30+ Best Side Hustles For Actors In 2024 [Acting & Side Jobs]

Updated On: 08/17/2023
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As an actor, you're probably no stranger to periods of downtime between gigs. These lulls can often be both nerve-wracking and financially straining.

After all, the bills don't stop piling up just because you're in between roles. Well, that's precisely where the concept of side hustles comes in.

So let me walk you through some of the best side hustles for actors that not only bring in some extra cash but also provide flexibility and even opportunities to hone your craft.

Taking on a part-time job or simply putting an unused skill to work can be the perfect buffer against financial uncertainty while maintaining enough flexibility to go for auditions or take up a role immediately.

Not to mention, a side gig may be more than just a temporary arrangement - it could also become another source of passion and fulfillment in your life without impacting your primary goal - acting!

With so much potential waiting to be explored, let's dive into these lucrative ventures that will complement your life as an actor.

15 Best Side Hustles For Actors: Related to Acting

Hollywood may spotlight the glamour and glitz, but it's not the only compass directing the course for those passionate about the world of acting.

The industry is vast, and many side hustles can complement your leading acting career. Here is a trio of such incredible opportunities.

1. Voiceover Work

Voiceover Work

While pursuing your acting career, you can also consider blossoming into voiceover work. Also known as off-camera or off-stage commentary, it involves providing voices for animated characters or narration for films and commercials.

Voiceover work can be a gold mine for actors looking to broaden their skillset and diversify their income spectrum.

Why Voiceover Work is Worth It:

  • Versatility: You can showcase your vocal talent across different platforms.
  • Location Independence: Mostly, it involves working remotely, allowing you flexibility.
  • Improves Skills: It is a great practical training ground to improve speech clarity and passionate vocal delivery.

2. Audition Coaching

Suppose you have been in the business for some time and have gotten quite comfortable with auditions (or at least more adjusted than when starting).

In that case, audition coaching may be an excellent opportunity for you. You can use your accumulated knowledge and experiences to guide upcoming actors on how to ace their auditions.

Benefits of Audition Coaching:

  • Help Others Grow: Your expertise can help budding actors avoid common mistakes during auditions.
  • Personal Development: Teaching others reinforces what you know and could further deepen your understanding.
  • Networking Opportunity: This allows the widening of the professional network within the industry, which can be beneficial.

3. Script Reading And Feedback

Script Reading And Feedback

Every hit movie begins with a solid script. But how do these scripts reach perfection? That's where actors come into play.

Giving feedback on hand based on your understanding of character portrayal makes this a well-suited job for actors.

Why Consider Script Reading And Feedback:

  • Enhances Script Interpretation Skills: Constant reading trains the mind to interpret scripts better.
  • Diversifies Experience: It provides insights into another dimension of the filmmaking process.
  • Economic Benefits: Top script readers get paid reasonably well due to their niche skill sets.

Of course, each actor's journey is unique; what works well for one might not hold for another.

However, all of these gigs challenge you on multiple fronts while providing numerous benefits so that when the lights hit you square up on stage, it isn't just good luck but also hard work echoing back at you from the applause.

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4. Teaching Acting Classes

You've learned the craft, practiced your lines, and experienced the thrill of performing. Now it's time to impart this knowledge to others.

Teaching acting classes holds great potential as a side job for actors. It serves as a way to share wisdom and sets up an additional revenue stream.

Why Teaching Acting Classes is Worth It:

  • Improve Your Craft: The teaching process helps cement your understanding and could reveal new insights about acting through student interactions.
  • Networking: You’re meeting future actors and will have the opportunity to network with parents, other teachers, or even people in the industry.
  • Earn Extra Income: Most importantly, teaching provides a stable revenue source not always available from acting gigs.

5. Set Photography

Set Photography

Ever been intrigued by those captivating behind-the-scenes photos? That's set photography for you.

This combines two beautiful forms of art: photography and acting. Certainly, a winning side hustle if you're an actor with a love for capturing candid moments.

