16 Best Selling Items On Facebook Marketplace In 2024 [Latest]

Updated On: 06/14/2023
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With the rise of e-commerce and online shopping, there's no denying that Facebook Marketplace has become a popular destination for buying and selling an array of items.

In this ever-evolving digital landscape, it is essential to know which products have the highest demand so you can make your online selling experience both enjoyable and profitable.

In this blog post, we will discuss the best selling items on Facebook Marketplace, so you can ensure that your venture into online selling is nothing short of a success!

We will take a closer look at different categories of products that top the charts in popularity among buyers and give you valuable insights into making market-smart decisions for your listings.

We will be sharing some tips and tricks to help enhance your seller reputation on Facebook Marketplace and ensure both safety and success for you as a seller. So without further ado, let's dive into discovering what items reign supreme in sales on this thriving platform!

Understanding Facebook Marketplace

Understanding Facebook Marketplace

With over 2.7 billion monthly active users worldwide, Facebook has successfully expanded to various applications. Among these extensions of the platform lies the domain of online selling Facebook Marketplace.

What is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is a dedicated platform built within the Facebook ecosystem, allowing users to buy and sell items from their local communities. It encourages a user-friendly and seamless experience as it integrates directly with the pre-existing profiles of individuals connected on Facebook.

Leveraging personal networks offers greater assurance while navigating buying or selling processes. In short, it's like your friendly neighborhood garage sale but with an online touch!

How does it work?

Operating in a straightforward manner, this marketplace offers an easy-to-navigate interface for all users:

  1. Accessing Facebook Marketplace can be done via web browsers or mobile apps.
  2. Sellers can list items by choosing categories that best fit their products with descriptions and prices.
  3. Buyers can browse through these categories or make use of search filters for more specific item searches.
  4. Communication between buyers and sellers occurs through Facebook Messenger.
  5. Transactions, on the other hand, are managed directly by both parties; either in-person upon product pick-up or via external payment methods (such as PayPal).

Why should you consider selling on Facebook Marketplace?

There are several reasons why you should consider venturing into this online marketplace realm:

  • Audience Reach: As mentioned earlier, Facebook boasts billions of active users globally, providing sellers with a vast potential customer base.
  • No Listing Fees: Unlike other platforms such as eBay or Amazon, listing your item here won't cost you anything.
  • Local Customer Base: Keeping it within your community or locality narrows down prospective interested buyers making delivery more manageable.
  • User-friendly Interface: With simple instructions and easy-to-use functions available for even those new to online selling, Facebook Marketplace offers a hassle-free experience.

16 Best Selling Items on Facebook Marketplace

16 Best Selling Items on Facebook Marketplace

Before diving into the specifics, it's essential to understand that items in high demand will vary by location, season, and current trends.

Thus, it's ideal to conduct local research by browsing or searching for similar items within your community. With that in mind, here is an overview of popular categories that generally perform well across Facebook Marketplace:

1. Electronics


Electronics tend to sell fast and at attractive prices. Top-selling items include smart TVs, gaming consoles (like PlayStation and Xbox), tablets, headphones, cameras, and other gadgets like smart home devices. A pro tip: bundle older gaming consoles with games and accessories to increase sale potential.

2. Clothing


Clothing is another popular category that includes not just new or unused items but also gently used or pre-loved clothes. Brand name and designer items hold more value; however, you can sell unique pieces at reasonable prices.

Additionally, attractive packaging and including additional information (such as sizing) can further pique buyers' interest.

3. Jewelry

Jewelry sells well both in terms of fashion jewelry and precious materials (gold or silver). These could range from earrings to necklaces or vintage statement pieces. Describing the material type and providing clear pictures under good lighting are essential practices when listing these items.

4. Furniture & Home Decor

Furniture & Home Decor

Furniture is consistently listed among top-selling categories on Facebook Marketplace as customers can often find unique pieces at great prices locally. Furniture ranges from sofas to tables and beds while home decor may include paintings, vases, or DIY crafts.

5. Mobile & Accessories

In this digital age of rapid advancements in technology، mobile phones get obsolete quickly; hence many customers seek pre-owned options as either a primary device or backup phone. Moreover, phone cases and chargers are also in high demand on the platform.

