Banks With Branches In All 50 States 2024 [List of All Banks]

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Are you in need of a bank that offers the convenience and accessibility of having branches scattered across all 50 states?

Browsing for the right choice can be confusing with the number of banking options available.

There are indeed banks with branches in all 50 states that are eager to cater to your individual needs irrespective of where you reside.

Turning to a national bank for your financial needs, you can find one of their branches or ATMs almost anywhere.

Big-name banks like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Chase maintain robust networks spread across every state.

These banks' nationwide presence ensures you can manage your accounts, apply for loans, and consult professionals without jumping through hoops.

6 Banks With Branches in All 50 States

6 Banks With Branches in All 50 States

No matter where you are in the United States, these six banks have covered you. They strive to satisfy their customers with easily procurable financial services.

Each bank mentioned here has a significant national presence, covering at minimum 26 states or more!

Chase Bank

Having an extensive network across the nation is what makes Chase Bank stand out. With branches in 48 states, they have one of the largest networks among all U.S banks.

Not only that, but they also offer a massive network of ATMs, approximately 15,500 nationwide!

  • Branches Available: 48 States
  • Total Number of Branches: Approximately 5,300
  • ATMs Nationwide: Approximately 15,500

Chase Bank's phenomenal reach across America consistently coupled with its reputation for great customer service and financial products catering to every individual need. This makes them a sure-fire consideration when choosing your banking partner.

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Bank of America

Bank of America offers a widespread branch network across around 38 states, with a count of approximately 6,219 until mid-2023. You will find the most abundant locations in California alone - boasting nearly 1,192 branches!

  • Branches Available: In Around 38 States
  • Total Number of Branches: A total of nearly 6,219 branches
  • Highest Concentration of BOA Branches: California (around 1,192 locations)

Bank of America continues to expand its reach while offering extensive banking services that could meet arguably any financial needs - making it increasingly appealing irrespective of where you are based.

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Wells Fargo

You can find ease and convenience anywhere you go because Wells Fargo serves customers in approximately 37 states, reaching out to them with more than an impressive number groundbreaking over a whopping more than 8,000 branches nationwide.

  • Branches Available: In About Roughly Around Over Approximately Total up Around Nearly About+37 States
  • Total Number of Branches: Up Over Forward Above Round Roughly Total More Further Rather Close To Groundbreaking Well Above Whopping More Than About +8K

Wells Fargo’s commitment lies within customer satisfaction by providing full-fledged banking services for every need just at your doorstep – this certainly is the choice to consider on your journey towards better banking experiences.

PNC Bank

PNC Bank is a robust financial institution with an extensive presence across the United States. Its commitment to offering quality banking solutions has seen it spread its operations across 28 states, with an impressive count of 2,629 branches.

This solid geographic distribution guarantees access to your favorite banking services wherever you are within their reach.

One key element setting PNC Bank apart is its dedication to community involvement. The bank’s network of branches contributes significantly to helping people from all walks of life thrive financially.

Their customized range of financial services and banking products ensures every customer finds a solution tailored to their needs.

  • Branches Availability: Active in 28 States
  • Total Number of Branches: Approximately 2,629
  • Key Services: Checking accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, mortgages, Auto Loans and wealth management

US Bank

US Bank remains one of the leading banks in the United States, spanning 26 states. Their array of services provided through their estimated 3,067 branches include standard bank fairness practices alongside pioneering digital banking provisions.

Their emphasis on customer satisfaction substantiates why they have cultivated a strong client base over time.

They provide traditional banking solutions and take pride in offering specialized financial advice designed for individual needs - whether it's planning for retirement or investing in real estate.

  • Branches Availability: Operations in 26 States
  • Total Number of Branches: Approximately 3,067
  • Key offerings: Consumer banking (checking and savings accounts), mortgage and home equity loans, Vehicle loans


Citibank penetrates thirteen states with approximately seven hundred branches strategically located around highly populated areas for easy accessibility by all clients.

In particular, California and New York host most of Citibank’s branches, collectively accounting for about five hundred out of their total branch count throughout the country.

As one of the leading banks having deeper roots since its inception back around during years as far as more than two centuries ago - Citibank offers customers diversified financial products across the spectrum, from basic deposit accounts to sophisticated wealth management services.

  • Branches Availability: Expanded across 13 States
  • Total Number of Branches: Nearly seven hundred (notably over five hundred are present within just California & New York)
  • Key features: Consumer banking (personal checking and savings accounts), credit card offerings as well as business banking solutions

Nationwide Availability of Online Banks

Nationwide Availability of Online Banks

In today's digitally powered world, online banks have brought the convenience of branch-less banking.

