, upload your documents, and set a price for each item. Keep in mind that the quality and presentation of your materials will impact the buyer's interest.

Pricing: On Stuvia, you determine the price of your study resources, giving you control over how much money you make from each sale. The platform charges a small commission (usually between 20% - 40%, depending on your seller status) per transaction.

3. OneClass


OneClass is an educational platform that allows students to access lecture notes, exam materials, and study guides. Becoming a contributor on OneClass can help you make money by sharing your knowledge with their growing community.

To become a contributor, sign up for an account and join the OneClass Note Taker Program. You'll need to submit sample notes that showcase your ability to concisely summarize lectures in a clear and organized manner.

Pricing: Instead of earning cash directly for each sale of your notes, OneClass follows an "earn-per-upload" system where you earn credits for every document uploaded – approximately 25 credits per submission. These credits can be redeemed for gift cards or cash rewards starting at $10 (1,200 credits).

4. Nexus Notes

Nexus Notes

Nexus Notes is another sought-after online platform where students can buy high-quality course materials such as lecture summaries, study guides, and case briefs from top universities across the globe.

To sell on Nexus Notes, sign up as a seller and submit your resources (in Word or PDF format). All submissions must adhere to their guidelines and pass through a strict quality control process before they're listed for sale.

Pricing: Nexus Notes suggests setting prices between $35 - $55 per document depending on the value offered. The platform operates on a 50% commission basis, with sellers earning 50% of the revenue from each sale.

5. Oxbridge Notes

Oxbridge Notes

Oxbridge Notes is a platform specifically tailored for law students and qualified attorneys who wish to sell their notes, case summaries, and essays. This UK-based marketplace offers an easy-to-navigate platform where sellers can earn up to 72% commission on each sale.

To get started with Oxbridge Notes, all you need to do is:

  1. Upload your notes or case summaries in Word or PDF format
  2. Fill out the required details about the content
  3. Set a price for your notes
  4. Wait for approval from the Oxbridge Notes team (typically takes 1-2 weeks)

Once approved, your listing will appear on their website and will be visible to buyers located worldwide.

6. GradeBuddy


On GradeBuddy, you can sell class notes, lecture summaries, and study guides related to a wide range of subjects and courses. You have full control over your pricing, but it's important to keep rates competitive since users often prefer more economical options.

With GradeBuddy, the process of selling your notes is simple:

  1. Create a free account
  2. Submit your notes in PDF format
  3. Add descriptions and tags for better visibility
  4. Set a price
  5. Uploaded materials must be reviewed and approved by GradeBuddy administrators before going live on the website

You can withdraw earnings through PayPal, with the minimum payout threshold being $50.

7. Course Hero

Course Hero

The popular study platform Course Hero is another fantastic option for selling college-level homework help material like lecture notes, textbook answers, practice problems solutions, essays or research papers with proper citation and referencing only without plagiarism.

To offer your resources on Course Hero, follow these steps:

  1. Create a free account
  2. Start uploading your content as Word, PDF, or RTF files
  3. Await their review of your resources – it usually takes 72 hours

A great advantage of Course Hero is their versatile earning model: sellers can earn either through cash via PayPal or via Tutor Questions (unlocking questions' access). You can even earn by referring friends.

8. Thinkswap


Australian-based platform Thinkswap gains its popularity for allowing students to sell and purchase study materials within a focused course range among Australian universities. Payments are issued in the form of SwapCredits, which can be used to purchase extrastudy materials on the platform or convert them into real money.

To list your notes on Thinkswap, take these steps:

  1. Sign up for a free account
  2. Submit details about your content (including title, description, and tags)
  3. Upload the file as PDF
  4. Upon receiving approval, your resources get listed for sale

Earning potential varies depending on the quality and demand of your notes.

9. Notesgen


Notesgen is a user-friendly platform that allows you to upload and sell notes in various formats like PDFs, word documents, or even hand-sketched images. With over 700k registered users and more than 120k notes, this dynamic platform presents an excellent opportunity to share your knowledge and make money.

Pricing: Notesgen uses a credit system for pricing. You'll receive 50% of the credits when someone purchases your notes, which can then be redeemed via PayPal or Paytm.

Easy process for selling notes

  1. Sign up and create an account.
  2. Upload your notes along with a description of the content.
  3. Set the price for your notes in credits.
  4. Promote your notes on social media platforms to increase visibility.
  5. Receive payment when another person purchases your material.

10. Skooli

Skooli is an online tutoring platform that connects students with qualified tutors in various subjects. While it's not specifically built for selling notes, you can tutor others in your field of expertise and provide them with your notes as supplementary resources.

