15+ Best Writing Jobs For Teens In 2024 [Earn $10k A Month]

Updated On: 08/08/2023
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In today's digital world, there are many opportunities for young people to express their creativity and earn cash while at it.

One such promising horizon is writing. With the escalating demand for fresh, engaging content, the best writing jobs for teens have become increasingly accessible and lucrative. And guess what? You don't even have to leave the comfort of your room.

Stepping into the realm of writing helps teens expand their creative horizons and nurtures their young minds toward critical thinking, effective communication, and advanced language skills.

It's an ideal doorway that opens up a wealth of creativity and introduces them to professional dynamics early in life.

Writing is more than grammar and punctuation—it’s all about crafting captivating narratives or informing audiences about exciting topics in a straightforward yet impactful manner. Are you ready to embark on this exciting journey? Let me help guide the way!

15 Best Writing Jobs For Teens

Navigating through teenage years can be tricky, but finding a route to earn a little spare cash by flexing creative muscles doesn't have to be.

The world of writing offers uninhibited opportunities perfect for teenagers looking to make their mark.

This post will delve into fifteen exceptional writing jobs for teens that empower their skills and reward their pockets.

1. Blogging


Blogging is an exciting way of sharing ideas, knowledge, or personal experiences online. In today's digital age, blogging has become widely popular and rewarding.

  • Teen-friendly niche: Blogs can revolve around topics that teens cherish - fashion, tech gadgets, movies, book reviews, or travel diaries; the possibilities are endless.
  • Flexible Schedule: One of the great benefits is time flexibility. Teens can manage their schoolwork alongside regular blog posts.
  • Platform to Express and Learn: Blogs are perfect for self-expression and embracing different perspectives from comments or guest posts.
  • Monetization Opportunities: Affiliate marketing or Google Adsense allow teens to earn passive income from blogs.

2. Social Media Content Creation

Leveraging social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or TikTok by crafting engaging content could be another intriguing job option for teens.

  • Opportunity to Influence: By creating valuable content in preferred areas like beauty hacks, fitness tips, or game reviews, teens can gather an audience and grow as influencers.
  • Easier Monetization: Once they've built a substantial follower base, promoting brands or sponsored content could turn lucrative.
  • Skills Enhancement: Creative writing skills and a basic understanding of SEO and keywords can upgrade teens' digital marketing know-how.

3. Freelance Article Writing

Freelance Article Writing

Freelancing offers immense possibilities in journalism and guest posting across various websites that welcome novice writers.

  • Expanding Portfolio: With every new article written on diverse subjects ranging from technology to environment conservation—freelancing helps in portfolio buildup.
  • Network Building: It connects teens with professionals across many fields, thus laying a solid networking foundation.
  • Experience Gain: Helps gain experience regarding client handling and understanding business processes at an early stage.

So why wait? With so many options available at just their fingertips away—there has never been a better time for teens to unleash their talents into the world of online writing.

4. Content Editing

Approaching writing from a different perspective, content editing is ideal for detail-oriented teens with a strong understanding of language and structure.

Through this role, you'll refine articles, scripts, or written work, focusing mainly on clarity, cohesion, sentence structure, and consistency.

  • Skill Development: Content editing can dramatically bolster your grammar, punctuation, and syntax skills. It also nurtures critical thinking to master the art of coherent and engaging writing.
  • Career Building: Experience in editing can lead to renowned editorial roles in the future, such as Chief Editor of magazines/newspapers or managing editor at publishing houses.
  • Remote Job Opportunity: Given the online nature of content editing jobs, you can work from your cozy corner without any fixed schedule.
  • Variety of Work: You’ll encounter various topics that enrich your general knowledge and keep the role intriguing.

5. Creative Writing for Contests

Creative Writing for Contests

From poetry contests to short story competitions, creative writing opportunities galore in the teen's world. Here you showcase original creations with absolute liberty over your expressions.

