Does Sam's Club Take Apple Pay In 2024? [Updated In May]

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As you may already know, Apple Pay has become a popular payment method for many consumers, offering a quick and convenient way to make purchases without the need for physical cards or cash.

For those who frequently use Apple Pay, knowing which retailers accept this payment method can be an important consideration when choosing where to shop. That's why we've created this blog post to help answer the question "Does Sam's Club Take Apple Pay"

So if you're a frequent Apple Pay user and a Sam's Club shopper, or if you're just curious about the topic, keep reading to learn more!

Does Sam's Club Take Apple Pay?

Does Sam's Club Take Apple Pay?

Unfortunately, Sam's Club does not currently accept Apple Pay at any of its locations. Instead, they offer a variety of other payment methods, including major credit cards, debit cards, cash, and mobile wallets such as Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

There has been no official statement from Sam's Club regarding why they don't currently accept Apple Pay. However, some speculate that it may be due to the fees associated with accepting the payment method, or that they prefer to promote their own mobile app, which allows members to make purchases and check out using their phone.

In the past, Sam's Club has been slow to adopt new payment methods. For example, they only began accepting EMV chip cards (which are more secure than traditional swipe cards) in 2015, long after other retailers had already made the switch. This may indicate that Sam's Club takes a cautious approach to adopting new payment methods, and may explain why they have yet to accept Apple Pay.

Why Won't  Sam's Club Take Apple Pay?

Why Won't  Sam's Club Take Apple Pay?

There are several possible reasons why Sam's Club does not currently accept Apple Pay. One reason could be the fees associated with accepting the payment method. Apple Pay charges retailers a small fee for each transaction made using the service.

While the fee is relatively small, it can add up over time, particularly for a large retailer like Sam's Club.

Another possible reason is that Sam's Club may be trying to promote its own mobile app, which allows members to make purchases and check out using their phones.

By promoting its own app, Sam's Club may be able to gather more data on customer preferences and shopping habits, which can be used to improve the overall shopping experience.

Accepted Payment Methods at Sam's Club

Accepted Payment Methods at Sam's Club

While Sam's Club does not currently accept Apple Pay, they offer a variety of other payment methods that customers can use to make purchases. These payment methods include:

Credit and Debit Cards:

Sam's Club accepts all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Customers can simply swipe or insert their card at the payment terminal and follow the prompts to complete the transaction.

  • Pros: Quick and easy to use; widely accepted.
  • Cons: Usage of credit and debit cards may lead to the habit of overspending.


Customers can also pay for their purchases using cash. Sam's Club has cash registers located throughout the store where customers can pay for their items with cash.

  • Pros: Very secure; no need to use personal information.
  • Cons: Customers are limited by the amount of cash they have on hand.


Sam's Club also accepts personal checks as a form of payment. Customers can write a check for the amount of their purchase and present it to the cashier for payment.

  • Pros: Easy to use; secure payment method.
  • Cons: May take longer than other methods to process payment.

Can I Use My Apple Card at Sam's Club?

Can I Use My Apple Card at Sam's Club?

No, unfortunately, you cannot use your Apple Card at Sam's Club. While Sam's Club accepts a variety of payment options, such as American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover, they have not yet added Apple Cards to their list of accepted payment methods.

If you are a Sam's Club shopper and prefer to use your Apple Card for purchases, you will need to consider alternative payment options, such as the ones mentioned earlier.

What Stores Accept Apple Pay?

What Stores Accept Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is accepted at a wide range of stores and establishments. Here are some examples of types of stores and businesses that generally accept Apple Pay:

  • Retail stores: Many popular retailers accept Apple Pay, including Apple Stores, Best Buy, Target, Walgreens, Whole Foods, Macy's, and Nike.
  • Restaurants and cafes: Apple Pay can be used for payment at various restaurants and cafes such as McDonald's, Starbucks, Subway, Dunkin', and Panera Bread.
  • Grocery stores: Major grocery chains like Walmart, Kroger, Albertsons, Trader Joe's, and Publix often accept Apple Pay.
  • Convenience stores: Stores such as 7-Eleven and Shell gas stations commonly accept Apple Pay.
  • Online retailers: Apple Pay can be used for online purchases on various websites and apps that have integrated Apple Pay as a payment option.