How it Works

  1. Sign up to become a Skooli tutor
  2. Create a comprehensive profile, highlighting your areas of knowledge and expertise
  3. Undergo the selection process to get approved as a tutor
  4. Offer online sessions to students and provide your notes for an additional fee
  5. Receive payments via PayPal upon completing a successful tutoring session

In addition to earning money through one-on-one tutoring, this allows you to add value by providing custom-tailored notes for students who may need that extra boost during their education journey.

11. NoteXchange


NoteXchange is an Australian-based platform that brings together university students who want to buy or sell their high-quality class resources.

Pricing: NoteXchange lets you price your university notes at a minimum of AUD 29, with the platform taking a 25% commission on each sale.

Selling notes on NoteXchange

  1. Create an account at NoteXchange.
  2. Upload your notes in PDF, DOC, or PPT formats.
  3. Price your materials following their guidelines.
  4. Wait for approval (48-72 hours).
  5. Receive payment when someone purchases.

12. StudentVIP Notes

StudentVIP Notes

StudentVIP Notes is one of Australia's largest note-sharing sites offering university students opportunities to earn money by selling their high-quality notes.

Pricing: This platform allows you to set any price above AUD 29 for your materials; it takes a 35% commission. The transaction process accepts various payment methods such as credit cards and PayPal.

Selling notes on StudentVIP Notes

1.Create an account at StudentVIP Notes.
2.Enter course details and choose the types of resources you'll upload.
3.Upload your notes in PDF, PPT, or DOC-format.

13. Docsity


Docsity is a popular platform for students worldwide, with millions of users visiting the site to access a vast range of learning resources, including notes. Selling your notes on Docsity can help you monetize your hard work while reaching a wider audience.

Pricing: On Docsity, you earn credits every time someone downloads your notes. The platform does not have a fixed pricing system; instead, it uses a credit-based system where credit values vary according to the document's value.

Easy Process: To sell notes on Docsity, follow these steps:

  1. Register for an account
  2. Upload your notes as PDF or DOCX files
  3. Set the required credits for downloading your document (10-500 credits)
  4. Wait for approval (maximum 48 hours)
  5. Promote your documents to reach more users
  6. Redeem credits by requesting payment through PayPal once you've reached 2000 credits

14. Knoowy


Knoowy is an online marketplace specifically designed for students to buy and sell study materials such as course summaries, practice exercises, and lecture notes.

Pricing: Knoowy allows you to set your own prices while selling notes, with no restrictions on the amount charged per download.

Easy Process: Selling your notes on Knoowy involves the following steps:

  1. Create an account
  2. Choose 'Sell Your Documents' option and upload files (PDF format only)
  3. Set pricing details
  4. Add relevant descriptions and tags for better visibility
  5. Wait for approval before your document goes live

Once you start making sales, Knoowy charges a commission of 20% on each transaction.

15. Notesale


Notesale is another coveted platform to sell your notes, catering mainly to the UK. Notesale offers a straightforward system for students and educators to convert their notes into cash.

Pricing: You set your own price for the documents you upload, as long as it's within the range of £0.99 and £20.

Easy Process: Selling notes on Notesale is simple:

  1. Register for an account
  2. Upload notes in various formats (PDF, PowerPoint, Word)
  3. Set your pricing information
  4. Share your documents on social media or other promotional channels to increase exposure
  5. Payments are processed via PayPal each time a document is sold

16. NotesMarketplace


NotesMarketplace is a global platform that connects note sellers with students seeking study materials, emphasizing quality and accessibility.

Pricing: This platform allows flexible pricing structures; you set your own prices for each item with no limit constraints.

Easy Process: Here's how to sell your notes on NotesMarketplace:

  1. Create an account
  2. Upload files in PDF format
  3. Set prices and provide necessary details about each document (subject, description, keywords)
  4. Use marketing tools provided by the platform to promote your documents
  5. Receive payment via PayPal upon purchasing of notes

17. StudyPool


StudyPool is an online platform where users can sell their notes and study materials, as well as offer tutoring services. It is a one-stop-shop for selling your knowledge and helping students excel in their studies.

Pricing: StudyPool takes a percentage of the sale price from each transaction. The exact fee will depend on the specifics of the transaction, such as your selling price and the type of service you provide.

