Does CVS Have Western Union 2024? [All Nearby CVS Locations]

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If you're in need of a money transfer service, you may be wondering: Does CVS have Western Union? Many people are familiar with Western Union as a way to quickly and easily send money internationally.

But what about domestic transfers? Can you do them at CVS? This blog post will take a closer look at the Western Union money transfer system and how it works to send and receive money.

We'll also compare it to other popular money transfer methods so that you can make the best decision for your needs.

What Is Western Union?

Western Union is a global money transfer service that allows customers to send and receive money domestically and internationally. It has been around since 1851, making it one of the oldest and most trusted money transfer services.

What Is Western Union?

The company provides several payment options, including online transfers, wire transfers, and cash pickups. Western Union also offers a mobile money transfer app to send and receive money.

The GSM Association has partnered with Western Union to provide a secure, reliable mobile money transfer service. It has 700 mobile money transfer outlets in 218 countries.

WeChat and Viber are also partnered with Western Union. WeChat is a popular Chinese messaging app with over 1 Billion active monthly users.

Viber is a cross-platform instant messaging app that allows users to send messages and make calls for android, iOS, and Windows devices.

Both apps allow customers to conveniently send and receive money from anywhere worldwide using Western Union's mobile money transfer service.

Does CVS Have Western Union?

Does CVS Have Western Union?

No, CVS does not have a way to send money through Western Union. At CVS stores, you won't be able to get any of these services. But there are other ways to send money from one place to another, such as MoneyGram, which offers its services at many stores worldwide.

Why Is Western Union Not Accessible At CVS?

Why Is Western Union Not Accessible At CVS?

Due to competition, CVS has been denied access to Western Union money transfer services. As two of the most popular options for consumer global money transfers, Western Union and MoneyGram are inevitably competitors.

Consequently, CVS has decided to only utilize MoneyGram instead of operating with both money transfer service providers.

Western Union has also bound with other pharmacy retailers, like Walgreens and Rite Aid, to offer its services. Though CVS shoppers cannot use this service in-store, they can still send money abroad using MoneyGram.

Do I Use Money Gram At CVS?

Do I Use Money Gram At CVS?

Yes, MoneyGram can be used at CVS. This service makes moving money from one place to another easy and safe. With Money Gram, you can send money either within the United States or to another country from any CVS in the US.

Also, let's say your recipient has an eligible debit card. You can use a tremendous direct-to-card transfer service to get your money immediately without waiting for long.

With Money Gram at CVS, your money gets where it needs to go quickly and safely.

How Does Western Union And MoneyGram Different?

Knowing the difference between Western Union and MoneyGram is essential to send money overseas.

How Does Western Union And MoneyGram Different?

When you know about these choices, you can make the best decision for your needs. Western Union lets people from many countries send money to their bank accounts and pick up cash.

At the same time, MoneyGram focuses more on domestic cash pickup and has options for mobile wallets.

Both services have different fees based on where the money is coming from, where it is going, and how it is transferred. Also, the exchange rates for Western Union and MoneyGram are different, so customers should compare prices before deciding which service is best for them.

Both services offer safe ways to send money across countries and states, but it's up to the customer to decide which one might be best for their needs.

Cost Difference Between Western Union and MoneyGram services?

Depending on the provider, the price difference between Western Union and MoneyGram can vary significantly. Western Union is often a bit more expensive than MoneyGram, and its overseas transfer fees are significantly more.

Cost Difference Between Western Union and MoneyGram services?

Concerning domestic money transfers, MoneyGram and Western Union have comparable fees. The transfer cost will depend on various factors, including the country you're moving money from or to, the amount of money you're sending, and how quickly you need to send it.

Western Union’s service typically costs around $12.50 for sending up to $200, while MoneyGram usually has a flat rate of $11.50 on transactions between $50 and $499. Customers can make better judgments when selecting a transfer service provider if they have a broader understanding of their rates.

Which Stores Offer Service for Western Union?

Which Stores Offer Service for Western Union?

Many people want to know which stores offer Western Union services. Some examples are Rite Aid, Walgreens, Walmart, and Duane Reade.

As the world's most popular money transfer service, Western Union can be found in more than 500,000 stores across the United States. Whether you like to shop online or in person, many stores offer reliable Western Union services like sending money and getting paid.

What Methods Of Payment Does Western Union Accept?

What Methods Of Payment Does Western Union Accept?

Western Union accepts many payment methods for how to send money. Some of these payment methods include:

  • Mobile wallet
  • Pay your bills
  • Cash
  • Bank account
  • Prepaid card

How Much Can I Send Using Western Union?

How Much Can I Send Using Western Union?

The limit for Western Union's money transfer service depends on the country and payment method used. Generally, you can send up to $3,000 daily from the United States to certain countries worldwide.

If you need to send larger amounts, you must verify your identity, provide additional documentation, and contact the company directly.

You will verify online or at an agent's location. Once You verified, you can send up to $50,000 per day. But the more significant amount of money you send, the higher fees and exchange rates will be applicable.

FAQ Does CVS Have Western Union:

Does Walgreens do Western Union?

Yes, Walgreens offers Western Union services at over 9,000 locations in the United States. You can use their service to send or receive money around the world.

Where can I receive money from Western Union?

You can receive money from Western Union at any of their locations or agents. You can also receive money through direct deposit into your bank account or mobile wallet.

What is the limit for CVS MoneyGram?

The limit for CVS MoneyGram is $500 per transaction. This amount applies to both domestic and international transactions. However, customers can make more than one money order up to $10,000 every 30 days.

Do all CVS do money orders?

Yes, nearly all CVS stores offer money orders. CVS accepts money orders at over 9,900 sites, and MoneyGram is one of the companies they work with.

Does Western Union charge a fee to receive money?

No, it does not charge a fee to receive money. Receiving money in the same currency is free of charge. However, if you are receiving money in another currency, then there will be fees associated with the transfer.


This article should answer any queries you have about does CVS have Western Union. Although Western Union is not available at every CVS, there are still many convenient options for international money transfers with this organization. 

Western Union has many locations across the globe, so you should be able to easily find one that offers their services if you need them.

Before deciding on a method to send or receive money, it's a good idea to shop around and compare the costs and fees offered by various companies.

Thanks for reading!

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