13 Real Ways To Make Money Playing Minecraft In 2024

Updated On: 08/02/2023
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Are you, like me, a fan of the pixelated worlds of Minecraft? Perhaps you've spent numerous hours crafting, fighting, and exploring in this popular game.

But did you know that there's a way to convert those fun-filled hours into a source of income? Yes, that's right.

In this blog post, we'll delve into how to make money playing Minecraft. This may seem like a far-off dream - earning while doing what you love.

But in the evolving gaming universe, it isn't just possible but thriving. From content creation on YouTube to leveraging Minecraft's marketplace, there's indeed a mine of opportunities for gamers like you and me. Buckle up as we embark on this exciting journey together.

13 Proven Ways To Make Money Playing Minecraft

13 Proven Ways To Make Money Playing Minecraft

If you're looking to leverage your expertise and passion for Minecraft into a side hustle or even a full-fledged income source, there are several avenues you can explore.

From YouTube and Twitch streaming to creating unique Minecraft art or gameplay tutorials - there's no shortage of profitable opportunities in Minecraft. Here, we discuss 13 distinct ways you can make money playing Minecraft.

Start a YouTube Channel For Minecraft Streaming

Start a YouTube Channel For Minecraft Streaming

One of the primary ways I've observed individuals earning money from Minecraft is by starting a YouTube channel. In this era, where streaming is king, gamers worldwide can easily tap into the lucrative avenue of video content creation.

Follow these initial steps to launch your channel:

  • Create a Channel: Firstly, set up your YouTube channel. Here's a helpful guide on how to start a YouTube channel.
  • Create Content: Next, come up with unique and engaging Minecraft content. It could be walkthroughs, tutorials, or simple gameplay videos with funny commentary.
  • Monetize Your Channel: As soon as you hit 500 subscribers and 3000 watch hours in the previous 12 months, you can apply for monetization via AdSense.

Remember that consistency is key in attracting and retaining subscribers on your channel.

Note: Without violating copyrighted content or rules, you can freely generate fun-loving content that exhibits your passion for Minecraft while reaping financial benefits.

Minecraft Partner Program

The Minecraft Partner Program presents a golden opportunity for Minecraft enthusiasts who are committed to creating high-quality content for the game. By becoming a partner, you can monetize your unique skills and creativity.

You might be wondering, how do I become a partner? The Program accepts applications from anyone with proven experience in content creation.

You should have built professional-quality worlds, textures, or experiences that amuse players. These skills can manifest in the form of crafting Minecraft "skins," maps, or mini-games.

Your works will be made available on the marketplace of the Minecraft Bedrock Edition for players to enjoy.

Which means your work will reach millions of potential buyers across different platforms: Xbox One, Windows 10 Edition, iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch.

Please note that getting into this program is no easy task. Mojang (the developers of Minecraft) set a high standard for quality and originality to maintain a decent marketplace. Moreover, all content placed on the Marketplace must be appropriate for ages 10 and up.

To learn more details and further clarification about this program and its requirements (if you think you have what it takes), go ahead and visit their official page.

Stream Your Game on Twitch

Stream Your Game on Twitch

Twitch is a live streaming platform - think of it like YouTube but for video games. One can earn through "bits" (a form of donations from viewers), subscriptions, and ads. Here's how:

Step 1: First, set up an account on Twitch. Most successful gamers who are making money on Twitch also use certain software that allows them to better interact with their followers and enhance the gaming experience.

Step 2: Next, to make your channel attract viewers, you're going to need some high-quality content. This can be either entertaining or informative. Just ensure that you're providing value to your audience beyond straight gameplay.

Step 3: Grow your community. Reach out to other like-minded gamers, participate in communities, and promote your channel employing online as well as offline strategies.

Step 4: Once you gather a decent following (Twitch Partner Status) you can be eligible for ad revenue. In addition, your viewers also can donate bits or subscribe at a cost for added bonuses.

Play With Buff Gaming

Have you heard about Buff? It's an innovative app that allows you to earn while playing Minecraft or any of your favorite games! Here's how it works:

After installing the Buff gaming app, play Minecraft as you normally would. The app runs in the background and the more you play, the more Buff coins you accumulate.

These coins can be converted into several perks such as game keys, gift cards, game accessories or even in-game items for Minecraft.

Another useful feature of Buff is that it recognizes your game skills. So if you're one of those players who always top the leaderboard, expect yourself to earn even more rewards.

The app follows an automated system that monitors your statistics and gameplay which then decides your rewards based on performance.

