10 Best Free Forex Signals In 2024 [100% Free Signals Providers]

Updated On: 09/06/2023
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As you chart your course into Forex trading in 2023, having a reliable crew on your side is crucial. That crew should entail modern technology, astute strategies, and a top-notch signal provider. Guess what?

In this blog post, we have simplified that task by compiling the 10 best free Forex signals in 2023 to help you navigate the volatile oceans of currency trading.

These resources can be your compass in the vast expanse of Forex trading, where every second counts, and every decision can significantly impact your voyage toward financial growth.

With the sheer volume of potential signals available, it's essential to know which ones offer solid ground; hence, we've done extensive research to bring you only the best.

Top 10 Free Forex Signals In 2024

As you gear up for your Forex trading journey in 2023, equip yourself with the best tools for success. The following list offers 10 outstanding free Forex signal providers worthy of consideration.



DailyForex.com is a comprehensive online platform dedicated to serving the needs of Forex traders worldwide. It covers a wide range of topics, such as real-time Forex updates, market trends, educational materials, reviews of brokers, and commercial products, among many others.

With constant reporting days and nights from a dedicated team that spans the globe, DailyForex offers timely coverage of market-moving events to help traders make informed decisions and be on their game. In addition to Forex news and analysis, the site provides tools like trading signals for a better trading experience.

  • Forex News: Covering significant events and trends in the Forex market, such as currency pair movements, crude oil forecasts, etc.
  • Technical Analysis: Detailed analysis of popular currency pairs like EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/JPY, among others.
  • Broker Reviews: An extensive section where the professional team at DailyForex evaluates and ranks Forex brokers based on specific criteria. They have tested brokers for over 12 years, ensuring traders find the right fit.
  • Trading Tools: Including trading support, resistance, and market analysis insights.
  • Additional Resources: Listings of Forex brokers by country, type, and services offered, such as MT4 Forex Brokers, Automated Forex Brokers, and more.

The platform's primary goal is to equip traders with up-to-date information, ensuring they make informed decisions in the Forex market.

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Considered a pioneer in the world of Forex signals, DDMarkets has been serving traders since 2014. It offers in-depth strategic insight into every trade and caters to multiple assets, including commodities and cryptocurrencies.

The emphasis here is on quality rather than quantity, so you won't be bombarded with signals daily. Alongside Forex signals, DDMarkets also offers detailed intraday analysis of major markets.

The edge with DDMarkets lies in its transparency, where all their trading strategies are laid out explicitly, baring even the commercial trades. DD Markets provides an excellent platform for those seeking to understand trading mechanics besides earning from it.

  • Strategic Insight: Each trade comes with an all-inclusive breakdown of the analysis driving it.
  • Broad Asset Coverage: DDMarkets offers signals for Forex, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.
  • Transparency: The level of transparency at DDMarkets is commendable; their historical trades are open to all.
  • Trade Audit: Traders have a detailed performance track, including open and closed trades.
  • Trade Duration: They provide long-term forecasts, which help in understanding market trends better.

These characteristics make DD Markers one of the notable players in free signal providers for 2023. Offering efficiency alongside a strategic approach, they stand out as an excellent tool for any trader, whether beginner or seasoned.



Launched in 2007, eToro is a social trading platform that allows you to follow and copy trades of leading experts in the industry- a perfect tool for newcomers who are yet to understand the trading landscape comprehensively.

The signal kind offered here is more 'people-generated.' Its CopyTrader Technology, a ground-breaking feature, permits users to automatically replicate expert traders' actions.

eToro offers a wide array of functionalities like CopyPortfolio, where top-performing portfolios created by leading traders are at your disposal. Their Virtual Portfolio function lets you practice trading strategies with zero risks.

  • CopyTrader Technology: An innovative feature enabling users to copy successful traders' activities directly.
  • Social Trading: Effortless knowledge sharing and learning through its active online trading community.
  • User-friendly interface: Newbies find eToro's interface easy to navigate, making it an excellent starting point for Forex trade.
  • CopyPortfolio Function: This allows users to mimic top-performing portfolios curated by successful traders.
  • Virtual Portfolio: A risk-free environment to formulate and test Forex trading strategies.

With its cutting-edge features that render Forex trading approachable for budding traders, eToro confidently claims its space in the top echelons of free Forex signal providers for 2023.

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Founded by Nick McDonald, a known forex trader, ForexSignals.com is committed to assisting traders in navigating the turbulent Forex sea.

One of its standout offerings is its access to professional traders ready to share worthwhile advice. You're not just receiving signals but also learning the processes and strategies behind those signals, offering you hands-on knowledge while gaining profit.