Benefits of Set Photography:

  • Explore Your Creativity: It's essentially storytelling but through still images.
  • Potential Extra Earnings: You could sell these exclusive behind-the-scenes shots.
  • Diversify Your Skills: This blending hobby into work helps develop new skills.

6. Stand-in or Body Double

Another exciting gig directly related to acting is working as a stand-in or body double. You step in for actors under specific circumstances like lighting adjustments or risky action sequences.

Why Consider Being a Stand-in or Body Double?

  • Onset Learning Experience: It provides invaluable firsthand experience on a film set.
  • Expand Contacts: You get to work closely with prominent casting members and crew- benefiting your network.
  • Income Source: A steady income can be generated without extensive time commitment.

7. Commercials and Ad Campaigns

Commercials and Ad Campaigns

Actors occasionally venture into the realm of commercials and ad campaigns. They offer an exciting deviation from traditional roles while adding respectable credits to your acting resume.

Advantages of Commercials and Ad Campaigns:

  • Boost Exposure: Ads are broadcasted widely, potentially enhancing your popularity.
  • Financial Upswing: They generally offer reasonable compensation compared to the time spent filming it.
  • Strengthen Portfolio: Ads look great on portfolios showcasing versatility.

8. Background Extra Work

While "extra" roles may not put you under the spotlight, they play an integral part in creating convincing scenes for TV shows, movies, or commercials. Plus, it's generally easy work that pays.

Why Background Extra Work is Beneficial:

  • Experience: Great starting point if you've just stepped into the industry- understanding how things work on sets.
  • Networking: Another opportunity to connect with professionals within industry spheres.
  • Additional Income: Earn while gaining experience on professional sets.

Embracing such opportunities related directly or indirectly to acting can add invaluable experience under one’s belt while providing some well-deserved financial compensation- this makes these jobs a perfect functional fit.

9. Promotional Events and Hosting

Promotional Events and Hosting

There's a unique, electric thrill when you're standing in the spotlight, ready to host a promotional event.

From product launch parties to corporate functions and awards shows, hosts keep the evening exciting and maintain the flow of events.

For budding actors, it's a way to showcase their charismatic personalities and how well they connect with a room full of people.

Why is Promotional Event Hosting Worth it?

  • FaceTime: Being on-stage regularly keeps you in the limelight and helps build your brand.
  • Networking: You get to meet different industry professionals, which can lead to further opportunities.
  • Improves Stage Presence: This experience can assist an actor with stage presence and public speaking skills.

10. Character Impersonations

When I say impersonation gigs, do not picture just a party clown or someone imitating celebrity voices.

As an actor, character impersonation could range from portraying historical figures at museums or enacting beloved cartoon characters at theme parks.

Benefits of Character Impersonations:

  • Range Expansion: You can stretch your acting range and play diverse characters.
  • Job Availability: Often widely available in various settings, from theatres to themed parks.
  • Enjoyment Factor: If you enjoy your work, this could be fun!

11. Video Editing for Reels

Video Editing for Reels

Another potential side gig for actors can be video editing, particularly creating showreels for colleagues.

If technology isn't daunting where cutting and joining clips seems enjoyable, video editing gives an edge in understanding the technical aspect of filmmaking.

Why Consider Video Editing:

  • Technical Skills Enhancement: Gain knowledge that could favorably tip casting decisions in your favor.
  • Side Income Generation: Actors always look for good showreel editors - demand is high!
  • Home-Based Opportunity: All you need is a computer with suitable software.

12. On-Set Assistance

Behind every successful production is a team ensuring everything runs smoothly onset - these are the unsung heroes.

Actors can opt for on-set roles like Assistant Director (AD) or Production Assistant (PA).

Why Consider Becoming On-set Assistance:

  • Broadened Understanding: You get a holistic perspective on how film production operates which
    increases respect for all roles involved.
  • Boosts Relationships: Working closely with directors can create vital relationships that later help your career.
  • Continuous Learning: Witnessing acting performances first-hand provides invaluable lessons about acting techniques.

13. Podcast Guest or Host

Podcast Guest or Host

Podcasting is a rapidly growing medium opening new frontiers for actors seeking to diversify their portfolios.

