Is Skillz Legit In 2024 [My Honest Skillz Review, Scam or Not?]

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In the digital world that we live in, it's no surprise that online gaming has taken on a life of its own.

But with so much out there, it's essential to know the difference between what's legit and what's not. One of the platforms that have piqued my interest lately is Skillz, and like many, I've found myself asking Is Skillz legit?

Now, let's take a closer look at Skillz: A platform claiming to turn our love for mobile games into cash rewards. Sounds awesome, right? But when money's involved, it makes sense to be cautious.

Trust me when I say; I've done my homework and ready to share my findings with you today! So sit tight and keep reading as we navigate these virtual waters together.

What Is Skillz?

What Is Skillz?

Skillz is an online mobile multiplayer competition platform that is integrated into a number of iOS and Android games.

Players can use the Skillz platform to compete in real-time with other players across the world. What makes this platform special is its ability to let users compete for real cash prizes! Yes, you heard that right, real money.

Skillz was founded in 2012 with the intention of making mobile games more fun and competitive for all players. This unique gaming platform hosts a wide variety of gaming genres such as puzzles, sports, action-oriented games, adventures, and more.

The company's motto is "-Anyone Can Be a Champion-" emphasizing their belief that winning should be based on a player's skill. At its core, Skillz is marrying fun with eSports by creating a platform for games powered by a fair competition that extends to everyone.

Notable games of Skillz include:

  • Blackout Bingo
  • Solitaire Cube
  • Dominoes Gold

So if you fancy showing off your gaming skills and possibly earning some cash in return, then Skillz might just be the gaming avenue for you. In essence, it's where gamers meet to show their prowess - leveled up by cash stakes!

On the other hand, if you're just beginning as a gamer or digital dabbler looking for some adrenaline-pumped fun accompanied by possible cash rewards - Skillz could also be an exciting consideration.

How Does Skillz Work?

How Does Skillz Work?

Skillz operates on a premises that is as strikingly simple as it is appealing. First things first, you'll need to download the Skillz application.

It's available on Android and iOS platforms, so fret not! You can always access if you're an avid Apple fan.

Upon launching the application, you're greeted by a seemingly endless array of games. From the adrenaline rush of Blackout Bingo to the strategic mind-bender Solitaire Cube, there's a game for every mood and interest. Choose your pick and get ready to dive in!

Now here's where it gets exciting - each game comes with two distinct modes: Practice mode and Tournament mode. In practice mode, as the name suggests, you hone your skills without any real stakes. But once you're confident enough, step into the world of tournaments.

In tournament mode, players pay an entry fee, compete against others from across the globe and stand a chance to win cash rewards based on their performance. The better you play, the higher your chances of bagging a win.

At this point, you might be wondering - how does Skillz make its money? Well, they take a small part of that entry fee and in return, guarantee us a secure, fair-play environment that keeps us coming back for more.

Skillz lets us enjoy our favorite games right from our devices while also giving us that golden opportunity to achieve something more than just boosting our dopamine levels - winning actual cash! How cool is that?

How to Download Skillz Games on iPhone / iPad

How to Download Skillz Games on iPhone / iPad

To start playing Skillz games on your iPhone or iPad, the process is quite simple and easy to follow. Just keep in mind that the URL from where you'll be downloading these innovative games is

Open Safari

Unlike other apps, Skillz Games can't be downloaded directly from the App Store. You have to use Safari, the built-in web browser on your iPhone or iPad.


Next up, you'll need to go to You can simply tap on this link or manually key in the URL into Safari's address bar.

Choose Your Game

Here's where it starts to get fun! Once you're on the website, you'll see a list of numerous games. Blackout Bingo, Solitaire Cube, Pool Payday take your pick! Find one that suits your preferences and click on it.

Follow Prompts for Installation

After choosing a game, the website will guide you through installation prompts. Follow them strictly. A few easy clicks later, your chosen Skillz game will safely download onto your iOS device.

Just like that, you're all set! Now, let the games (and potential earnings) begin! Remember to play responsibly and enjoy yourself.

Is Skillz Legit?

Is Skillz Legit?

We can't get around the big question - Is Skillz legit?. As an ardent gamer and researcher, I delved into the details to separate fact from fiction. The result of my investigation? Yes, Skillz is indeed legitimate.

Registered and recognized by both Apple's App Store and Google Play Store, Skillz has a strong presence in the realm of mobile esports. But even more compelling, Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives Skillz an A+ rating - no easy feat for any business.

A seal of approval can also be found in its outstanding user reviews. With millions of registered users worldwide playing thousands of tournaments each day, it's clear that Skillz has successfully carved a niche in this industry.

However, like any other platform, it is not without its flaws or detractors. Listening to their feedback could provide you with a more realistic idea about what to expect from Skillz while embarking on your journey here.

List Of Popular Games On Skillz

List Of Popular Games On Skillz

There's no doubt that the pull of Skillz lies in its captivating array of games. The diverse selection is mind-blowing, suiting a wide range of interests and preferences.

From games that test your analytical mind to those that offer a fun thrill, the Skillz platform has got you covered. Plus, there's an added incentive - the potential for turning fun into cash rewards!

Here's a quick rundown of some popular games on Skillz:

  • Blackout Bingo
  • Solitaire Cube
  • Dominoes Gold
  • Pool Payday
  • Cube Cube
  • 21 Blitz
  • Bubble Cube 2
  • Spider Solitaire Cube
  • Yatzy Cash
  • Strike! by Bowlero
  • Spades Cash
  • Big Run Solitaire
  • Bingo Cash: Win Real Money
  • Block Blitz
  • Freecell Solitaire Cube
  • Pyramid Solitaire Cube
  • Big Buck Hunter: Marksman
  • Big Cooking - First Real-Cash Cooking Game!
  • Bubble Shooter Arena
  • Solitaire Tour - Classic Cards

Playing these games is not just about feeding your gaming appetite but also offers an opportunity to test your skills against millions of players from around the world.