While using Buff Gaming, ensure to use a stable internet connection, as most activities are run online.

Hosting a Minecraft Server

Hosting a Minecraft Server

Running your own Minecraft server can be a financially rewarding endeavor. Here's how it works.

Start Your Own Server

Firstly, you need to set up your own server. This can either be on your home computer or rented from cloud-based server providers.


You are free to customize the game rules on your server, making it appealing to other players.


Monetize the server through in-game purchases and donations. But remember, you'll have to adhere strictly to Mojang's commercial use guidelines.

Don't forget this is a long-term investment that requires time, dedication, and a little bit of technical savvy to keep things running smoothly.

It's not for everyone but if you are up for the challenge, hosting a Minecraft server can quite literally pay off!

Start a Blog On the Minecraft Niche

You too can start a blog in the Minecraft niche and step into the vast world of online content creation and marketing. I believe this is a rewarding venture, especially if you really love the game.

Identify Your Specific Niche

Minecraft is an expansive game, so to stand out, target specific topics like survival tips, creative building ideas, or mod suggestions. You want to deliver focused content that can easily address the needs of your audience.

Build Your Blog

There are several platforms like WordPress or Wix which will guide you through the process. Ensure your blog has an aesthetic that resonates with Minecraft's pixel world for branding consistency.

Grow Your Readership

Share your blog posts on Minecraft communities over Reddit or Facebook groups. You may even leave comments on popular Minecraft YouTube videos or Twitch streams with a link back to your blog.

Engaging content is key to growing readership and creating income. Think about what will be valuable for other players - perhaps sharing easy-to-understand tutorials, game reviews or mod spotlight features.

To monetize your blog consider ad platforms such as Google AdSense, affiliate marketing programs such as Amazon Associates, or even direct sponsorships once you've grown a substantial audience.

Blogging takes time and consistent effort but once it gets rolling, it can be a great source of passive income.

I think this could be an exciting adventure for all my fellow 'crafters out there. So why wait? Grab those pixels and embark on blogging about Minecraft today.

Create an Online Course On Minecraft

Create an Online Course On Minecraft

If you've gained a profound understanding of Minecraft, why not impart your knowledge? You can create an online course and sell it on platforms like Udemy or Skillshare.

Step by Step Guide:

  1. Identify your course topic: Discover what aspects of Minecraft other players might struggle with or be interested in learning more about.
  2. Prepare your content: Start creating a structured curriculum with comprehensive modules, covering all elements related to your topic.
  3. Record lecture videos: Use screen-casting software to record high-quality game footage while providing valuable insights and tips.

Create Minecraft Artwork

For those who are more artistically inclined, creating digital artwork inspired by Minecraft can indeed be a lucrative venture.

You see, the beauty of Minecraft isn't strictly limited to the game. It extends beyond it, sparking creativity in myriad ways.

Minecraft pixel art, schematic designs, and skins are all examples of digital pieces that can be crafted and sold to fellow enthusiasts.

You'd be surprised how receptive the community is towards unique and engaging creations.

  • Step 1: Craft your masterpiece using software like Adobe Photoshop or GIMP.
  • Step 2: Advertise your pieces on platforms like DeviantArt, Artstation or even on Minecraft forums.
  • Step 3: Set a price point for commissions or print-on-demand pieces.

And never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth; a happy customer often leads to more clients. So dive in and transform those pixels into profits.

Build Minecraft Things For People

Build Minecraft Things For People

Are you adept at crafting stunning, intricate structures in Minecraft? Your skills could be a lucrative source of income.

This idea is simple, create something amazing in Minecraft and sell it to other gamers.

How to Proceed

  1. Create Unique Structures: Think beyond typical castles and houses. Venture into designing customized maps, plugins or even mini-games. Identifying what people need and building it for them could position you as a go-to Minecraft builder.
  2. Market Your Creations: Platforms like Planet Minecraft and MC Market are great places to showcase and sell your work. Your reach might also extend through social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.
  3. Price Your Work: Pricing could depend on the complexity of the build, time invested or the individual requesting your service. As you gain more popularity, your prices can increase accordingly.

Sell Minecraft eBook

If you possess an extensive knowledge about Minecraft, you can put that expertise to work by creating an insightful eBook.

A majority of players are always on the lookout for ways to enhance their gaming skills and strategies.