  • Awards & Recognition: Winning these contests not only adds accolades under your belt but also provides significant exposure at an early stage.
  • Creative Freedom: It offers an arena where your imagination roams freely without bounds. Such explorations build creative prowess.
  • Potential Earnings: Many youth competitions offer cash prizes or scholarships, making them enticing prospects besides being a fun activity.

6. Copywriting

Copywriting is about creating persuasive content that stimulates the reader's interest in a particular product/service.

  • Introduction to the Marketing world: It’s a ticket into understanding how businesses operate and sell their products.
  • Enhancement of Writing Skills: You learn to write catchy taglines and concise yet compelling texts, further honing your craft.
  • Earning Potential: A good copy can be precious, making copywriting one often well-paid job.

7. eBook Writing

eBook Writing

Opportunities are brimming in the eBook writing sector for teens with storytelling skills or those possessing profound knowledge in any subject matter.

  • Unlimited Topics: Write about anything under the sun—from self-help guides to fantasy novels. The choice is all yours!
  • Monetization Possibility: With popular platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), authors can self-publish eBooks & earn royalties on sales.
  • Long-term Benefit: Creating an eBook builds credibility as an author, adding an impressive highlight to college applications or future resumes.

8. Writing for School Newspaper

Playing journalists within familiar grounds sounds exciting, right? That's what writing for the school newspaper places on the plate.

  • Real-world Experience: Gain hands-on experience reporting news as mainstream journalists do, drilling down facts and turning them into appealing articles.
  • Interpersonal Skill Improvement: Opportunity arises interacting with different people from interviews or team collaboration, thereby improving communication skills.
  • Portfolio Builder: Adds excellent samples into young writers' portfolios substantiating their aptitude well during college admissions or professional pursuits later on.

9. Scriptwriting for Videos

Scriptwriting for Videos

Amidst the growing popularity of video content, from YouTube series to promotional ads, scriptwriting is an enticing job opportunity for teens with a flair for storytelling.

This avenue invites you to put on your creative caps and transform ideas into engaging screen narratives.

  • Creative Expression: A chance to breathe life into your wildest imaginations. From writing dialogues for quirky characters to setting unconventional scenes—scriptwriting is all about thrilling creativity!
  • Improves Narrative Skills: Crafting scripts enhance skills in sequential narration, dialogue framing, and setting the mood—essential elements of compelling storytelling.
  • Financial Prospects: With the increasing demand for visually appealing content, skilled scriptwriters can earn handsomely.
  • Real-time Experience: Seeing the script come alive in filmed sequences offers deep insights into how scripts shape storylines and contribute to visual impact.

10. Product Descriptions for Online Stores

As we delve more into the digital age, e-commerce platforms are rising. Writing product descriptions calls upon teens with strong observation skills and persuasive writing prowess.

  • Enhances Research Skills: To write accurate descriptions, teens get acquainted with elaborate research processes, thus sharpening their analytical abilities.
  • Understanding Buyer Psychology: It serves as a sneak peek into understanding customers' viewpoints, preferences, and purchase patterns, thereby strengthening consumer understanding.
  • Monetary Incentives: Well-crafted descriptions pay well, as they directly influence sales figures.

11. Poetry Writing

Pouring feelings into words while crafting rhythmic sequences - poetry writing is ideal for those nurturing soulful, artistic expressions. Many online platforms offer opportunities where teen poets can submit their work.

  • Emotional Outlet: Poetry fulfills creative desire and offers emotional catharsis by voicing heartfelt emotions or thoughts.
  • Boosts Language Mastery: Experimenting with words in poetry polishes language skills due to its concentrated attention on word selection and structure.
  • Potential Earnings: Digital platforms or magazines often host poetry contests that provide cash prizes or publish winning entries, thus boosting recognition in young poets' journeys.

12. Writing for Youth Magazines

Writing for Youth Magazines

Highly popular among teenagers - youth magazines offer a vibrant platform where teens can connect with their peer readers through their writings on shared interests or experiences.

  • Targeted Audience Writing: It enlightens them about customizing content suitable to specific audience demands, thereby improving adaptability in writing styles.
  • Expanding Network: Working alongside fellow young writers helps build connections that could be helpful later in professional pursuits.
  • Spotlight Exposure: Published articles can place teenagers in the nascent limelight, offering a confidence boost vital during these formative years.

