Revolut: Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies 2023 [Complete Guide]

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Cryptocurrency is steadily transforming the financial landscape, attracting global interest from investors and users alike. The intriguing world of decentralized currency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and numerous other items present in the crypto market are all playing a dramatic role in this radical shift.

As navigators of this voyage into the digital realm, we need secure platforms to buy and trade these unique assets.

Enter Revolut: Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies, This unique platform is shaping up to redefine how we approach digital currency transactions.

Revolut’s forward thinking design offers easy access to a vast cryptocurrency market, introducing people to an alternative way of managing money. Let's delve into how Revolut transcends traditional banking boundaries as well as its role in cryptocurrency trading and management.

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What Is Revolut?

What Is Revolut?

Revolut marks a new wave in digital banking, poised to transform our financial interactions. Known for its innovative platform, this fintech company has made an impressive name for itself by reshaping the way banking is done. No more brick and mortar branches and time consuming paperwork.

Revolut aims to break free from conventional norms and build a comprehensive, digital first banking experience. From card transactions and transfers to budgeting tools and savings vaults, Revolut handles it all with their well designed app.

A New Wave in Digital Banking

With more than 15 million users worldwide, Revolut sets itself apart as the go to digital bank for many; it's not an overstatement to call it a revolution in finance.

The app offers several features such as expense tracking, bill splitting, and access to international currencies making it effortless to manage finances on the go.

A Closer Look at Revolut's Innovative Approach

At its core, Revolut is more than just a banking app. It encourages smart money habits by helping you develop budgets based on spending habits plus goals.

You can also round up transactions to the nearest dollar/euro/etc., with spare change saved in your personal 'Vault' automatically earning interest over time.

You can explore more on their official website here. Not only does this bode well for regular banking but it paints an optimistic picture when considering how they handle the tricky realm of cryptocurrency trading.

Revolut: Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies

Revolut: Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies

Foremost among Revolut's high tech offerings, cryptocurrency management is shaking up the financial industry. This agile financial platform brings a vast range of digital assets just a few taps away on your smartphone.

An Introduction to Cryptocurrency with Revolut

Revolut has an intuitive platform that empowers you to buy, hold and sell popular cryptocurrencies.

While Bitcoin might be the flagship crypto, it's just the tip of the iceberg at Revolut. This ethos places power in your hands to dive into the volatile yet highly rewarding world of cryptocurrency trading.

Revolut provides real time cryptocurrency rates and sends instant price alerts directly to your device so staying updated is seamless as can be. You don’t have to worry about hours or days for transactions; everything happens instantly which enables you to act swiftly in response to market shifts.

The process couldn't be simpler: open an account, transfer funds, and within minutes, you're able to purchase cryptocurrencies at competitive rates. Just tap on 'Crypto' within the app and choose the cryptocurrency you wish to purchase.

Supporting Coins: Beyond Bitcoin

While Bitcoin is a significant player in this game, it's not alone. Recognizing this diversity of options in this arena, Revolut facilitates access not only for Bitcoin but also other cryptos including Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ripple (XRP), among others.

Each coin has its own set of attributes, potential returns and volatility making each one unique in its own right. You can see the value of each coin in real time on Revolut's website.

With Revolut’s wide range of options, individuals can stir their investments across multiple coins rather than single coin investing style that traditional platforms offer thus giving control over risk management while expanding opportunities for gains.

The introduction of support for different cryptocurrencies opens up new possible avenues for diversifying one’s portfolio which was unseen before with traditional banking systems.

How To Buy Cryptocurrency At Revolut?

How To Buy Cryptocurrency At Revolut?

Revolut is not just your ordinary banking app. It’s a one stop shop that gives users the ability to explore and transact in the world of cryptocurrencies. But how to kick off your journey into this new frontier of digital assets? We've got you covered.

Step-By-Step Guide: Purchasing Crypto Assets on Revolut

Let's break it down into a step by step process to make it easy for even complete beginners. Here is your roadmap to purchasing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through Revolut:

Step 1: Sign Up
To start, you'd need to create a Revolut account. Providing basic information such as email and phone number would set things rolling. Download the app, and you're one step closer.

Step 2: Verification
Next up is verifying your identity this typically involves uploading an identification document along with proof of address. A quick selfie might also be needed for facial verification.

Step 3: Add Money
Following verification, add money to your account by tapping 'Add Money' on the main dashboard of the app. This can be done via a bank transfer or directly from a debit card.

Step 4: Exchange into Cryptocurrencies
Navigate your way to 'Wealth' then 'Cryptocurrencies.' Here you'll see available options covering Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, among others choose based on what fits best with your investment strategies.