To Start Selling:

  • Register for an account on StudyPool
  • Become a verified tutor (optional) by passing subject-related tests
  • Upload your study materials or create tutoring services
  • Set a suitable price for your offerings
  • Receive earnings via different payment methods like PayPal or bank transfer after your study resources are sold

18. UniNotes


UniNotes is an online marketplace that specializes in university-level notes, summaries, and other study materials. This platform allows students from various universities to connect with one another by buying or selling high-quality lecture materials.

Pricing: The pricing model at UniNotes operates on commission-based sales - they take a flat 25% commission whenever your content sells.

Easy Process:

  1. Register for an account using your university email
  2. Upload a range of study materials, from lecture notes to assignments or even quizzes
  3. Set your desired sale price
  4. Receive payments conveniently via PayPal

19. AceMyCourse


AceMyCourse is a UK-based platform that provides a specialized marketplace dedicated to helping students buy, sell, or share academic resources like essays, case studies, and revision notes.

Pricing: AceMyCourse has two pricing options for sellers:
1- Free subscription (limited features)
2- Pro subscription (£7/year) for access to additional features like unlimited uploads, detailed sales insights, priority support, etc.

Easy Process:
1- Create an account on AceMyCourse
2- Choose between the Free or Pro subscription options
3- Upload your material in PDF format
4- Set a selling price (recommended between £1 to £15)
5- Wait for payments to roll in via PayPal or Stripe

These peer-reviewed marketplaces provide the perfect opportunity to sell your notes online in an efficient manner while ensuring secure transactions and fair compensation.

By exploring these platforms, you can easily set your foot into the world of note-selling and make the most out of your academic resources.

20. Chegg


Chegg is an all-encompassing platform that helps students with a wide range of academic needs, including textbook rentals, homework assistance, tutoring services, and a marketplace for selling notes and study guides.

The platform's popularity makes it a great option to maximize the visibility of your uploaded materials.

Pricing: Chegg's transaction process for selling notes is different from others. Instead of a commission-based model, you will receive full payment when your content gets sold. Payments are made through PayPal or direct deposit.

Easy Process:

  1. Sign up for an account
  2. Upload your notes and study guides
  3. Set a price that aligns with the value of your content
  4. Receive payment whenever your materials sell

21. PapersOwl


PapersOwl is a popular online platform for students and professionals seeking academic assistance or resources. While primarily known for its essay writing service, it also offers users the opportunity to upload and sell their own study materials and notes.

Pricing: Uploading and selling notes on PapersOwl are free, but they deduct a percentage from your earnings as their commission. Exact figures may vary depending on the transaction.

Easy Process:

  1. Register for an account on PapersOwl.
  2. Upload your notes or study materials in the required format.
  3. Set your desired selling price.
  4. Receive earnings via your preferred payment method when your notes sell.

PapersOwl connects you with a diverse audience of students and educators, giving you exposure to potential buyers with different subject interests and academic levels, increasing the chances of selling your notes.

22. Noteshelf


NoteShelf is another popular platform for selling your tailored study notes and educational content. Their marketplace attracts students, educators, and professionals in search of valuable study material. The vast audience ensures your notes reach eager buyers from various educational backgrounds.

Pricing: NoteShelf operates on a commission basis. You'll earn 60% of each sale, while they retain the remaining 40%.

Getting Started:

  • Create an account on NoteShelf
  • Carefully review their guidelines for the material you're planning to sell
  • Develop and polish your notes or educational content
  • Submit your items for review and approval by the NoteShelf team
  • Once approved, they become available for sale in their marketplace
  • Payment is usually processed via PayPal once a sale is made

23. Notesmate


Notesmate is an emerging platform that helps students and teachers sell their study materials, including handwritten or typed class notes, presentations, and question papers.

Pricing: On Notesmate, it's free to upload your content. When someone purchases your resources, you'll get up to 70% of the list price, which can then be transferred to your bank account.

How to sell on Notesmate

  1. Register for an account at Notesmate.
  2. Go to 'My Account', click 'Upload Resource,' and provide details like subject area, document type, etc.
  3. Set a price for your content using their guidelines.
  4. Once approved by the team (within 48 hours), start earning as others download and buy your resources

Use Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are a great way to reach a wider audience and promote your notes to potential buyers. By showcasing your expertise and providing valuable information, you can effectively connect with your target market and establish a strong online presence.


Create a dedicated page or group for selling your notes on Facebook. Once you've built up an audience, you can post regular updates about new content, promotional offers, and even snippets of your notes as teasers. Join relevant study groups or communities and share your resources with potential customers.


Instagram is an excellent platform for visually appealing note materials like infographics or graphics-rich summaries. Include eye-catching images in each post while sharing links to purchase the full notes in the bio section. You can also collaborate with influencers or use targeted hashtags related to education and learning.