As a podcast guest or host, you'd give creative input and share your knowledge about acting. You might interview other industry professionals, discuss drama breakthroughs, do script readings, or share reflections from your acting journey.

What Makes Podcasting Worthwhile:

  • Networking: It enables you to connect with like-minded people and potentially influential individuals in the industry.
  • Brand Building: A successful podcast can reinforce your brand as an actor.
  • Income Stream: With sponsorship and advertisement deals, hosting podcasts can become a steady income stream.

14. Writing Monologues or Scenes

Scriptwriting is another area where actors can channel their on-stage experiences. Writing monologues or scenes requires careful attention to character dynamics and plot structure — aspects that are everyday's work for an actor.

Benefits of Writing Monologues or Scenes:

  • Nurtures Creativity: Your imagination takes flight as you develop characters and storylines.
  • Reinforces Understanding: Scriptwriting deepens your sense of character development which can contribute to your acting skills.
  • Financial Gain: Once you've honed this craft, scriptwriting can become profitable.

15. Personal Acting Coaching

Personal Acting Coaching

Drawing from your triumphant and challenging experiences in the acting world, personal acting coaching allows you to guide afresh actors navigating similar paths.

Why Engage in Personal Acting Coaching:

  • Fulfillment: There's immense satisfaction in mentoring others toward realizing their dreams.
  • Skills Enhancement: Teaching necessitates thoroughness which often leads to sharpened skills.
  • Financial Benefit: Personal coaches are sought-after resources that infer fiscal remuneration.

The beauty of these side hustles lies in their economic viability and the enriching opportunities they offer.

From podcasting's networking potential and scriptwriting’s creative outlet to personal coaching’s fulfillment, each provides chances for holistic skill building and financial stability.

Indeed, side gigs for actors go way beyond financial gains — they're about growth, fulfillment, and fine-tuning one's artistic prowess.

15 Other Side Hustles For Actors

Acting is an exciting profession but often demands downtime between roles. So, how does one keep the pocketbook and passions stoked?

One way is to navigate the world of side hustles that may not necessarily relate directly to acting but can supplement your income while keeping your creativity aglow. Below are unique pursuits that align well with the actor's spirit and craft.

1. Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing

Actors typically have a knack for communication and storytelling—skills highly appreciated in freelance writing.

Providing content for blogs, magazines, and websites allows actors to express themselves uniquely with words and reinforce their creative thinking.

Why Freelance Writing is Worth It:

  • Flexible Schedule: You decide when and where you work.
  • Various Niches: Opportunity to write about topics you love or want to learn about.
  • Income Potential: The rates here decently match the effort put in.

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2. Graphic Design

An eye-catching poster or compelling theatre program? All require impressive design skills — which opens another door for actors.

Graphic design can be an attractive side hustle option if you have a flair for artistry besides acting.

Benefits of Graphic Design:

  • Platform To Express Creativity: Here’s where your artistic vision meets functionality.
  • Diverse Opportunities: The demand for graphic designers spans industries.
  • Potential Extra Income: With expertise comes attractive remuneration packages.

3. Social Media Management

Actors usually amass considerable social media following, given their public-facing profession, which can be capitalized upon.

Apart from managing your social media presence, you can also extend this skill set as a service to others.

Why Social Media Management is As Good As It Gets:

  • Leverages Your Skills: Helps capitalize on public relations & networking abilities naturally owned by actors.
  • Broad Client Spectrum: From individuals to businesses, clients are abundant.
  • Stable Income Source: With more people valuing digital presence today, there’s a steady demand for this role.

Remember, while the stage might be your ultimate calling - these unique paths provide sustenance and satiate that artistic itch during quiet periods.

An actor and a multi-dimensional artist reside at this fascinating intersection of passion and provision.

4. Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring embodies the fusion of teaching and technology to bring education to students' doorsteps.

Whether the sciences, arts, acting, music, or even primary elementary education resonates with your skills and interests, a vast pool of online tutoring opportunities is waiting for you.