Take Note:
For some people who newly download the app cryptocurrencies tab might be locked initially. You’d need to use other features of Revolut firstly i.e., send money via the app or use its card. Once done with these tasks, crypto investing becomes accessible.

Unlocking the Crypto Market with Just a Few Clicks

Monetary transactions tend to bring along complex hassles. Not in this case though; not when we're talking about Revolut. P

urchasing cryptocurrency here implies unlocking an entire market of digital currencies at anyone’s fingertips; all just a few clicks away on any private device.

Transparency plays its part too; each transaction cost is clearly defined within the app facilitating informed financial decisions without hidden surprise costs looming ahead.

Not just buying or selling but Revolut affords easy management of multiple cryptos all under one roof, thus removing hassle involved in monitoring separate wallets spread over different platforms.

Meanwhile, uncertainties are gradually mitigated through features such as price alerts notifying users when chosen coins hit desired thresholds you're right at pulse beat of market activity regardless where you are or what time it is.

Security isn't compromised either! With safe exchange from fiat currencies (like USD) directly into cryptos like Bitcoin or Ethereum within seconds without worrying about potential fraud attacks indeed facilitating accessible yet secure crypto trading wonders never experienced before.

Benefits Of Trading Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies At Revolut

Benefits Of Trading Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies At Revolut

In the dynamic landscape of digital currencies, choosing the right platform for trading is crucial. With Revolut, you gain access to a multi feature platform that achieves both ease of use and an array of benefits.

Why Choose Revolut for Crypto Trading?

The reasons are manifold. For those seeking to venture into the world of cryptocurrency, Revolut is an excellent starting point and here's why:

Immediate Transactions: Time is of essence when dealing with volatile markets like cryptocurrencies. With instantaneous transactions, you can swiftly respond to market movements ensuring optimal buying/ selling moments aren’t missed.

Quick Access: Cryptocurrency investment via Revolut is as simple as owning a smartphone and accessing the internet. No extra devices or software installations needed.

Transparent Fees: Hidden costs often dampen investing experiences. Not at Revolut. You're informed upfront about every fee post which smooth transactions are just a click away.

Automated Features: Keeping track of fluctuating crypto prices can be overwhelming. But with automated features in place such as setting up recurring buys or price alerts a hands free crypto experience becomes more likely.

Easy Exchange: With over 30 in app currencies supported, exchanging from fiat currency to Bitcoin (or vice versa) has never been easier.

The Advantages of Using one Platform for all Financial Needs

Beyond swanky cryptocurrency trading benefits highlights another strength being one stop platform catering to diversified financial needs alongside crypto offerings a progressive leap beyond traditional banking channels.

Being a full fledged banking app, you'd access multiple traditional features money transfers, budgeting tools, card management while concurrently being gateway to distinct finance technologies such as stocks exchange and crypto trading under one umbrella.

Imagine managing Bitcoin along with routine expense tracking using same account both pointing toward financial literacy boost promoted by this super app revolute, thus eliminating hassle in bouncing interactions between multiple apps/platforms providing fragmented services, all streamlined within Revolute!

More so, adaptive users find it great for traveling too the ability for instant exchange between different fiat currencies or even using cryptos like Bitcoin proving handy removing worries about carrying large money amounts fitting today’s decentralized age effortlessly!

With security features set at right places too including card blocking/unblocking features or setting up monthly spending limits one’s financial safety isn’t compromised either adapting growing technological needs with security assurance intact essentially empowering users towards comprehensive financial development quotient like never before!

Does Revolut Charge Fee For Trading Cryptocurrencies?

Does Revolut Charge Fee For Trading Cryptocurrencies?

While the convenience and accessibility of trading cryptocurrencies on Revolut are undeniable, it's important to familiarize yourself with their fees.

Understanding how this platform chalks up costs for every digital asset purchase can impact your return on investment.

Understanding the Cost of Trading on Revolut

Trading assets, be it traditional investment tools or digital ones like cryptocurrencies always incurs fees, and trading via Revolut is no different. This platform follows a specific pricing strategy consisting mainly of two components:

  1. Trading Fee: The trailing fee that Revolut applies for cryptocurrency trades is calculated as 2.5% of the trade value or €0.99, whichever amount is higher. So even if you're making a small trade, you'll need to factor in this minimum cost.
  2. Spread: Spread refers to the difference between the buy price and sell price of any asset in our case, a cryptocurrency. At Revolut, a spread of 1% is imposed on crypto transactions another factor to consider when planning your investments.

What is Free and What Costs you Money?