6. Books

Furniture & Home Decor

Books typically sell well on Facebook Marketplace regardless of their genre: fiction non-fiction educational cookbooks or graphic novels. You may list books individually or create book bundles to attract bulk buyers. Be sure to mention the book's condition, title, and author when listing.

7. Baby Care Products

Baby Care Products

Parents are always looking for affordable baby care products as these can be pricey when purchased brand new. Products such as clothing, toys, baby carriers, strollers, cribs, and high chairs can be sold well on the platform—just ensure they are in good and safe condition.

8. Sports Supplies & Fitness Equipment

Sports Supplies & Fitness Equipment

As more people are becoming conscious of their health and fitness, the demand for sports supplies and fitness equipment increases. Items like dumbbells, exercise bikes, yoga mats, helmets or team jerseys often perform well on the platform.

9. Health & Wellness Products

Health & Wellness Products

Products associated with personal care sell remarkably well too: skincare items (such as face masks), hair care products (like shampoos or styling tools)، supplements، essential oils، and diffusers fall into this category. Always provide information about expiry dates when listing these products.

10. Toys


Toys not only cater to children but also adult collectors seeking niche items like action figures or vintage collectibles.

Whether you're selling classic board games or LEGO sets keep in mind that toys in complete sets with original packaging warrant better value than incomplete ones.

11. Seasonal Goods

Seasonal Goods

Selling seasonal decorations is an effective way to cash in on certain times of the year. Examples include Christmas ornaments during holiday seasons bridal accessories during wedding season swimwear during summertime etc.

Before selling any seasonal item ensure it is marketed in accordance with its popularity during a particular time

12. Garden Tools

Garden Tools

People love gardening activities whether out of necessity or hobby; hence tools like lawnmowers watering cans seed starters etc. make good sale options. Reporting their state functionality and usage-age would benefit their chances at quicker selling

13. Cards


Cards may not seem like an obvious choice; however popular trading card games like Pokémon or Magic: The Gathering hold a sought-after market. Similarly, postcards from different destinations or greeting cards can pique the interest of collectors.

14. Collectibles And Antiques

Collectibles And Antiques

The joy in antiquing is finding unique pieces, and Facebook Marketplace provides just that venue. Collectors scour the site for items such as vintage furniture, timepieces, coin collections, or even memorable items.

15. Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments are often highly valued and appreciated on the platform. Guitars keyboards drums microphones audio equipment or even ukuleles have a keen audience. Positive reviews demonstrating functionality and mentioning detailed tuning guides might give your instrument an edge!

16. Pet Supplies

As families welcome more animals into their homes demand for pet supplies increases. Items ranging from pet food to toys leashes crates beds etc. can potentially have a high turnover; insisting on mentioning hygiene is of utmost importance in this domain.

Tips for a successful selling experience on Facebook Marketplace

To succeed in selling on Facebook Marketplace, you need to employ strategies that will quickly grab potential buyers' attention and set your listings apart from the competition. Follow these best practices for a stress-free and profitable experience:

Setting the right price

  • Research: Analyze similar items listed in your area or across the marketplace. Understand their price ranges and deduce an appropriate amount for your item; don't overly price or undersell.
  • Be realistic: Set a reasonable asking price based on your research and item condition, avoiding very high or very low values.
  • Consider negotiations: Since most buyers will try to negotiate the price with you, consider setting it slightly higher initially, leaving room for counteroffers.

Creating a catchy product description

  • Be clear and concise: Offer an accurate description of the item you're selling by highlighting its features, brand, size, color, material (if applicable) or any other relevant information. Try to keep sentences short without compromising clarity.
  • Highlight condition: Be honest in portraying the current state of your item—whether new, used or refurbished. Providing details about how long you've owned it or whether it has any repair history could be helpful for potential buyers.
  • Keywords are key: Use popular keywords and phrases within your descriptions; this helps significantly when people search for items using filters on Facebook Marketplace.

Tips for taking attractive photos

  • Lighting matters: Ensure that you take photos under natural light by facing windows (if indoors) or under shaded areas (if outdoors). Proper lighting contributes significantly to capturing ideal images of available products.
  • Mix up angles: Provide multiple angles of your product—from top view to side view—for visually narrating its story better appealing buyers' interests.(don't shy away from close-ups)
  • Background consistency: Keep backgrounds neutral so as not to detract from products' main focus. Flat surfaces like tabletops in uninspired solid-color backgrounds can help.
  • Avoid stock images: Create trust with the buyer by using your own images/photos instead of relying on stock images. Authentic photos, especially for pre-owned items, reassure potential customers about the purchase's legitimacy.

