eToro Vs Avanza 2024 [Which Online Broker Is Better?]

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In the ever-evolving landscape of online investment platforms, choosing the right one for your needs can be a bit of a puzzle. This is precisely why we spotlight two eminent platforms – eToro vs Avanza.

These investment juggernauts have increasingly gained traction for their distinct features and offerings, but what sets them apart? Which one would serve your financial aspirations the best?

We understand that investment is no child's play; it's your hard-earned money at stake! Consequently, this article offers an insightful comparison between eToro and Avanza, compiled from numerous hours of research and testing.

Designed to aid you in making an informed decision, this conversation promises crystal-clear insights without any financial jargon or complex terms - just pure information on a silver platter!

Introduction To eToro And Avanza

Introduction To eToro And Avanza

eToro and Avanza are two popular online trading platforms that enable individuals to invest in multiple global financial markets.

eToro, founded in 2007, has a unique social trading platform where users can follow or copy trades from experienced investors. It offers many investment options, including stocks, currencies, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

Established in 1999, Avanza is a Swedish online broker mainly known for its low fees and diversified portfolio options. It provides access to domestic and international shares, bonds, mutual funds, and even savings accounts.

eToro Vs Avanza: History and Background

From their humble beginnings, eToro and Avanza have become household names and imposed themselves as reliable pillars in the online trading sector. Their stories are inspiring, recounting commitment, determination, and innovation tales.

eToro's Origins

Established in Tel Aviv, Israel, eToro was established in 2007 by brothers Ronen and Yoni Assia and their business partner David Ring. Their vision was to make trading accessible anywhere and reduce dependency on traditional financial institutions.

The platform has grown steadily since its establishment, notably for its pioneering 'social trading' concept.

This feature allows users to follow and copy the trades of top-performing traders. Today, eToro serves millions of users across over 140 countries worldwide.

Avanza's Beginnings

Avanza Bank Holding AB, more popularly known as Avanza, was established in 1999 in Sweden. The company's main vision was to provide a digital platform for savings and investments at a lower cost than traditional banks.

Over the years, Avanza has been recognized as the Broker of the Year multiple times by Privata Affärer, an influential Swedish financial magazine.

Serving primarily Swedish investors, Avanza offers investment options across a wide range of asset classes, including equities, bonds, and mutual funds.

Today, Avanza ranks as one of Sweden's largest online brokers in terms of customer numbers and incoming trades.

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eToro Vs Avanza: Platform User Interface

Navigating the digital world of online trading can, at times, be a daunting task. However, an intuitive platform user interface can usher in a seamless investment journey. Let's dissect the user interfaces of both eToro and Avanza.

eToro's User Experience

eToro champions a clean, user-friendly interface suitable for novice traders and Jedi market gurus. With rich portfolio visuals and an interactive trading chart, it offers unparalleled transaction control.

Its hallmark feature is Social Trading. Here, you can view, follow, and mimic trades executed by other seasoned investors - fast-tracking your learning while diversifying your investment strategy.

All these actions are simple to perform, thanks to clearly labeled buttons and accessible features found on the platform.

Then, there’s the advanced search functionality for simplified navigation through myriad instruments. You can customize your dashboard according to your preferred metrics - pretty versatile if you ask me!

Avanza's User Interface Design

Avanza comes off as more of a traditional online broker platform with its streamlined yet professional design. Its UI is primed to deliver crisp real-time market data synced with pragmatic investing tools.

It offers extensive customizability, allowing you to select widgets such as news update panels or watchlist displays, enhancing convenient access to critical information directly on the platform’s home screen.

One detail investors find helpful is Avanza's “Inspiration” tab, which furnishes fresh insights into investing ideas based on trends and market performances. It certainly helps when those creative juices need a stimulant!

eToro Vs Avanza: Trading Instruments Offered

eToro Vs Avanza: Trading Instruments Offered

The extent of a platform's trading instruments is a crucial aspect to consider. Think of it as an artist's palette - the broader the range of colors, the wider the scope for creating diverse paintings.

Similarly, with a more extensive array of asset classes, you're better equipped to diversify your portfolio and hedge against risks.