Curious about how these costs accumulate? Let’s break it down:

Say you'd like to purchase Bitcoin worth €50; in such case:

  • Your trading fee will be: €0.99 (Because 2.5% of €50 would amount to €1.25 which is less than €0.99)
  • The Spread being 1%, thus we get additional: €0.50
  • Thus total cost for buying Bitcoin would sum up to: €51.49

Let’s pose another scenario where you decide to make a heftier investment buying Bitcoin worth €2000;

  • Your trading fee now would be 2.5% of your total i.e., €50
  • The incurred spread would sum up again to an extra 1% i.e., €20
  • Hence total cost for such heftier investment sums up as: €2070

In both cases, while one sees difference in absolute terms as fees increases due to increased investment values but knowing these beforehand empowers you with knowledge necessary for making informed investment decisions.

Every trade involves powerful duo playing together the trading fee and spread hence costs can gradually accumulate over time, yet transparency in how they potentially affect your overall returns certainly helps formulating proactive strategies.

Not just costs but some other aspects are free too! Account setups or basic maintenance doesn’t incur any charges but beyond this heads up about certain charges specifically relevant for dealing with cryptocurrencies does play crucial roles when drawing out plans.

Revolut's transparent pricing strategy allows users visibility into what their purchases are truly costing them including ultimately helping users balance between profits and cost effectiveness when devising trades or purchases within this volatile crypto world.

How Does Revolut Stack Up Against Its Competitors?

How Does Revolut Stack Up Against Its Competitors?

When it comes to choosing a platform for cryptocurrency transactions, various factors come into play. Fees, security measures, ease of use, and customer support are all important considerations.

Comparing Apples to Oranges: Analysing Different Platforms

As with any digital product, understanding the landscape is key to making the right choice for your needs. When we draw a comparison between Revolut and its competitors such as Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, and Bitstamp we find differences that could potentially impact a user's trading experience.

Take a look at the table provided; comparing differing features on these platforms:

FeesUp to 2.5%Up to 3.99%Up to 0.26%
SecurityRegulated by the FCARegulated by the SECRegulated by the CFTC
Trading volumeLowHighVery high
LiquidityLowHighVery high
RegulationRegulated in the UKRegulated in the USRegulated in the US
User interfaceEasy to useEasy to useAdvanced
Customer supportGoodGoodGood

Looking at fees alone might convince many to jump aboard Revolut due to its consistently lower rates than several competitors like Coinbase without even considering additional attributes like simplicity of user interface or basic features emphasizing user friendly operations ideal for beginners stepping into the crypto world.

Standing Out from The Crowd: How Different is really Different?

At first glance comparing competing platforms may appear as comparing apples and oranges especially considering each platform serves differing target demographic having unique needs.

For instance, Revolut, designed with simplicity in mind combined with traditional banking facilities serves beginner level traders seeking regulated cryptocurrency market experience without complexity often associated with advanced crypto trading platforms.

On other hand Coinbase, Binance, Kraken and Bitstamp cater advanced traders requiring powerful tools for analysis and techniques of deep trading.

The latter set of traders can stomach higher costs for sophisticated feature packed interfaces resulting in strategies leveraging volatile nature of cryptos; hence achieve greater returns sort after actively participating within constant market shifts.

Despite these differences, all platforms share common ground upon security front being heavily regulated by international financial authorities ensuring investment protection critical aspect one must not overlook.

Buying Bitcoin Through Revolut: Is It Worth It?

Buying Bitcoin Through Revolut: Is It Worth It?

The allure of venturing into the ever evolving world of cryptocurrencies can be incredibly enticing, and with platforms like Revolut making it easier than ever, it's worth delving into the nitty gritty: is buying Bitcoin through Revolut genuinely worth it?

Finding Value: Assessing the Pros and Cons

As seen with any investment decision, you must assess its value by weighing the pros against the cons. When we view cryptocurrency trading through Revolut, several distinct benefits and drawbacks emerge.


  1. Ease of Use: The user friendly interface offered by Revolut makes cryptocurrency purchase as straightforward as a few clicks making it an attractive option for beginners.
  2. Flexibility: Multiple financial services under one umbrella currency exchange to budgeting tools alongside crypto trading.
  3. Security: Being regulated by FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), high level of security is maintained safeguarding your investments.


  1. Fees: The fees at 2.5% are not negligible; particularly significant if you're intending to trade larger amounts regularly.
  2. Less Control: Cryptocurrency purchased on Revolut cannot be transferred out to personal wallets or other platforms investors not given complete control over their cryptos.
  3. Limited Variety: The platform provides limited access to a select handful of cryptocurrencies as compared to traditional crypto exchanges offering potentially hundreds.

Pros Vs Cons: Making a Calculated Decision

With understanding of benefits and limitations laid bare, you're positioned better than ever before in deciding whether purchasing Bitcoin through Revolut aligns with individual investing goals.