They offer all financial services accessible with just a few clicks, coast to coast, making geographical boundaries obsolete. Let's delve into a couple of popular online banking options available nationwide.


Chime is a leading digital bank in the US known for its no-hidden-fee policy. Partnering with financial services like Walgreens and various retail outlets across all 50 states, Chime offers exceptional customer service.

  • Number of Partner Locations at Walgreens: 8,500
  • Branch Offices in Georgia: 167 distributed among 66 cities
  • Retail Partnership Locations Nationwide: Approximately 90,000 outlets
  • ATMs Nationwide: About 60,000 ATMs across the U.S. are accessible with no fees

Despite not having physical branches like traditional banks, Chime extends facilities like mobile banking, mobile cheque deposits, and overdraft protection up to $200 without any charges.

You also get early direct deposit facilities and saving opportunities thanks to automated round-ups and saving boosts.

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Another significant player in the online banking industry is Ally Bank. It has successfully provided extensive banking services without relying on physical branches.

  • Personalized Digital Service: Functionally-oriented online platform and mobile apps
  • No Branches: Ally operates entirely as an Internet bank.
  • Highly-Available ATMs: As part of the Allpoint network, Ally account holders have unfettered access to over 43,000 free ATMs nationwide.
  • Multi-Faceted Services Offered: Auto finance operations services are available in all states except Nevada.

Ally’s commitment lies in maintaining unsurpassed digital experiences for its users while offering many benefits you'll love.

This includes a high-yield savings account (HYSA) boasting one of the best interest rates nationwide.

An easy-to-use mobile app ensures that tracking your money has never been easier or more convenient – providing peace-of-guaranteed-mind with highly tight security measures put in place.

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Other Banks In The U.S.

While national banks with branches in nearly every state offer convenience and extensive services, they aren't the only options available. You may also consider hybrid and local/regional banks with unique benefits.

Hybrid Banks

Hybrid banks are changing how you bank by leveraging brick-and-mortar branches and digital platforms.

They offer real-time applications for banking tasks while also providing face-to-face services when needed. USAA is a prime example of a hybrid bank initially established for military personnel.

  • Hybrid banks integrate the best features of traditional banking with modern digital functionality.
  • USAA is a perfect example that provides its members nationwide accessibility through digital platforms while delivering in-person support.
  • This model provides flexibility to the customers by giving them options on how they prefer to engage in financial transactions.

Local and Regional Banks

On the other hand, local or regional banks could be your pick if you prefer banking within your community or your region due to their intimate understanding of your locality's financial needs.

For instance, First Midwest Bank operates efficiently in Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa - providing stellar local service without losing out on crucial banking services.

  • Local or regional banks like First Midwest Bank cater specifically to local demographics, offering customized solutions.
  • Since these institutions are more grassroots-oriented toward understanding their customer's individual needs based on their local factors in decision-making.
  • These banks may lack nationwide coverage but make up for it through community understanding and personalized service.

These alternatives show that having branches everywhere isn’t always necessary. Depending on your location and personal preferences, whether it's being tech-savvy or receiving localized care, ample choices are available beyond large mainstream banks.

FAQs about banks with branches in all 50 states

Are There Any Banks With Branches in All 50 States?

While no single bank physically operates branches in every U.S. state, some banks, such as Chase, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America, have a significant presence across most states.

Which Bank Has the Most Branches in the U.S.?

As of data from 2023, Wells Fargo holds the title with over 8,000 nationwide branches.

Do Online Banks Operate in All 50 States?

Online banks like Chime and Ally are available to customers across all 50 states, providing wide access to financial resources through online platforms despite having no traditional branches.

How Can I Access My Bank Account When Traveling Across States?

Most national banks allow you to access your account via ATMs, mobile apps, and online banking. Some even have agreements with other banks for free ATM use.

Are There Regional Banks With Branches Only in Certain States?

Yes, some banks operate primarily within specific regions or states. These may include credit unions or community-driven banking institutions that cater strictly to residents' needs.


Finding a banking partner with a nationwide presence can make your financial journey smoother, regardless of where you are.

Banks such as Chase, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo offer an extensive network of branches and ATMs scattered across most states, providing easy access to their services.

On the other hand, online banks like Chime and Ally Bank ensure comprehensive services without physical branches.

So, it is apparent that you have multiple available banking options nationwide to suit your financial needs. Your ideal bank might be around the corner!

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