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People often ask about the US band’s credit card, i.e., Hobby Lobby Credit Card. This card has earned a perfect name in the market, and they are amongst the best in their service.

Also, with many credit card providers there in the market, we need to know if the Hobby Lobby credit card is worth it.

hobby lobby credit card

People love this card because of the offers and the exciting discounts it offers from time to time. You get a reward point or cashback on all of your purchases, which makes shopping a delight.

Thus, it is just the simple formula, the larger quantity you shop in, the larger your reward will be. Now let us see if the Hobby Lobby Credit card is good enough or not. We have listed other card details also read out about them SaltMoney.

Hobby Lobby Credit Card login At hobbylobby.com

If you want to access your credit card online or if you're going to pay bills and check the details of your card, then you must complete the login process online.

Step 1 - Go to the login homepage (www.hobbylobby.com) of Hobby Lobby.

Step 2 - Enter your registered Email Address and Password as shown in the image below, then complete the captcha and click on the Login button. On this Hobby Lobby webpage, you can access call line 1-800-888-0321, · My Account · Store Finder · Gift Cards · Rewards Visa® Card · Careers · Customer Service · Contact Us · Shipping & Returns · Order Status

Online Hobby Lobby Application at www.hobbylobby.com

It is effortless and convenient for anyone to apply online, as it will help you save a lot of time and effort. The process is super simple, and only the basic credit history checks are done so that no issues are found from the customer’s end.

benifits of hobby lobby credit card

Also, the US bank encourages customers to pay their dues online time and again. In fact, they have made it so easy by setting up automatic payments so that you pay anything that you have on due in time.

With features such as regular account updates and occasional information about your other details such as purchases, reward points, and interest, you are always updated with the Hobby lobby credit card.

Pros of Hobby Lobby Credit Card?

Cardholders can enjoy an additional five points if they purchase anything from any Hobby Lobby shop. Moreover, it provides one point per dollar spent on all other shops across the United States. It considers that a happy client helps companies be prosperous and provides $25 for every 2500 points earned.

Additionally, 1000 bonus points are added to your account if you make your first Buy within 90 days of opening your account. The Hobby Lobby Credit card is associated With US Bank, so all of your communication regarding the card will probably be with US Bank. The Credit score requirement is also decent enough.

Having talked about the reasons to purchase, let’s see why one should not get one.

Cons of Hobby Lobby Credit Card?

There is an annual fee that depends on your credit card score. That is between $0 to $29. But this depends on your credit rating and, thus, is not told to you when you apply.

The APR charges vary between 13.74 to 24.74 percent. There is an additional late fee of $39.

Generally, the grace period is 24 days; if you miss it, you will be charged heavily by the bank.

This credit card is for people who use a lot of credit cards for shopping. If you are not an avid shopper, then this card is not for you. It is also tough to get qualified to get this credit card as it only accepts customers with a credit rating of more than 600.

How long does it take to get approved?

Generally, the process happens instantly. However, the maximum time the company claims is of 30 days.

Hobby Lobby credit card score requirements

The credit card score requirement needs to be at least 600 before you apply.

What is the Sign-up bonus that you get?

Upon a successful sign-up, you will get a total of 1000 bonus points in your account if you make your first eligible net purchase within a period of 90 days after opening your account.

What are the different rewards and schemes with Hobby Lobby Credit Card?

You can earn 5 points per eligible net purchase if you spend $1 at either hobbylobby.com or any other hobby lobby certified store.

If you spend $1 anywhere else (eligible per net purchase), you get 1 point anywhere Visa credit cards are accepted.

You will also receive $25 in your hobby lobby reward card for every 2500 points you earn.

Best and Safest Way to use Hobby Lobby Credit Card?

  • Try to only use Hobby Lobby Credit cards at Hobby Lobby stores.
  • It can also be used at any place where a Visa card or a Master Card is accepted.
  • Do not forget to pay all the remaining dues and balances on time.
  • Try to avoid any unnecessary fees or interest if they can be avoided.
  • If you get any doubts regarding the card, always contact their customer service first.

How to Recover Your Username and Password?

To recover your username and/or password, go to the link: https://www.hobbylobby.com/login and press forgot password button to recover the account.

On doing so, you will get a verification code in your email ID.

To complete the verification process, type the code that you just received and then reset your password.

How to Check Status Hobby Lobby Credit Card

To check the status of your application, you need to call 1-800-888-0321

How to Cancel My Credit Card?

To cancel your card or close your existing account, just call the following toll-free number: 1-800-888-0321.

Hobby Lobby Credit Card Customer Service Number

The customer care number is 1-800-888-0321. Just call on this number to talk to a customer care agent. Alternatively, you can also find the following number at certain places: 1-866-546-9241. You can call them at any time you want; they are available 24/7.

How to Activate the Card or Check Status of your Credit Card

To check the status or to activate your card to log in to your account, just call 1-800-888-0321.

How to Make Bill Payment from your card?

You can make payments from your Hobby Lobby Credit Card. To do that, you need to sign in to your account. Once done, you will find a payment tab. Just select your desired payment method and complete your required bill payments.

How to Know If you got Approved?

Just ensure the few basic steps first.

Make sure that you have entered the right email address at the time of applying. Upon successful approval for the hobby lobby credit card, you will get a notifying email from the company.

Not only this but you will also be sent a mail to your selected mailing address. This step is done to send you the actual card. If you are tired of waiting, feel free to call their customer support team at the following number 1-866-546-9241.

Additional Information – Frequently Asked Questions by applicants for Hobby Lobby Credit Card

What is the Balance Transfer Fee?

Balance Transfer Fee (BTF) is 3% (min $5)

Is Purchase Intro APR offered?

Purchase Intro APR is not offered with the card

Is Transfer Intro APR offered?

Transfer Intro APR is not offered with the card

What is the late payment fee applicable?

The Late Payment Fee of this hobby lobby card is $38

Is there any Returned Payment fee applicable?

Returned Payment Fee is N/A on the card.

What is the Cash Advance Rate (CAR)?

The Cash Advance Rate is 25.99% (V).

What is the Cash Advance Fee?

It is 3% (min $10)

What is the Foreign Transaction Fee?

The rate of Foreign Transaction Fee is 3%.

Is it a Smart Chip Card?

Yes, it supports chip-and-signature.


We have tried to cover all the details regarding the Hobby Lobby Card. If you still have some questions around your mind, feel free to contact the support team of the US Bank on the numbers mentioned above.

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