Linking back to fees a 2.5% fee might glance quite steep compared to specialist cryptocurrency exchanges; but attempt conjuring up beginner navigating complex foreign landscape feeling overwhelmed while simultaneously worrying about potential losses due high toe to toe market volatility!

Express to them that you've a place where traditional banking meets effortless crypto trading which might even outweigh concerns drawn around cost effectiveness thus clarifying bigger picture here!

Moving forward upon lesser variety on offer agreed that variety indubitably propels attractive range but when core interest lays within stable front runner currencies having already established firm market ground that we aren't looking beyond then why bother about unlimited offer while firm eyes remain set upon single piece cake shedding light again upon relativity involved here again.

Lastly on controlling aspect where crypto possession doesn't translate into transferring ownership remains indeed serious roadblock especially for advanced traders aiming flexibility alongside owned possession thus re emphasising target audience designed for clocking back square one we started from!

Revolut vs Traditional Ways To Trade Cryptocurrencies

Revolut vs Traditional Ways To Trade Cryptocurrencies

Having discussed the value of purchasing Bitcoin on Revolut, it offers us a perfect segue to tackle a broader question how does Revolut compare against traditional means of trading cryptocurrencies?

Traditional vs Modern: Do Old Ways Still Stand a Chance?

Traditional cryptocurrency exchanges might have been the go to option when you fancy trading cryptocurrencies until platforms like Revolut decided to disrupt the landscape.

The older systems often feature a packed detailing of graphs, texts, numbers leaving even seasoned traders befuddled at times while pacing with accelerating crypto market.

Challenging this complexity obstacle, Revolut answers by trimming fat around essentials enabling seamless movement between traditional and crypto finance.

Revolutionizing Trade, One Coin at a Time

Revolut’s strength lies within its ability revamping cryptocurrency trading experience rendering it no different from standard bank transfers or online shopping.

It intelligently amalgamates traditional banking services with modern digital asset trading creating unique user experience where managing numerous financial services seems as straightforward as flicking fingers thus revolutionizing entire scope one coin at a time.

Is It Safe To Trade Cryptocurrencies On Revolut?

Is It Safe To Trade Cryptocurrencies On Revolut?

As the landscape of crypto trading continues to evolve, a major question on every prospective trader’s mind is undoubtedly centered around security. So, how does Revolut fare in this light?

How Secure Is Your Investment with Revolut?

Rest assured, Revolut takes the safety and security of your digital assets seriously. As against classic crypto exchanges where hacking instances have raised eyebrows time and again, Revolut being regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) stresses upon stringent anti fraud measures treating user's assets as traditional bank would.

Security Measures at Play While Dealing with Crypto on Revolut

Here are some specific security measures that Revolut employs:

  1. API Security: To ensure secure transactions and data privacy, state-of-the-art API encryption is used.
  2. Customer Verification: Mandatory identity verification acts as a safeguard against identity theft.
  3. In-App Security Features: Easy locking/unlocking of cards, location based security, and control over online or contactless payments add extra layers of protection for users.
  4. Device Insurance: Coverage that extends to your smartphone gives you peace of mind.
  5. Cold Storage: Majority of cryptocurrencies are stored offline in secure locations providing complete segregation from potential online breaches.

Revolut, thus goes extra mile ensuring strengthened defence line for your investments without compromising free spirited fluidity characteristic to cryptocurrency trading.

But do bear weight upon fact that like any digital platform, inherent risks may linger; hence it’s crucial that one party equips themselves adequately while boarding this thrilling roller coaster ride into lucrative world of crypto.

FAQs About Revolut: Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies

Does Revolut Charge Fee For Trading Crypto?

Yes, Revolut charges fees for trading cryptocurrencies on its platform. The fees vary depending on the specific cryptocurrency and market conditions.

What Exchange Does Revolut Use For Crypto?

Revolut collabs with Apex Crypto LLC to provide cryptocurrency services on its platform.

Is Revolut Good For Bitcoin?

Revolut can be a good option for buying and selling Bitcoin due to its user-friendly interface and convenience. However, users should be aware of the fees and limited cryptocurrency options on the platform and consider the risks associated with investing in Bitcoin.

Can US Citizens Use Revolut?

Yes, Revolut is available to US citizens and customers in other countries. However, some features may not be available depending on the country you are based in.

What Cryptocurrencies Are Available On Revolut?

Revolut currently offers Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and XRP.


The digital revolution marked by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has proven to be unparalleled. The key to successfully riding this wave lies within the reach of platforms like Revolut.

Offering secure transactions and a user friendly interface for managing both traditional finances and an array of exciting cryptocurrencies, this fintech champion is making tremendous strides in financial innovation.

With its cutting edge technology and dynamic infrastructure, Revolut: Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies caters to both seasoned traders and newcomers looking to explore the cryptosphere in a comprehensive fashion.

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