How To Reduce CPU Temperature [Effective Ways]

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It is a huge problem if your electronic device gets heat up. You will always avoid a device that tends to heat up very fast because if they reach a high temperature, your system will damage or stop working.

Now talking about the main subject, as the CPU is the main component of a computer system, therefore it should be taken care of. Your CPU may often reach a high temperature, so to maintain a level of temperature, you will have to make it cooler compared to the high point. Therefore, consider all the points which are stated below, and you will find a way to help out your system.

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Ways To Reduce CPU Temperature

1. Clean Your Computer System

This is the very step you must follow before doing anything. At first, please clean up your system, open your CPU device and clean it out. This is because; all the dust particles may get collected inside it and into the fans.

This reduces the airflow, and thus your CPU may get heat up and lower the performance. To do so, you can use a compressed air can blow all the dust particles out of the fan.

Including the fan, the vents will also get clean up with this. Therefore, cleaning the CPU is the first step you should start with.

2. Reapply Thermal Paste

The next step which you should follow is that you should re-apply the thermal paste. This is just because if your system is an older version, then the paste must have moved out.

Therefore, it is necessary that you must apply it between the CPU and the CPUs fan. The reason behind this is that, due to the filth of the paste, you must be dealing with a higher temperature level.

At first, clean up the back of your CPU and the fan. After cleaning up the surface, the process is very simple, just put some drops of paste on the back of the CPU and then reinstall it; the pressure of it will spread out the paste appropriately.

3. Fix the Cables

After you have finished doing the cleaning work and have applied the paste, now the next step you should do is check all the connections made into the CPU.

Generally, what happens is that the tangling of the wires may restrict the flow of air into the CPU, which may lead to a higher temperature level.

It will be a great help if you rearrange all the cables properly, which may allow the air to flow properly and restrain the heated up device. Therefore, fixing up all the tangled wires is a must to prevent the problem.

4. Upgrade CPU Cooler

After doing all the above process, if you are still facing the same problem, you should upgrade you CPU’s cooler. This is very obvious; if you have a better CPU cooler, then there must be some other major problem with your device.

If you have not upgraded it or are using a stock cooler, you must upgrade it to the better version of the CPU cooler. You can upgrade it to the AIO liquid cooler, which helps your CPU temperature level bring it back to the normal level. Therefore, upgrading your CPU cooler is a must.

5. Enhance Case Fans To The System

Even after doing all the steps, still, are you facing difficulty? Then you must work on with your case fans. This is because your system is not provided with good airflow so as to reduce the high temperature.

Therefore, it is necessary that you add on some more case fans to your system so that they provide an adequate or higher amount of airflow into your system. Moreover, if your system already has enough case fans, then you should rearrange them.

If all the fans provide up with the airflow, you must check on with your exhaust. Because of the exhaust not working properly, the temperature may get rise up. Therefore, rearrange the exhaust also. Hence, if your fans are not arranged properly, then do check it once.

6. Up-Grade Your PC Case

Now, the step which comes is to upgrade with your PC Case. Just get a new one so that the airflow gets better into your system. To choose a better one for this purpose would be a good recommendation.

Make sure you choose a bigger case so that you get proper ventilation and the airflow is stabled and proper. This will also help you to maximize airflow to keep the system cool from the inside. Therefore, do make sure to upgrade your system’s case so as to prevent the issue.

7. Speed Up The Present Fans

One of the other methods to make your system cool is by using a program to power the fans to work at a higher speed. The only basis for reducing the temperature is to make the system cool so that the temperature does not rise up.

Therefore, the faster the spin would be of the fans, the cooler the atmosphere inside the system. Hence, the higher temperature can be reduced using this.

8.Water Cooling Kit

Many times a gaming PC would have a higher temperature. Therefore, water cooling kits are used in which there is a pump which series the cold water down the CPU in self-reliant tubes and pumps the water out where it can be cooled before returning to the CPU for supplementary cooling purpose. Therefore, you can use this method by installing it, which may help you out with your issue.


So, here was the solution for reducing the temperature for the CPU. One of these methods may help you overcome the problem you are facing. On the contrary, if these methods won’t work or make your system better, you definitely have some internal problems that your system is facing.

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