With this critical aspect in mind, let's dive into the features that eToro and Avanza bring to your investment table.

eToro's Asset Classes

As a trailblazer in social trading, eToro takes immense pride in proposing various financial instruments catering to different investor profiles.

Each category comes packed with detailed information to prepare you with crisp knowledge before the first click.

  • Stocks: eToro offers thousands of stocks from leading global exchanges like NASDAQ and NYSE up for grabs. You can invest or trade them all from Apple to Alphabet and beyond.
  • Indices: Fancy investing in a particular sector or economy? eToro’s variety of Indices, like the S&P 500 or Nasdaq100, allows you just that!
  • ETFs: Exchange-traded funds combine mutual funds' broad diversification with individual stocks' flexibility. Whether you favor bonds ETFs or sector-specific ones, eToro has covered you!
  • Currencies: For forex enthusiasts, choose from a broad selection of major, minor, and exotic currency pairs.
  • Commodities: Dabble in goods trading? Opt for commodities like Gold, Oil, or Natural Gas, depending on your risk appetite and market forecast.
  • Cryptoassets: Enter the exciting world of cryptocurrencies with top picks such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and many more!

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Avanza's Investment Options

Avanza boasts an impressive range of diverse investment options, providing a unique opportunity to tailor your portfolio according to your risk tolerance and investment goals.

This Swedish platform subscribes to the philosophy of all-inclusive investing - allowing you to find investment assets that tickle your fancy as an investor!

  • Stocks: Avanza provides access to both Swedish and international stocks. You can choose from large-cap companies or small startups - it's certainly wide-ranging!
  • Bonds: They offer a robust selection of corporate and government bonds. Whether you aim for steady income or capital preservation, Avanza’s bond offering has your back.
  • Mutual Funds: The platform has an extensive list of mutual funds spanning various asset classes and regions. Automated regular purchases allow everyone, from seasoned experts to novices, to leverage this option.
  • ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds): ETFs provide broad market exposure in just one security. They have a multitude that covers various sectors, commodities, and indices.
  • Investment Savings Accounts (ISA): These tax-efficient accounts facilitate flexible trading without worrying about capital gains tax every time you trade.
  • Pension Savings: Avanza allows individuals to manage their pension savings actively - coupling financial health with future-proofing!
  • Options & Futures: This option is certainly food for thought for more advanced traders looking for leveraged positions or hedging against market movements.
  • Forex Trading: If foreign currency exchanges enthrall you, delve into the world’s largest financial market via Avanza – vast and vibrant!

Whether you're a risk-loving trader or a cautious investor preferring secure options, Avanza promises diversity and density in its investment offerings!

eToro Vs Avanza: Fees and Charges

eToro Vs Avanza: Fees and Charges

In online trading, understanding the platform's fee structure can significantly affect your financial returns.

Unraveling these fully transparently is pivotal for informed decision-making and maintaining a healthy relationship between you and your chosen platform. So, let's unpack the charges associated with eToro and Avanza.

eToro's Fee Structure

When exploring eToro's pricing model, it's important to note that while they strive to keep their fee structure relatively uncomplicated, certain charges apply based on specific trading activities. Here is what you should expect –

  • A 1% fee applies when buying or selling crypto assets on eToro. If you want to join the crypto market, 1% of your transaction will be deducted as service charges.
  • Spread Fees: The difference between a financial instrument's buying and selling price represents eToro's spread fees. The actual amount varies depending on the asset type.
  • Withdrawal Fees: Here’s something to be wary of – eToro charges $5 per withdrawal. Keep this in mind while planning your investment withdrawals.
  • Conversion Fees: A conversion fee will apply based on eToro’s rates for international transactions dipping into different currencies.
  • Inactivity Fees: Here’s where eToro encourages active engagement; there’s an inactivity charge of $10 per month after 12 consecutive months without logging in.
  • CFD Rollover Fees: Contract for Difference (CFD) rollovers might incur a small charge; see their dedicated page for more details.

Avanza's Pricing Model

Avanza is enticing for its customer-friendly price model. They charge no fees for small investors trading stocks on the Swedish market, providing an economic platform for small-scale traders.

Avanza houses a robust fund supermarket, offering a vast selection of funds without added fees. This includes everything from high-risk to low-risk funds catering to varied risk appetites.

