S’more App Review 2024 [Honest Review: How Safe This App Is?]

Updated On: 08/08/2023
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Have you ever considered making extra cash as easy as unlocking your phone? Well, I did. And that's when I stumbled upon the S'more app.

In this S'more app review, I'll share my hands-on experience, diving deep into the ins and outs to give you a clear insight into whether it's a golden opportunity or just another scam.

The world of smartphone apps is vast. With hundreds of thousands of apps available to download, it can be tough to figure out which ones are worthwhile and which are not.

So, like a digital miner panning for gold in a river of data, I’ve been sorting through the dregs to discover which apps do what they promise – in this case, earning you money simply by using your phone. My latest prospect? The S’more app.

S'more - The Earning App

So, what is S’more? In simple terms, it's an Android app that pays you to unlock your device. When you install the app, it loads the front screen of your phone with ads.

Each time you turn on your device, you're exposed to these advertisements, and that's how you earn points.

All you have to do is install the app, permit it, and swipe right to unlock your phone for daily cash rewards. It's as easy as making a s’more! The catch? You've got to be in the US to use S'more.

How Does The S'more App Work?

How Does The S'more App Work?

The S'more app makes earning money seamless and straightforward from your phone. Here's a quick breakdown of how this process works:

Download The App

To start earning, the first thing you've got to do is download the S'more App from the Google Play Store. It's an Android-only app, so iOS users will miss out on this.

Allow Permissions

Upon downloading and opening up the app for the first time, you'll be welcomed with a list of permissions this app needs to function effectively.

You have to grant these permissions for optimal performance, including access to your lock screen - yes, your lock screen!

Unlock Your Phone

After setting up S'more on your smartphone, credit comes rolling in each time you unlock your phone. There isn't a limit to how many times you can open; however, I noticed a daily cap on how much you can earn this way.

Answer Surveys

The S'more mobile application also allows users to earn more by completing surveys from within their dashboard.

As someone who enjoys giving my opinion when it counts (and even when it doesn’t), I figured I'd try this. Kudos to them for providing another avenue for their users to earn.

Earn & Cash-Out

Now to my favorite part: lay back and watch as your points build up daily just by unlocking your phone or answering surveys.

Got enough points? It's time to cash out. The minimum requirement for redemption is only $1 or 100 points which equals an Amazon gift card. A tip of advice:

The higher value of the gift card, the better the conversion rate you get, so I'd advise you let those points pile up before redeeming them.

Other Ways To Earn On S’more App

Other Ways To Earn On S’more App

In addition to earning through lock screen ads, the S'more app provides many other ways to make money. Let's delve into the details.

Lock Screen Ads

First on our list is lock screen ads – which is how I initially started earning. After you install S'more, it changes your phone's lock screen to display different, non-obtrusive ads each time you unlock your phone.

Each day these ads are displayed, you earn points regardless of how many times you unlock your device. It’s just that simple.

Watching Videos

You can also earn by watching videos on the app. This feature reminds me a lot of YouTube - except here, you're getting paid for viewing short clips!

The videos include commercials, product reviews, and trending web content.

Charge Screen

Another innovative way that this app allows people to make money is through its Charge Screen feature.

Whenever you plug in your phone to charge it, an ad will pop up on your screen until your battery hits 100%, and voila! You receive more points.

Cashback Offers

This feature feels like bringing Groupon straight to my mobile device. Through partnerships with various brands and retailers, S'more offers an array of cashback deals when shopping at specific stores or purchasing certain products through the app.

Paid Surveys

I've found that this possibly could turn into a mini job if dedicated - paid surveys. These are brief surveys about virtually anything under the sun - products and services; market research firms use this feedback for their data analysis. You answer a bunch of questions and pocket some points!

Playing Games

Surprisingly enough, I could earn points just by downloading and playing mobile games through S'more.

Many enticing games are listed on the app's 'Games' section – from action blockbusters to engaging puzzles – catering to every gamer there is.

Referral Program

Finally, we have the excellent old referral program where share-and-earn comes in! If a friend registers an account using my referral code/link, they will get bonus points, and so will I.

The most important aspect for me has been consistency, as these tiny streams create an impressive deluge of earnings over time!

Remember, these points aren’t redeemable as cash but can be redeemed as gift cards at popular retailers like Amazon or Starbucks.

So there you have it - several ways to maximize earnings using this simple-to-use mobile application named S'more.

How much money can you make?

You can expect to pay an extra $25-$40 annually by unlocking your phone. It's a free lunch on your routine, right?

However, you can earn even more if you are up for some active efforts. Engaging with the app's additional features and completing surveys are great ways to boost your annual earnings.

It works like this- Aside from unlocking your device, S'more offers opportunities to take on specific tasks, such as playing games or watching videos that reward you more points.

These points then translate into cash rewards. Simultaneously, S’more has a referral program that serves as yet another avenue to higher earnings.

By actively participating in these tasks and sharing the app with your peers, you could see your yearly earnings soar beyond $50. It's almost like having a little side gig but without the hassle of time-consuming tasks.

How Do You Get Paid?

How Do You Get Paid?

In terms of compensation, S’more offers a straightforward reward system. You earn points every day you have the app installed and actively show ads on your phone's lock screen. These points accumulate and can be redeemed for various gift cards.

The exciting part is that there's no minimum threshold to meet daily before you can earn. However, the minimum threshold for cashing out depends on the cost of the gift card you want to redeem.

For example, say you want an Amazon gift card that costs around $3, your points need to total up to about 335-340 points before you cash out this Amazon gift card. So, technically speaking, the minimum threshold varies according to the cost of each gift card.