Could there be anything better than having fun while ramping up your game strategy and possibly making cool cash? I'll let you decide.

Pros & Cons Of Skillz

Pros & Cons Of Skillz

Let's dive deeper and examine the pros and cons of Skillz to get a clear understanding of what you might expect when navigating this platform.


  • Variety of Games: With Skillz, boredom is not an option. The platform boasts a diverse range of games that can captivate your interest for hours on end. Whether you're into puzzles, trivia or strategy games, chances are you'll find something to suit your taste.
  • Potentially Profitable: If you've got substantial gaming skills, tangible rewards are up for grabs on Skillz, adding an exciting element to the mix. Winners can potentially make a significant earning playing their favorite games.
  • Seamless User Experience: Known for its user-friendly design, Skillz ensures a smooth gaming experience.


  • Risk Factor: Like any platform where money changes hands, there's always a risk/reward dynamic at play on Skillz. One needs a good grasp of the games and effective strategies to consistently emerge as a winner.
  • Limited Availability: Although it operates within the United States, due to state-specific laws, not everyone can engage in paid competitions on Skillz.
  • Customer Service Complaints: Some users have reported issues getting clear answers from customer service or receiving winnings in a timely manner.

My intent is not to alarm nor entice but present an unbiased review covering all bases -- the perks and drawbacks alike so that YOU can make an informed decision about Skillz.

Can Skillz Games be a profitable venture?

Can Skillz Games be a profitable venture?

Absolutely, playing Skillz games can indeed be a profitable venture. Just do a quick online search and you'll find numerous players who claim to have crossed the $500 mark in just three weeks! Sounds appealing, doesn't it? However, there's another side to this coin. Some players consider it more of a time-trap than an easy way to earn money.

The bottom line is - successful monetizing through Skillz revolves significantly around skill level and ranking. Think about it this way: The higher you rank, the more opportunity you have to cash out your earnings.

So if you're not just in it for the fun and plan on making some serious cash, improving your gameplay should be on top of your list. Bear in mind that while competing can be quite engaging and exciting, winning necessitates dedication and constant practice. Commitment counts here!

Obviously, expectations need to be realistic. Not everyone will get rich playing Skillz games. But if we're just talking about making some extra cash on the side while enjoying gaming? Now that's a definite possibility.

Is It Worth To Play Skillz In 2023?

Is It Worth To Play Skillz In 2023?

Opinions vary across the board. Some users claim to have crossed $500 in just 3 weeks, while others view it as a time-trap with little returns. So, what's the reality? From my perspective, it largely depends on your skill level and how seriously you take your gaming.

Here's the thing: Skillz operates on a competition-based model; this means to unlock significant winnings, you would need to rank higher. You'll need to invest time and probably money into mastering games that offer cash rewards.

Consider this as any other sporting endeavor where practice is key. But let's not forget - at its core, Skillz is about having fun! If you enjoy mobile gaming with an added thrill of winning real cash, then yes, playing Skillz could be totally worth it for you in 2024.

However, it's crucial to remember: always gamble responsibly - because no matter how skillful we get at gaming, risk is always part of the equation.

Whether or not Skillz turns out profitable ventures for players depends greatly on how they approach their time spent on the platform. Therefore, approach Skillz intentionally and responsibly.

Skillz Top 9 Alternatives

Skillz Top 9 Alternatives

If you've dipped your toes into the world of skill-based online gaming and you're enjoying it, I've curated a diverse list of platforms that are similar to Skillz. Experiencing different gaming environments can be both enjoyable and profitable.

  • Game TacoCritical Force - A highly interactive, multiplayer gaming platform rapidly gaining popularity.
  • Strafe - Designed for e-Sports enthusiasts, offering a vast array of games.
  • Swagbucks - More than just games, earn rewards for online shopping, surveys, and more.
  • Rewarded Play - Play games and collect points redeemable for gift cards from popular retailers.
  • Mistplay - Earn points for playing games and redeem them for gift cards on this Android-exclusive platform.
  • Buff - For the hardcore gamers out there, earn BUFF coins while playing your favorite games.
  • Gamehag - Enjoy a mixture of browser-based and mobile games while earning Soul Gems to claim real-life prizes.
  • JustPlay - Engage with mini-games and quiz-based challenges and earn rewards.

Diversifying your gaming experience across these platforms can give you a broad perspective on the industry as well as keep that competitive spirit alive!

FAQs About Skillz

Is Skillz a legal way to earn money by playing games?

Absolutely, Skillz operates within the confines of US law and pays out winnings as promised.

What kind of games can I play on Skillz?

Skillz hosts a variety of popular games from different genres like puzzle, strategy, and trivia to name a few.

How can I cash out my earnings from Skillz?

Earnings made on Skillz can be easily cashed out through safe and secure methods such as PayPal.

Is it possible to play free games on Skillz?

Yes, you have the option to play both paid and free practice games on the Skillz platform.

Can anyone around the world use Skillz?

While everyone can download Skillz, only certain countries are legally allowed to participate in cash competitions due to specific regulations.


Skillz is a legitimate platform where players can earn money while enjoying their favorite games. By focusing on fair competition and providing a secure and transparent environment for players, Skillz has given a new meaning to mobile gaming indeed.

But like with any venture where money's involved, it is crucial for potential users to understand what they're getting into fully.

So, my final advice? Do your homework. Make sure you read the terms and conditions thoroughly.

And if you decide to give it a shot, remember to play responsibly. After all, at the end of the day, gaming should be about entertainment and enjoyment first and foremost.

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