It’s not all free sailing! Certain services and international markets outside Sweden may have associated costs. Therefore, always cross-check potential fees with these external market trades and transactions.

eToro Vs Avanza: Account Types and Options

When setting out on your journey in the investment world, it's crucial to find the right type of trading account that aligns with your financial aspirations and risk appetite.

Both eToro and Avanza offer a range of account types intended to serve diverse investing needs - from basic retail trading accounts to more specialized ones tailored for specific user demographics.

eToro's Account Varieties

eToro stands out with its distinct account types curated to cater to different investor preferences:

  • Professional Account: Designed for skilled traders, these accounts come with tight spreads and higher leverage but forgo certain consumer protection rights.
  • Retail Account: A traditional pick for novices and average traders that offers full consumer protections per regulatory compliance.
  • Islamic Account: Specifically tailored for clients who wish to trade under the principles of Islamic finance, implying no interests or hidden charges.
  • Demo Accounts: Particularly handy for beginners, these allow you to practice trading strategies in live market conditions without real money at stake.

Their USP lies in their no-fee strategy on Swedish stocks, which appeals greatly to small investors.

Their fund supermarket stacks an array of funds devoid of extra fees, although other services may entail charges.

Avanza's Account Choices

As part of its unique selling points, Avanza offers a commendable range of account types designed to meet various investment needs.

  • Avanza Sparkonto: This savings account provides you with a secure investment avenue. It's ideal if you're looking for easy accessibility to your funds without incurring the brunt of market volatility.
  • Investment Savings Account (ISK): ISK is ideal for investors seeking tax efficiency and convenience. Income from investments in these accounts is taxed at a fixed percentage, irrespective of the profits made.
  • Private Banking: Tailored for the discerning investor, Avanza's Private Banking services offer personalized advice and exclusive benefits. Whether you seek estate planning advice or unique investment opportunities, this could be your Go-To!
  • Pension: For those forward-thinking individuals keen on securing their retirement comfortably, Avanza provides specialized pension accounts. It’s never too early to start investing in the future!
  • Margin Lending: This is perfect for yeast-bit adventurous folks who aren't shy about leveraging their investments. It does come with increased risk but also offers the potential for higher returns.
  • Corporate Account: Businesses, too, can benefit from availing Avanza's corporate accounts, gaining access to tailored solutions that meet distinct corporate investment objectives.

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eToro Vs Avanza: Mobile Trading Experience

eToro Vs Avanza: Mobile Trading Experience

In an age where smartphones reign supreme, a potent mobile application elevates the trading experience to a new level.

It ensures that your investments are at your fingertips, seamlessly connecting you to global markets in real-time, irrespective of your location.

eToro's Mobile App Features

Representing the cutting edge of fintech innovation, the eToro mobile app scores on multiple fronts. It's like having a fully functional stock exchange right in your pocket! Here's what you get:

  • Real-time trading: Dust off latency issues because eToro's app offers instant access to live buy/sell rates across all assets. No more missing out on key entry or exit points.
  • Social trading & copy trading: Revolutionizing investment strategies by allowing you to replicate successful trades executed by veteran traders in real-time - learning while profiting!
  • Portfolio management: Whether churning new orders or amending existing ones, portfolio management on this platform is truly agile.
  • Market news & updates: Stay informed with real-time news and updates from global markets. This way, making data-driven decisions becomes second nature!
  • Price alerts & notifications: You'll be alerted when selected investment instruments hit pre-set price points, reducing excessive screen time yet keeping you on top of market trends.
  • Multi-asset trading (stocks, cryptocurrencies, etc.): Diversity is key in investment - trade across various asset classes, including stocks and crypto assets.
  • Charting tools: State-of-the-art charting tools with multiple technical indicators simplify complex data – making it easier to spot those telling market trends and patterns.

Avanza's Mobile Trading Capabilities

Whether on your daily commute or sipping your morning latte in your favorite cafe, Avanza accompanies you with an exemplary mobile trading experience.

Its nifty app ushers in an era of on-the-go investing, instantly transforming your smartphone into a portable trading floor.