Responding to messages and offers

  • Be responsive: It's essential to reply promptly to messages or offers from potential buyers. Prompt communication shows that you're serious about selling, reliable, and accessible for any queries.
  • Maintain professionalism: Always be polite, tactful, and professional in correspondence – people feel more comfortable dealing with individuals who display exemplary behavior.
  • Provide detailed explanations when necessary: If potential buyers express uncertainties about the product or have further questions not covered in your description, take time to provide helpful details comprehensively.
  • Tactfully handle price negotiations: Remember that negotiating is a customary practice on online platforms; rather than being offended by lowball offers or unfavorable terms, respond politely or share your ideal counteroffer without cutting bridges?

By following these tips for selling on Facebook Marketplace, you can maximize your chances of successfully converting listed products into sales. Gaining confidence and reputation as a seller will not only increase customer satisfaction but also foster growth in future transactions.

Uniqueness of Facebook Marketplace for Business

Facebook Marketplace has been steadily gaining popularity and traction among businesses as an effective platform for selling products and services online. But what sets it apart from other popular e-commerce platforms? Here's a rundown of the unique aspects that make Facebook Marketplace a viable channel for your business:

Social Ecosystem

Since Facebook Marketplace is integrated within the social media platform, sellers have immediate access to billions of potential customers and their respective networks.

This vast audience means increased visibility and reach for your products, fostering more connections and interaction.

Trust and Transparency

One significant edge of utilizing Facebook Marketplace is trust-building. Users can view the profiles and mutual friends of buyers or sellers with whom they interact, adding a layer of security to transactions and reducing the skepticism associated with online purchases.

Community-based Shopping Experience

Facebook Marketplace allows local buyers to search within geographical boundaries, promoting community engagement while reducing shipping costs or limiting carbon footprints. Having accessibility as its major proponent means strengthening business ties on local levels.

Cost-effective Marketing Channel

Unlike other e-commerce platforms that require paid listing fees, marketing expenses or commissions on sales, Facebook Marketplace doesn't impose such costs. Listings can be created for free, drastically slashing overheads related to scaling sales ventures online.

User-friendly Interface

The ease of use provided by Facebook Marketplace's intuitive interface contributes significantly to its uniqueness.

Designed with user experience in mind—both experienced online sellers/buyers and first-timers find it quick to navigate through product listings using filters/search options without help tutorials or special instructions.

Integration with Messenger

For enhancing buyer-seller interactions during transactions, Facebook Marketplace seamlessly integrates directly into Messenger so resolving queries or finalizing deals becomes hassle-free; this smooth communication channel is unmatched in other similar platforms.

Data-driven Insights

As a seller on Facebook Marketplace, you have access to data-driven insights from users’ shopping behavior; these valuable statistics can help refine marketing strategies, tailor listings to suit customer preferences, and ultimately drive sales to new heights.

FAQs About Best Selling Items On Facebook Marketplace

What are the fastest things to sell on Facebook?

Popular items that tend to sell quickly on Facebook include electronics, clothing, furniture, vehicles, and collectibles.

Is selling on Facebook Marketplace easy?

Yes, selling on Facebook Marketplace is generally easy. It provides a user-friendly platform for listing items, communicating with potential buyers, and arranging transactions.

Most Expensive Item Ever Sold On Facebook Marketplace?

As of now, the all time most expensive item ever sold on Facebook Marketplace is a Gulfstream II private jet for $4.9 million. The plane was listed by a private seller in Florida in 2021. It is a 1969 model with a range of 3,000 nautical miles and can seat up to 12 passengers.

Does Facebook Marketplace charge fees?

Facebook Marketplace do not charges any listing or transaction fees for individuals selling items.


In a nutshell, the potential of Facebook Marketplace as a selling platform is immense due to its enormous user base, trust and transparency, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendly interface.

By staying informed about the best selling items on Facebook Marketplace and employing effective strategies discussed in this blog post, you can capitalize on this powerful platform to grow your sales and reach out to a vast audience.

Take advantage of these opportunities and insights to expand your business locally or even globally! Ultimately, successful selling relies on understanding consumer interests, knowing your market intimately, and being proactive in offering your products in an engaging manner.

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