Tweet regularly about your notes, using trending educational hashtags, and engage in conversations with prospective buyers or fellow educators. Share useful tips extracted from your content, retweet relevant educational tweets, and boost visibility through sponsored tweets.


Leverage LinkedIn's professional network by connecting with teachers, professors, students, and tutoring companies interested in valuable educational resources. Share insightful articles that showcase your expertise in the subject matter while offering sample pages from your notes.

Utilize Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Learning Management Systems (LMS) like Moodle or Canvas have gained immense popularity in recent years, thanks to their comprehensive solutions for educational institutions and their ability to connect educators with students in a user-friendly manner. You can take advantage of these platforms to sell your notes and earn money by integrating your content right into the LMS.

Sign up on the LMS and Set Up Your Account

Create an account on either Moodle or Canvas, depending on your preference or any prior engagement with the platform at your institution. Customize your profile and user settings to optimize engagement with potential buyers.

Create Course Modules

Structure your notes in a way that fits the LMS course module system. Break down lessons into clear segments, providing ample context for easy understanding when users access your notes.

Add Media and Visuals

Enhance your content by adding relevant media (audio, video) and visual elements (charts, diagrams), making it more appealing for both instructors looking to supplement their course materials and students aiming at deeper comprehension.

Set Pricing

Determine pricing for access to individual or bundled note resources, ensuring that you remain competitive while still offering valuable material.

Promote Your Content

Share the URL of your courses on social media, forums, blogs related to education, or e-mail newsletters catering to educators. Engage with users who show interest in buying study materials through strategic marketing efforts.

By following these steps and utilizing LMS platforms like Moodle or Canvas effectively, you can broaden your reach and successfully sell notes online.

Partner with Bookstores or Stationery Shops

While digital notes and online resources are certainly trending, there is still a substantial demand for physical copies of study materials. To tap into this market, consider partnering with local bookstores or stationery shops to sell your notes in print. This approach not only offers wider exposure but also diversifies your income stream as you cater to students who prefer tangible resources.

Start by approaching stores that specialize in academic material and pitch your notes as valuable additions to their offerings. You could even create exclusive bundles or study packs tailored for specific classes or subjects to enhance your prospects. Be sure to maintain a professional presentation of your notes, such as using high-quality bindings and organizing the content in an easily navigable layout.

Forge strong relationships with store owners by providing them with updated notes to keep up with evolving curriculums and solidify your place as a valuable partner.

Document Sharing Platforms: Scribd or SlideShare

Making your notes easily accessible to a large audience can significantly increase your chances of earning money. Document sharing platforms like Scribd and SlideShare serve as excellent online libraries where users actively search for resources to expand their knowledge.

Selling on these platforms is quite simple:

  1. Create an account and upload your notes in the appropriate format, such as PDF or PPT.
  2. Add relevant titles, descriptions, keywords, and tags to make your documents easily discoverable by potential buyers.
  3. Opt for premium membership or choose the pay-per-download model on Scribd. This allows you to price your content and earn revenue from downloads.
  4. On SlideShare, incorporate links within your presentation that redirect users to a payment portal or get in touch with those who express interest directly.

With millions of active users per month, these platforms offer an incredible opportunity to showcase and sell your educational materials to a global audience while generating passive income. Just remember to periodically update your content and interact with users who engage with it in order to maintain their interest.

FAQs About Selling Notes And Earn Money

What Is The Best App To Sell Notes And Earn Money?

There are several popular apps to sell notes and earn money, including platforms like StudySoup, OneClass, and Notesgen.

Can You Make Money By Taking Notes?

Yes, it is possible to make money by taking notes. There are platforms where you can sell your notes to students who need them for studying.

Is It Illegal To Sell Your Study Notes?

No, it is generally not illegal to sell your own notes. As long as the notes are your original work and do not violate any copyright laws, you can sell them legally.

Do I Retain The Copyright To My Notes When Selling Them?

In most cases, you retain the copyright to your notes when selling them

Are There Any Restrictions On The Types Of Notes I Can Sell?

There may be restrictions on selling certain types of notes, particularly if they contain copyrighted material or violate intellectual property laws.


Exploring the vast array of opportunities to sell notes and earn money has become easier than ever before in today's digital age.

Both students and educators have the chance to contribute to others' learning experiences while simultaneously generating a steady stream of income.

Taking advantage of these platforms and techniques, you may find your own niche in the online knowledge market and unlock the full potential of your academic expertise.

Measure your strengths, select the best platform for you, and watch as your hard work pays off in more ways than one.

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