  • Stock Trading: Trading stocks on the Swedish stock market is fee-less. Complementing this perk is the app's intuitive ability to execute trades swiftly, amplifying your trading prowess.
  • Portfolio Overview: Stay in sync with your investments even when you aren't glued to your screen, as real-time updates unveil minute-to-minute price fluctuations.
  • Real-Time Stock Prices: Time stands paramount, and Avanza respects this; real-time stock updates ensure your decisions aren’t hampered due to outdated data-affecting price response times.
  • Watchlists: Set aside any FOMO with watchlists that continuously track potential investment opportunities, ensuring none slip through unnoticed!
  • Fund-Trading: Who said funds could only be managed via desktops? Avanza's comprehensive fund supermarket makes mobile fund trading an absolute breeze!
  • Account Management: One platform to control them all! Keep a tab on all financial transactions, enabling effective account management right off the palm of your hand.
  • News and Analysis: Did you miss the morning news? Fear not! Avanza curates market news and meticulous analysis to keep you in sync with global financial evolutions. After all - Knowledge is Power!
  • Price Alerts: Be prepared for unexpected market turnarounds with customizable price alerts and notifications that ensure you never miss out on lucrative opportunities.
  • Secure Login Methods: Security first! From biometric logins to other advanced security protocols, rest assured about the safety of your transactional data.

eToro Vs Avanza: Research and Educational Resources

Before diving into the trading world, it's critical to equip yourself with the right knowledge and skills.

eToro and Avanza provide comprehensive educational resources to help newbies and experienced traders keep their game sharp.

They offer many research tools, webinars, tutorials, training courses, blogs, and more. Let's dissect the offerings of each platform.

eToro's Learning Center

eToro's learning center is your one-stop shop for everything about online investments. It offers an extensive library filled with interactive financial courses tailored to arm you with strategies for smart investing.

With plenty of discussion boards where participants robustly share ideas on market trends, this platform cultivates a culture of continuous learning.

eToro doesn’t stop at educating; it thrusts you into practical trading through its array of market analysis tools, including charts dissecting historical trends and live feeds on market performances - talk about enlightenment meeting reality!

What sets eToro apart is its unique social trading feature, which is as much an educational tool as a trading one.

You get to observe and learn from veteran traders in real time. Imagine peeking into Warren Buffet’s investment strategies; how cool!

Avanza's Educational Offerings

Avanza takes pride in its competitive edge: education-centered services. The Avanza Academy offers free seminars and webinars for investors cutting their teeth in the digital currency markets up to refined market players.

Their “Play” section provides a playful learning experience through quizzes to reinforce investment concepts among beginners while spicing up their financial literacy journey! Yes, who said finance cannot be fun?

The Academy unboxes complex financial concepts in bite-sized podcasts named "Sparpodden" that demystify various aspects ranging from investing to technical analysis techniques – all at your pace.

Perhaps the most striking are the regular market updates straight from investment analysts. These insights prime investors to make more informed decisions concerning their trades by keeping them up-to-date with the latest happenings in their markets of interest.

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eToro Vs Avanza: Customer Support and Service

eToro Vs Avanza: Customer Support and Service

When investing in the financial world, you may encounter situations that prompt questions or need immediate resolutions.

A swift, reliable customer support system is key to a smooth user experience with any trading platform. Let's recount how these two platforms hold up on this crucial parameter.

eToro's Support Channels

eToro prides itself on offering a comprehensive help center that’s chock-full FAQs to tackle common user queries. Beyond self-help resources, they have an efficient ticketing system to negate waiting time.

Their service shines through their live chat function - a much-appreciated feature where you can interact directly with a service representative! Though response times can sometimes be slightly extended during peak hours, it runs seamlessly.

The platform extends email support for queries that aren’t urgent. But if assistance is needed immediately, creating a ‘ticket’ through their Help Center portal has proved extremely effective for thousands of users worldwide!

Avanza's Customer Assistance

Avanza is known for its localized and personal customer service offerings. They furnish real-time support via Twitter from 8 A.m. to 9 P.m. on weekdays for seamless accessibility to those quick doubts you'd want an immediate answer.

Besides Twitter assistance, Avanza enriches its customer support experience with telephone and email services and an extensive FAQ section on its website.