  • Live Streams: Their educational live streams from forex experts are packed with essential trading insights.
  • Professionally Designed Trading Courses: You'll get access to many learning resources, like interactive webinars and mentorship programs.
  • Expert Advisors: Equips you with best-in-class algorithms that scan the market 24/7 for viable signals.
  • Multiple Trading Rooms: Choose a room based on your trading style and interact with like-minded traders.
  • Trading Tools: They provide numerous tools, such as economic news calendars and risk management tools.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned trader, this platform will aid in honing your trading skills while bolstering your financial gains.

Forex School Online

Forex School Online

For traders who prefer to convert data and trends into viable trading strategies, look no further than Forex School Online. This is a valuable resource for educational content on Forex trading, with an edge in technical analysis.

Its primary aim is to train traders to read price charts and make well-informed decisions. While signals might not be their direct service, they provide actionable trade ideas like the other providers in this list based on their interpretative chart analysis.

  • Technical Analysis: The platform unleashes the power of technical analysis to its users, allowing them insightful interpretation of price movements.
  • Trading Tools: Access numerous tools that streamline and enhance your trading process.
  • Scam Alerts: Stay ahead with regular alerts about potential scams hitting the Forex market.
  • Interactive Community: Learn from seasoned veterans through interactive forums where topics from strategies to psychology are discussed.
  • Trading Courses: Comprehensive courses designed by industry experts cater to all levels - beginners, intermediates, and advanced.

Zero to Hero

Zero to Hero

Zero to Hero is a standout free signal provider primarily designed for those at the early stages of their Forex journey. It's a UK-based company that prides itself on the simplicity of its services to allow even novice traders to make a profit while learning about trading itself.

This provider offers an intensive teaching program along with their signals. They provide detailed daily market analysis and offer potential trade setups derived from their professional team’s meticulous technical and fundamental analysis.

Zero to Hero stands apart with its emphasis on education, providing new traders with signals and an understanding of how they were derived. They also follow strict risk management principles, protecting your investment.

  • Education Focused: Provides excellent insight into trading mechanics alongside the key signals.
  • Daily Market Analysis: Presents a detailed market breakdown daily.
  • Risk Management: It has distinct risk management strategies protecting your capital.
  • Free Trial: Offers free signals initially, paving the way for subscription-based premium signals.
  • Technical Analysis: The team files solid technical analysis results, contributing to robust signal generation.
  • Trading Tools: Zero to Hero exploits many tools, including charts, newsfeeds, and advanced algorithms.

Zero to Hero could be ideal for budding traders yearning to enter Forex trading. Combining strong signal delivery with an educational approach ensures subscribers can learn as they earn.



FOREX.com is an established platform with over two decades of experience in the Forex trading market. With its reputation for providing traders unrivaled access to global financial markets, it's no wonder they've made our top 10 list.

Constructed with the trader in mind, it has an intuitive user interface alongside advanced resources, making it ideal for beginners and experienced traders.

Forex trading is abuzz 24/7, and FOREX.com matches that tempo with its round-the-clock customer service. Their ability to trade directly from their charts and invent custom watchlists make them a favorite stop for many Forex traders.

  • Technical Analysis: FOREX.com provides comprehensive technical analysis tools like advanced charting, customizable indicators, and sophisticated drawing tools, allowing you to plan your venture strategically.
  • Trading Tools: An extensive range of nuanced tools like Trading Central is recognized as a premier research organization. You will find premium resources such as Analyst Views providing detailed technical strategies alongside them.
  • Rich Market Research: Besides Technical analyses, FOREX.com offers exhaustive fundamental analysis reports, ensuring their traders understand current market trends.
  • Continuous Customer Service: They offer customer support 24 hours daily from Sunday to Friday, enabling real-time troubleshooting and assistance when needed.
  • Educational Offering: From webinar articles to interactive courses, they boast an impressive array of educational resources suitable for all levels.

FOREX.com is a resource-rich platform that ensures your trade decisions are backed by powerful analytics and research. Their constant commitment to enhancing user experience while providing excellent educational support sets them apart.

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MQL5(Ideal for traders using the MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 platforms)


MQL5 takes a distinctive approach to Forex signals, making it ideally suited for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 users. The developers of MetaQuotes created it as part of their continued efforts to enhance the customers' trading experience.

This service is more of a marketplace where you can purchase or follow free signals from various providers worldwide.

You needn't worry about the quality, as each provider on this platform is thoroughly vetted. Each signal provider's strategy, history, and risk level are openly displayed so that users can make fully informed decisions when selecting a service.