Why Are More People Using Apple Pay?

Why Are More People Using Apple Pay?

Here are five creative points explaining why more people are using Apple Pay:

  • Futuristic Appeal: Apple Pay's seamless integration of cutting-edge technology, like contactless payments and biometric authentication, appeals to people's fascination with the future. By simply tapping their device or using Face ID or Touch ID, users feel like they're stepping into a world where traditional wallets are a thing of the past, replaced by a sleek and streamlined digital payment experience.
  • Environmental Consciousness: As people become more environmentally conscious, Apple Pay offers a way to reduce reliance on physical credit cards and paper receipts. By embracing a digital payment method, users can contribute to the reduction of plastic waste and paper usage, aligning their actions with their eco-friendly values.
  • Gamified Experience: Apple Pay provides a gamified experience through its integration with rewards programs and cashback offers. Users are enticed to use Apple Pay for the thrill of earning points, unlocking exclusive discounts, and achieving status within loyalty programs. The element of competition and the anticipation of earning rewards add an exciting dimension to the act of making payments.
  • Simplifying Everyday Life: Apple Pay simplifies people's lives by minimizing the clutter of physical wallets. With the ability to store multiple payment cards, loyalty cards, and even boarding passes within the Wallet app, users have all their essential information conveniently accessible in one place. This streamlining of everyday necessities reduces stress and saves valuable time, allowing users to focus on the things that truly matter.

Does Sam's Club Take Google Pay?

No, Sam's Club does not accept Google Pay for any in-store purchases. While Sam's Club does offer various payment options, Google Pay is not currently supported at their locations. Customers will need to use alternative payment methods when shopping at Sam's Club.

Does Sam's Club Take Samsung Pay?

Yes, Sam's Club does accept Samsung Pay to be used in-store. Samsung Pay is a mobile payment service that allows customers to make purchases using their Samsung devices. Sam's Club has enabled compatibility with Samsung Pay, giving customers the convenience of using this mobile payment option at their stores.

Does Sam's Club Take PayPal?

Unfortunately, Sam's Club does not accept PayPal as a payment option. While Sam's Club offers different methods of payment, such as credit cards, debit cards, and cash, PayPal is not currently supported at their locations. Customers will need to utilize alternative payment methods when shopping at Sam's Club.

FAQ About Sam's Club And Apple Pay

Does Wingstop Take Apple Pay?

Yes, Wingstop accepts Apple Pay, but only at some of its offline stores. It's recommended to check with your specific Wingstop location to confirm if they accept Apple Pay before making a purchase.

Does Marshalls Take Apple Pay?

Yes, Marshalls does accept Apple Pay at most of its stores. Customers can use Apple Pay as a convenient payment option when shopping at Marshall's.

Does Ross Take Apple Pay?

Yes, Ross does accept Apple Pay. Customers can use Apple Pay for their purchases at Ross stores, providing a convenient and contactless payment option.

Can I still use my iPhone to make payments at Sam's Club?

While Apple Pay is not currently accepted at Sam's Club, customers can still use their iPhones to make payments using another mobile wallet Samsung Pay.

Is Apple Pay safe to use at other retailers?

Yes, Apple Pay is a secure and convenient payment method that is accepted by many retailers around the world. When a customer uses Apple Pay to make a purchase, their credit or debit card information is not stored on the device or shared with the merchant, helping to protect their personal and financial information.


Despite not accepting Apple Pay, there are still plenty of other payment options available to customers at Sam's Club, including credit cards, debit cards, and cash. And while there are no concrete plans for Sam's Club to accept Apple Pay in the near future, there have been indications that they may be considering it.

For readers who use Apple Pay and shop at Sam's Club, we recommend considering alternative payment methods for the time being. However, it's always a good idea to keep an eye on industry trends and developments to see how they may impact Sam's Club's decisions in the future. Overall, the answer to the question "Does Sam's Club Take Apple Pay?" is no, that may not always be the case.

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