Their phone lines promise quick responses, particularly alluring if you are comfortable conversing in Swedish.

eToro Vs Avanza: Security and Regulation

Navigating the bumpy roads of financial investments demands the utmost prudence. However, with secure and regulated trading platforms like eToro and Avanza, you can cruise smoothly amid turbulent market winds.

Safeguarding your money and data is pivotal to these platforms, as evident in the stringent regulations they comply with.

eToro's Regulatory Compliance

As an international player, eToro operates under the watchful eyes of several regulatory bodies worldwide.

It staunchly adheres to its guidelines to maintain a transparent, secure environment that instills confidence in every investor.

Whether preserving investor's rights or preventing financial manipulations, eToro takes an unflinching stand.

Some key organizations eToro complies with are:

  • CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) in Cyprus
  • FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) in the UK
  • ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) in Australia

With such reputed regulators, you can know your money is safe on the platform. By committing to such high standards of operation, eToro has certainly carved a niche as a trustworthy platform where novice and experienced investors can trade confidently.

Avanza's Security Measures

The platform adheres to stringent legal and regulatory guidelines to safeguard data and transactions. It operates under the supervision of ASIC in Australia, guaranteeing global best practices.

Avanza maintains a robust cybersecurity framework to protect against potential digital threats. It also offers fee-free stock trading on the Swedish market for small investors, with a wide array of funds without added fees.

Please note that certain services and markets may involve fees. Overall, Avanza is designed with the investor's security and affordability in mind.

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eToro Vs Avanza: Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

The efficiency, diversity, and speed of deposit and withdrawal methods can significantly impact your trading experience.

The reality is the easier it is for you to move your money, the smoother your trading journey will be.

After all, you want a platform that suits your needs and allows you to perform transactions without hassle.

eToro's Withdrawal Options

Digging deep into eToro's withdrawal options reveals a mix of traditional and modern online payment services tailored to satiate diverse client needs. They offer myriad options to make transactions as user-friendly as possible.

  • Credit/Debit Card: eToro allows funding via Visa, MasterCard, or Diners Club cards, ensuring accessibility to more traditional forms of payments.
  • PayPal: Known for its ease of use and speed, PayPal stands as one of eToro's trusted withdrawal options.
  • Bank Transfer: For those who prefer direct bank transactions, eToro provides this option.
  • Skrill & Neteller: These are popular e-wallets with swift and secure transactions.
  • WebMoney: A global settlement system facilitating online business activities is another option provided by eToro.
  • Rapid Transfer: Rapid Transfer is an expedited alternative for lightning-quick payments.

Avanza's Withdrawal Options

Fund withdrawal is essential in any investing platform. Avanza has structured its system to offer convenience when accessing your proceeds.

  • Bank Transfers: Avanza's customers' most common and widely used modality is a direct bank transfer for withdrawals. This method often takes 1-2 business days but is known for its high security and reliability.
  • Debit Card Transfers: Avanza also supports funds transfer directly to your debit card. This method offers quick access to cash within hours, which is especially useful in emergencies.
  • Spread Account: Investors with an Avanza spread account can move funds back and forth between different investment types, making tactical withdrawal decisions during rapidly changing market conditions.

FAQs About eToro Vs Avanza

Which platform is more suited for beginners, eToro or Avanza?

eToro's unique social trading feature makes it easier for beginners to learn by copying the trades of experienced investors.

Do eToro and Avanza allow cryptocurrency trading?

While eToro provides a wide range of cryptocurrencies to trade, Avanza offers limited exposure to the crypto market.

Is there a minimum deposit requirement on these platforms?

Both platforms have a minimum deposit requirement: $200 for eToro and 100 SEK (around $10) for Avanza.

Which platform charges lower fees, eToro or Avanza?

Avanza has earned a reputation for low-fee investing, though it is essential to check the specifics per each type of investment made.


Both eToro and Avanza have unique offerings suited to different types of investors. While eToro brings innovative social trading features and a broad range of assets, Avanza shines with its low-fee model and integrated banking solution.

The best pick between the two truly hinges on your investment goals, financial conditions, and preferences.

Always thoroughly research and understand any investing platform before integrating it into your financial portfolio. Happy investing!

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