In short, S’more rewards you for your time by offering a simple way to make extra cash by doing very little - just by unlocking your phone!

Remember: Points can only be exchanged for gift cards - no direct bank or PayPal transfers.

Can You Use It on a Desktop/iPhone?

Before you start daydreaming about all the money you could make, let me burst your bubble just a bit. Sadly, S'more is an Android-only app.

That means you're out of luck if you're an iPhone user or prefer a desktop. This is one aspect that can be a bummer for many potential users.

Any attempts to search for it on the Apple Store or desktop app stores will likely end in vain. Unfortunately, there isn’t any difference in functionality between various types of Android devices – so it’s pretty much down to Android smartphones alone!

You’ll need to install it directly from Google Play Store. Also, it only operates within the United States, reducing its availability even more.

Pros & Cons of S’more

Before jumping head-first into the world of S’more, weighing your options is important. Like every app out there, it isn’t perfect. Allow me to lay down the pros and cons for you:

  • Easy to use
  • No need for ad interaction
  • Various earning opportunities
  • Low payout threshold
  • Only for Android users
  • US exclusive
  • Ad overload

Is S’mores a Scam?

The burning question: Is S'mores a scam?

After spending three weeks with the app, I can attest that it's as legitimate. It consistently delivered on its promise to reward points for simply unlocking my phone.

The potential earnings weren't massive, but they were all the same, and I didn’t encounter any issues when cashing them out.

That said, it might not be everyone's cup of tea, especially if you're not comfortable with ads front and center on your lock screen.

You should also factor in how much your time is worth to you. While it doesn't require active participation beyond unlocking your phone, every swipe counts in one way or another.

So here’s the takeaway: S’mores app isn’t scamming anyone, but only you can decide if the trade-off is worth the rewards, for deeper insights into app utility and safety concerns, stay tuned for my verdict section, where I’ll dig deeper into each aspect of the application.

My Verdict On S’more App Review

It's time to put my final thoughts out there on the table. I have to say, I was intrigued by the simplicity of earning on S'more. However, when recommending S'more, I must apply a word of caution.

In the age of AI, your data is like gold. Sharing this precious resource for a few dollars may not be a worthy trade-off.

Unfortunately, there's potential for misuse. An app that isn't available across all platforms (sorry, iOS users) raises security questions too.

In essence, S’more is legitimate, but its use does pose some risks. Ultimately though, just like picking out the melted marshmallows from a campfire treat - it's your call if you think it's worth biting into this opportunity.

S’more Top Alternatives

Alright, folks. After exploring the S'more app, I believe it's only fair that I present some alternatives as well - just in case S'more isn't the perfect fit for you.

Because, like a good s’more, there's more than one way to roast a marshmallow! So, let's go ahead and discuss them briefly.


Slidejoy is another Android app that pays you to unlock your phone. This one offers a graceful swiping experience while showcasing ads, news trends, and promotions on your lock screen.

Each slide earns you "carats," which can be redeemed for cash or gift cards.


AdMe turns your phone’s lock screen into a billboard and rewards cash to users whenever they unlock their phones.

However, AdMe is slightly different because it pays out when you reach $10, unlike other apps which allow lower thresholds.


Fronto displays articles, deals, coupons & more on your phone’s lock screen and rewards point each time you swipe left (to engage with an ad) or swipe right (to unlock your phone) - just like a dating app!

Perk Screen

As part of the broader Perk ecosystem - Perk Screen offers various ways besides unlocking your phone to rack up points - like playing games, watching videos, or even shopping locally!


If filling out surveys is in your alley, this bovine-inspired Android offering could be just the ticket. You'll earn Beef points for each completed survey – these "beefs" add up quickly to redeemable rewards!


ScreenPay provides personalized deals & ads on your lock screen and tosses in cash into your wallet when you view these ads or engage with its dozens of partnered sites.


The newbie among these apps – but what it lacks in age, it makes up in simplicity and elegance of design! Earn Lifts each time you unlock your device; redeem Lifts for cool gifts & cash prizes!

Cash Show

More than just a lock-screen ad platform - Cash Show is primarily an interactive live trivia game show where users can win real cash!

Panel App

Earn points passively with this app as it runs quietly in the background collecting data usage stats; TradePoints for sweepstakes entries or guaranteed gift cards.

Media Insiders

Lastly, Media Insiders collects media usage info & surveys about TV viewing habits from users' smartphones/tabs/TVs- reward points are dolled out weekly, redeemable as gift cards or charity donations.

Each of these apps has its unique aspects – allowing flexibility and choice to us users in how we wish to generate extra coins!

FAQs About S’more App

What is the S'more app?

The S'more app is a money-making app for Android phones where users can earn rewards just by unlocking their devices.

How does the S'more app reward its users?

Users earn points each time they unlock their device to view the ads displayed by the S'more app. These points can be redeemed for gift cards.

Can I use the S'more App outside of the U.S.?

Unfortunately, no. Currently, the service is restricted only to users in the U.S.

Can I use the S’more App on my iPhone or MacBook?

No, at this time, S’more is specifically designed for Android devices and is unavailable on any other platform.

Is it safe to use the S'more App?

Your privacy concerns are valid, but rest assured, as per their claim, S'more maintains that it does not store any personal data from your usage. They only track ad performance data.


In conclusion, I hope this S’more app review has been helpful. It's a super easy way for Android users in the U.S. to earn extra bucks without any real effort.

No, it won’t make you rich, but every little bit counts! Remember that your earnings come at the expense of seeing ads on your lock screen.

But if you don’t care about that, why not try S'more? Just remember to be wise about where and how you use it.

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