Why Consider Online Tutoring:

  • Flexibility: Choose your hours and set your schedule while maintaining your acting commitments.
  • Income Potential: Depending on your expertise, you can charge premium rates.
  • Personal Growth: It helps consolidate learning in your area of expertise.
  • Impactful: You empower learners by sharing knowledge that can have a lasting impact on their lives.

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5. Photography

With a sensitive eye for detail and proper equipment, photography could be an exhilarating avenue for actors to explore.

It isn't just about clicking photos; it's about capturing moments that tell compelling stories.

The Benefits of Photography:

  • Creative Outlet: Provides an alternate medium for expressing artistic vision.
  • Flexible Schedule: You can take assignments according to your convenience.
  • Monetary Gains: Good photography often attracts generous compensation.
  • Networking Opportunities: From weddings to corporate events, photography gigs can introduce you to potential contacts in diverse fields.

6. Event Planning

Event planning couples organizational skills with creativity — arranging logistics while putting together captivating event concepts.

If coordinating tasks and planning excite you, along with interacting with people, event planning might tap into some untouched potential.

What Makes Event Planning Worthwhile:

  • Develops Skills: Enhances organization and multitasking abilities — vital requisites in acting.
  • Variety of Work: Every event is distinctively promising a diverse work scenario each time.
  • Financial Rewards: Event planners often garner considerable income based on the complex events handled.

7. Fitness Training

Imagine turning health consciousness into an income source. As actors are already required to maintain physical form for different roles, becoming fitness trainers allows them to use this requisite creatively and productively.

Benefits Fitness Training Brings Among Other Side Hustles For Actors:

  • Stay Fit while Earning: Encourages maintaining a fitness regime that is beneficial personally and professionally.
  • Flexible Timings: Train clients at convenient timings around auditions or filming schedules.

8. Virtual Assistance

Virtual Assistance

In our Internet-driven world, businesses unfurl virtually — enter Virtual Assistants (VAs). These remote professionals handle administrative work – from data entry and scheduling requests to answering emails.

Actors possessing good organization and communication skills can successfully venture into providing VA services.

Advantages Of Choosing Virtual Assistance:

  • Robust Demand: With more businesses going online, demand for VAs continues to rise, providing abundant job opportunities.
  • Work From Anywhere: Given its virtual nature, it doesn't demand a physical presence hence ensuring flexibility

9. E-commerce (e.g., Etsy store)

Between screen time, script reading, and auditions, why not channel your creative skills into a rewarding side hustle via e-commerce?

Sites like Etsy allow actors to showcase their unique crafts and designs. You can sell everything from handmade jewelry and accessories to prints of your original artwork. Indeed, the possibilities are endless.

Why E-commerce is Worth It:

  • Flexibility: You can manage your business anytime and anywhere with an online store.
  • Creative Outlet: If you love crafting or designing, this allows you to monetize your passion.
  • Potential for High Profit: Successful stores on platforms such as Etsy can generate substantial income.

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10. Language Tutoring

If you're bilingual or multilingual, don’t let this asset lie dormant! Online platforms make it easy for anyone savvy in another language to convert this expertise into a fulfilling and lucrative side gig.

Benefits of Language Tutoring:

  • High Demand: As globalization increases, so does the demand for learning new languages.
  • Flexible Schedule: Most tutoring jobs allow you to set your hours.
  • Rewards Beyond Monetary Gains: Sharing a language also means sharing culture – it opens doors of understanding and friendship.

11. Consulting (in your area of expertise)

Consulting is an ideal side hustle if you have a particular area of expertise—acting techniques or industry know-how.

Offering consulting services allows you to use your knowledge to help others while securing extra income.

Why Consider Consulting:

  • Capitalizes on Your Skills: Use what you know best to provide value to others.
  • Personal Fulfillment: There's satisfaction in using your experience to shape future talents or processes.
  • Networking Opportunities: This could expose you to industry contacts beneficial for career growth.

12. Delivery Driver

Delivery Driver

Working as a delivery driver is another flexible job that can complement an acting career. With booming online businesses and steady food delivery demands, this role has the potential for consistent earnings.

