Who We Are?

We are a group of hardworking folks who give their best to help people grow in their personal and financial health. At the very first we started off with a student loan guarantor. Afterward we expanded to a national nonprofit and advocate who helps to develop in-depth expertise in industry-leading advice.

So how did all of this hard work, research, and expertise help our clients and readers? Primarily it helped us identify the most critical decision in the borrower's entire life so that our team can take effective action to deliver guidance so that they can continue achieving their goals in life.

Salt® works with students, alumni, and our partners to help remove financial barriers to higher education and let you freely and confidently pursue your dreams.

How Salt Works

Salt, powered by the nonprofit American Student Assistance® (ASA), features an easy online platform and one-on-one counselling to help you plan for, pay for, and repay the cost of a degree. Get the confidence you need to ensure a successful financial future with:

Guidance on the best ways to pay for school, so you can obtain a degree, but not the stress that comes with determining how to pay for it. Personalized student loan help so you can make borrowing and repayment decisions that fit your life.

Money management advice and straightforward budgeting tools that build your financial skills.

Why Is It Called "Salt"?

Back in the day (way, way back in the day), salt was the universal currency.

It's why Salt goes back to basics to give you universal info and smart strategies to help you take control of your money. Ready To Achieve Your Goals? Join the millions of students and alumni just like you that Salt currently helps. Sign up now to receive life-changing insights via email & follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook — it's free!

Salt Money Today

Just to notify our dear readers, saltmoney.org was recently bought by us and is no longer linked with any work which was done by the previous owners. We’re extending the website with very informative and verified articles to help you find the best financial insights, technical products like laptops, and to grow your passive income.

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