13. Online Reviews and Guides

Writing online reviews and guides could be the perfect job if you love trying out new products or exploring different places.

This role involves insightfully sharing your opinions or experiences about a product, service, place, or event to help other people make informed decisions.

  • Ease of Job: All it requires is an open mind, sharp perception, and clear articulation to provide honest feedback.
  • Potential Earning Source: You can earn money through sponsored features or affiliate marketing by recommending products/services on popular platforms.
  • Influence Consumer Choice: Your detailed reviews can significantly influence others' buying choices.
  • Improvement in Analytical Skills: Over time, this role helps develop a keen eye for detail, assisting in critical evaluation skills across different facets of life.
  • Building a Niche: Focusing on particular industries, like tech gadgets, food, fashion, etc., can help you stand out as an expert reviewer in those areas.

14. Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting is an excellent option if you love writing but don't prefer the limelight. You write articles, books, or other content officially credited to another person.

Benefits and Features:

  • Financial Gain: It often pays well because you offer your writing services and provide confidentiality to clients, knowing their names will be credited.
  • Expansive Learning Opportunity: Since ghostwriting subjects vary from client to client, it exposes writers to various topics.
  • Silent Portfolio Builder : Ghostwritten pieces showcase your versatility as a writer to new clients even though they aren't traditionally published under your name.
  • Gateway to Other Writing Jobs : It lays the groundwork by acquainting with practical aspects of professional writing like meeting deadlines, understanding client requirements thereby making transition into other jobs easier.

15. Writing for Personal Blogs

Writing for Personal Blogs

Your creativity gets an amazing canvas with personal blogging. Herein lies the opportunity of expressing ideas freely without stringent guidelines.

Features and Benefits:

  • Creative Liberty: Whether it’s about covering personal experiences or voicing opinions on societal issues—there are no rules restricting what you can publish.
  • Improving Writing Proficiency: Regular posts sharpen your skills, progressively polishing grammar usage and vocabulary building.
  • Monetizing Option: With consistent quality content & targeted SEO keywords earning from blogs is a matter of time.
  • Opportunity for Collaboration: By networking with fellow bloggers, chances arise for guest posting or co-blogging during promotional activities. With the internet's vast playground at your disposal, several unique opportunities knock on doors around every corner, rewarding your journey into creative expression.

FAQs About Writing Jobs For Teens

What are some good writing jobs for teens?

Some popular writing jobs for teens include blogging, writing for school newspapers, content editing, copywriting, and social media content creation.

How can a teenager start their own blog?

Teenagers can start a blog by narrowing down on a topic they are passionate about and creating compelling narratives on blogging platforms like Blogger or WordPress.

Is it possible to make money as a teen writer?

Answer: Absolutely! With options like freelance article writing, eBook writing, or even affiliate marketing via personal blogs, teens can definitely earn money from writing.

Can a teenage writer get published?

Yes, teenagers can get published through various mediums including online blogging platforms, eBook publishing sites and even traditional book publishing if they’ve written a book.

What skills do teenagers need to attain writing jobs?

The key skills include creativity, effective communication skills, basic understanding of grammar and punctuation alongside patience to research topics and dedication to meet deadlines.


With a wide array of writing jobs tailored for teens, it is an exhilarating chance to nourish creativity and foster key skills like critical thinking, time management, and writing proficiency.

Not only do these jobs provide an avenue to express your thoughts and ideas freely, but they also present a platform to make strides in the professional arena early on.

Whether you choose to run your personal blog or become the voice behind celebrated works as a ghostwriter - the world of writing is brimming with endless opportunities.

Moreover, these writing jobs help hone valuable life skills that will serve well beyond the teenage years.

Plus, there's the bonus of earning money from your passion for words. Writing allows you not only to explore myriad subjects but also gets you acquainted with different perspectives which potentially broaden horizons.

So why wait? Jump into this enriching journey today, and who knows? You might just pen down a bestseller one day!

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