  • Extensive Community: It has over 13 million users from all over the world.
  • Versatility: MQL5 offers signals for Forex, stocks & cryptocurrencies.
  • In-Depth Insights: Alluring graphics displaying growth, balance, and withdrawal of funds give an in-depth understanding.
  • Automated Trading: Allows traders who don’t have time to trade manually an option with automatic trading functions.
  • Technical Analysis Tools: MQL5 provides robust technical analysis tools aiding in effective decision-making.

MQL5's utilization within the popular MetaTrader platforms inherently equips it with high-end analytical tools and features needed for successful Forex trading. For those seeking reliability and flexibility in third-party signal providers, MQL5 is a strong recommendation.

RoboForex CopyFX

RoboForex CopyFX

As you dive deeper into the ocean of Forex trading, you'll find RoboForex's CopyFX platform an excellent tool for navigating trading currents. Established in 2009, RoboForex brings an out-of-the-box solution to help traders earn on Forex passively.

If you are someone who doesn't want to get into the nitty-gritty of trading but still wants to benefit from it, CopyFX is a dream come true.

CopyFX is a copy-trading platform where you can replicate the trades of experienced and successful traders.

It uses a practical approach that ensures transparency and simplicity, making it easily usable by professionals and beginners. Let's dig deeper and discover the benefits that make it one of 2023's potential top picks for free Forex signals.

  • CopyTrading: Clone the trades of professional traders in real time for profitability.
  • Variety of Strategies: Choose from more than 2000+ strategies on their platform.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The platform is straightforward and easy to use, a big plus for beginners.
  • Favorable Conditions: It offers low spreads from 0 pips, and ultra-fast order execution speed.
  • Selection of Traders: Ability to choose traders based on their risk level and profitability.
  • Risk Control: Set limits to secure your investments; stop copying if losses exceed a specific limit.

Truly understanding these technical aspects can mean the difference between making or breaking your forex trading journey. And with services like RoboForex's CopyFX, even a new trader can confidently sail through Forex waters.

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Navigating the financial market can be a challenging endeavor, especially for beginners. But with Learn2Trade, a leading Forex and cryptocurrency education platform, you are privy to in-depth courses and the most accurate signals on the market.

This provider leans on artificial intelligence and experienced analysts to deliver between 3-5 signals daily, complete with entry, stop-loss, and take-profit levels.

Regardless of your expertise level in trading, Learn2Trade assures an enriching experience with its robust library of educational resources. In 2023, expect advanced analytical features alongside course modules that tackle various aspects of Forex trading – from basic introduction to nuanced strategic plays.

  • In-depth Trading Courses: Comprehensive Forex and crypto courses aimed at developing well-rounded traders.
  • Consummate Signal Provision: Every signal comes with three key points - entry point, stop loss point, and take profit levels.
  • Technical Analysis: Detailed analysis of market movements using techniques such as charting.
  • Trading Tools: Offers tools that facilitate precise trading decisions and strategies.

The efficiency offered by Learn2Trade makes it a highly recommended option for those wanting to accelerate their financial growth through Forex trading. This provider's commitment to education sets it apart – ensuring each member trades and develops a deeper knowledge about the market.

FAQs About Best Free Forex Signals

What are free Forex signals?

Free Forex signals are trading suggestions or alerts, often sent via email, SMS, or other messaging platforms, indicating favorable times to buy or sell a currency pair based on technical or fundamental analysis.

How do free Forex signals differ from paid ones?

While both provide trading suggestions, free signals might offer less frequent or detailed information than paid ones. Paid signs often come with more comprehensive analysis and customer support.

How reliable are free Forex signals?

The reliability varies. Experienced traders or reputable sources provide some free signals, while others might be less accurate. It's essential to do your research and perhaps cross-reference with other sources.

Can I solely rely on Forex signals for trading?

No, it's recommended to use Forex signals as a supplementary tool. Combining signals with your own analysis and understanding of the market will yield better results.

How do I choose the best free Forex signal provider?

Look for providers with a proven track record, transparent methodology, and positive user reviews. It's also beneficial if they offer a trial period or a demonstration of their service.


In the ceaseless waves of Forex trading, having expert guidance through trustworthy free signals is invaluable. The 10 platforms detailed above offer you a lifeline to intelligent trading decisions.

They are tools designed to navigate these often tumultuous financial waters with confidence. Partnering with these signal providers in 2023 can significantly enhance your trading tactics and boost your potential profits.

But remember, while signals are vital, they form just one part of the grand strategy. Learn, understand, and adapt as you continue your Forex voyage - the world of currency trading demands nothing less.

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