Steps to Create a Minecraft eBook

  • Identify a topic revolving around Minecraft that you believe players would find valuable. It could be 'Tips & Tricks', 'Survival Guide', or 'Building Techniques' - possibilities are endless.
  • Begin writing, ensuring the content is unique, engaging, and easy to understand.
  • Include image guides or tutorials if possible.
  • After writing, edit rigorously for errors and then format it in an appealing manner.
  • Use platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing or Smashwords to upload and sell your eBook.

By offering value with your ebook, you'll be able build a loyal fan base who will eagerly anticipate all your future offerings.

Play Minecraft Tournaments

Play Minecraft Tournaments

Much like other popular eSports, Minecraft also regularly hosts competitive tournaments online. What's fascinating is you can claim fantastic monetary rewards if you rise as the cream of the crop.

Participating in these tournaments is relatively simple. Just pick your preferred platform; it can be Hypixel, Mineplex, or another hosting platform of your choice. These platforms often offer their own set of mini-games with exciting rewards and prizes.

Before jumping in, make sure that you are well-honed with your skills. Putting time into practice mode before the actual tournament begins can yield phenomenal results.

To increase your chances, it'd be worthwhile to find a team to participate with if the tournament allows for it - there's power in numbers!

Just one note of caution: Ensure that you read and understand all rules and regulations associated with these competitions to avoid disqualifications or bans.

Sell Your Creations on Facebook Marketplace

The beautiful thing about Minecraft is the limitless potential for creativity. Whether you're a master of pixel art or a grand architect of giant castles, you can monetize your skill via the Facebook Marketplace.

Here's how it works:

Steps To Sell Your Minecraft Creations:

  • Create an Eye-Catching Minecraft Creation: Excellently designed maps, well-crafted architectural models, or intricate redstone contraptions are all hotcakes in the marketplace.
  • Photograph Your Creation: Employ good lighting and angles to attract potential buyers.
  • List it on Facebook Marketplace: Here's where you set up shop. Provide an enticing description and a reasonable price.

Keep in mind this process adheres strictly to Minecraft's Commercial Usage Guidelines.

Besides, communication is key – keeping in touch with your buyers establishes trust and heralds repeated patronage.

Remember, professionalism and dedication can make this more than just a hobby but a profitable venture too.

Sell Minecraft Accounts

Sell Minecraft Accounts

If you're knowledgeable enough and have some experience in the game, setting up Minecraft accounts for sale could be a profitable opportunity for you. Here's how it works:

Stage 1 - Account Building: To start, you’ll need to spend time playing the game and building up your account. This could involve acquiring rare items, accumulating valuable blocks or simply levelling up your character.

Stage 2 - Finding an Interested Buyer: You can sell your account through various online platforms. Websites such as PlayerAuctions and EpicNPC will allow you to list your account and find buyers legally and safely.

Stage 3 - Transaction: Once you've found a buyer, follow the website's steps to make a secure payment. Most websites usually charge a fee or commission from the seller.

It's essential to know that selling accounts can be against the rules of some games, so it’s always wise to check out Mojang's terms of service before proceeding with this method.

Not all roads paved with pixels necessarily lead directly to profits. It takes patience, creativity, knowledge of Minecraft intricacies, and engagement with the online community.

But if done right, playing Minecraft could offer another income stream while letting you do what you love - Breathing life into digital blocks.

FAQs About Make Money Playing Minecraft

Can I really make money by playing Minecraft?

Yes, absolutely. Multiple avenues, such as streaming on YouTube or Twitch, participating in the Minecraft Partner Program, and selling your in-game artwork can help generate income.

How do Minecraft tournaments work for earnings?

Many online platforms organize Minecraft tournaments. By participating and showcasing your skills, you can win cash prizes.

What is Minecraft's Partner Program?

Minecraft's Partner Program allows you to make money through the in-game marketplace. You can sell skins, worlds, textures packs you've created to other players.

Is it legal to sell Minecraft accounts?

Selling a Minecraft account is not authorized by Mojang's Terms and Conditions. It is best to adhere to legal ways of earning money through the game.

How can hosting a server be profitable?

By hosting a Minecraft server, you provide a space for other players to play. You can make it lucrative by charging a subscription fee or selling in-server perks and enhancements.


Making money while playing your favorite game, Minecraft is absolutely achievable and enjoyable.

With the right amount of effort, dedication, and creativity, your love for gaming can magnetize income-generating opportunities for you.

There are vast avenues to explore, from YouTube Streaming to the Minecraft Partner Program. Don't forget about unique paths like creating Minecraft artwork and writing a Minecraft-themed eBook.

So gear up, it's time to turn those virtual blocks into real dollars on your journey through the pixelated worlds of Minecraft.

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