Benefits of Being a Delivery Driver:

  • Adaptability: The flexibility aligns well with unpredictable audition schedules or shooting times.
  • Quick Cash: Most companies pay every week—a plus if short cash infusions are needed!
  • Independence: Mostly, you get to work alone and at your own pace. If solitude after hours of intense shooting works for you, this might be perfect!

In essence, finding successful side jobs as an actor involves melding personal interest with marketable skills - meeting both ends ensures that along your journey in the glitzy realm of acting, bills are paid, and the fun is had!

13. Rideshare Driver

Amid a busy acting career, flexibility is critical. Today, the world offers many unique work opportunities that mix well with the offbeat schedules of working actors.

One such opportunity is becoming a rideshare driver. Whether it's Uber, Lyft, or any similar platform, switching from actor to driver could be as easy as hitting 'GO.'

Why Being A Rideshare Driver Is Worth It:

  • Flexible Hours: You can decide when and where you want to work. This controls your schedule, which can be precious given an actor's erratic workload.
  • Decent Income: The income can be substantial depending on location and hours.
  • Networking Opportunities: You never know who might step into your car next. A rideshare gig could potentially link you with valuable contacts within the entertainment industry.

14. Pet Sitting/Dog Walking

Animal lovers can find a great side job in pet sitting or dog walking. This won't feel like work when you're having fun playing fetch at the park or cuddling up with a furry friend at home.

Advantages of Pet Sitting/Dog Walking:

  • Stress Relief: Spending time with animals has been shown to reduce stress and improve mood.
  • Extra Exercise: Dog walking can be a good form of cardio.
  • Flexible Schedule: Much like rideshare driving, this opportunity doesn’t adhere to the conventional 9-5 job timings.

15. House Cleaning Services

You might not imagine cleaning houses as an ideal side job for actors, but its advantages are numerous—flexibility being topmost among them.

Benefits of Offering House Cleaning Services:

  • Physical Activity: Cleaning provides an opportunity for physical activity—an essential aspect for actors maintaining their physique.
  • Flexibility: You usually have some say in deciding your work hours, which proves beneficial when juggling auditions and shooting schedules.
  • Immediate Pay: Typically, homeowners provide instant payment post-service, which helps manage direct expenses.

Embarking on any side hustle requires patience and tenacity. Results may take time to show up, but when they do, they will provide financial support while you continue your journey onto the theater stage or under movie sets lights!

After all, every penny counts towards those acting lessons or studio rents that inch us closer to our dreams.

FAQs About Side Hustles For Actors

What are the best side hustles for actors related to acting?

Some of the best side hustles related to acting include voiceover work, audition coaching, and script reading and feedback.

Can rideshare driving be a good side hustle for actors?

Yes, rideshare driving can be a tremendously flexible side hustle for actors, allowing them to earn while on the go.

Are pet sitting/dog walking viable options for actor side gigs?

Absolutely. Pet sitting/dog walking offers flexible timings, additional stress relief, and exercise benefits.

How does a house cleaning service work as a side job for actors?

House cleaning services offer flexible working hours and instant payment post-service, which can help manage immediate expenses.

How does having a side hustle benefit actors?

Side hustles provide additional income and flexibility that aligns well with their unpredictable work schedules. They also often afford skill development relevant to their acting career.


Finding the right side hustle as an actor requires a bit of creativity and plenty of persistence. The acting world is as unpredictable as exciting, with uncertainties around schedules and income stability.

Side hustles can be your buoy in this vast ocean, providing you with a steady source of income while also honing your skills and increasing your network in some cases.

Remember that the journey to success might often require paving a different road, bolstered by supportive secondary jobs that keep you financially secure as you capture your dreams.

As I've highlighted above, there are many opportunities—from voiceover work to driving for Uber to dog walking—it all comes down to what best suits your character and lifestyle.

Keep exploring until you find that perfect side hustle that complements your acting career and allows for personal growth and fulfillment. Happy hustling!

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