20 Apps That Pay You to Exercise In 2023 [Don't Run For Free]

Updated On: 08/10/2023
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There are many great reasons to exercise – it can help improve your health, boost your energy levels, and even help you sleep better, but sometimes it can be hard to find the motivation to get up and move.

What if there was a way to make money from exercising? Wouldn't that be amazing? Did you know that there are also several apps that will pay you to exercise? That’s right – you can get paid to work out!

This post will look at 20 different apps that will pay you to exercise. Whether you’re looking for extra pocket money or want to make some side income, these apps offer a great way to earn cash while getting fit. So if you’re ready to start making money from your workout routine, read on!

20 Apps That Pay You to Exercise:

With the rise of HealthTech, millions of dedicated health- and fitness apps are available. One subset of these promises to be an extra incentive to get active: they pay you pocket money when you exercise.

These 20 apps represent various activities, like step-counting, biking, and running. You can even get a reward for attending classes like yoga or pilates!

Not only do you have a financial payoff for taking the time to stay active – sweating it outcomes in proven physical and mental health benefits as well. Tapping into HealthTech can provide an innovative way to help you stay motivated while earning extra cash.


Sweatcoin is an innovative cryptocurrency-based app that pays its users in its native currency sweat coin. Sweatcoin uses a step counter to monitor the user's activity and exercise and converts their steps into sweat coins.

This app can be connected with Google Fit and Apple Fitness programs to provide better accuracy in measuring fitness goals. Additionally, sweat coins can be used for buying gift cards, tangible rewards such as appliances or devices, game show tickets, etc.

For instance, 10000 steps are equal to 0.95 sweat coins while 20000 sweat coins can yield 1000$ PayPal money. Thus, it is a fun and easy way to get fit while earning extra cash.

PK Rewards

The P.K. Rewards App is a free Android and iOS fitness app that rewards users for their workouts. You don't have to be a member of the paid plan to start earning money; all you have to do is complete regular workouts and physical labor.

The rewards vary depending on your activity, from apparel and gift cards to trips or even cash payments! With regular input, most people make an average of $5 per week with the P.K Rewards App.

Plus, the app tracks your effort rather than your fitness level: it can detect how hard you've worked when you go for a run or hike up hills and even integrates data from other apps if desired.

Take it one step further by connecting the PK Rewards app to an Apple Watch or Bluetooth tracker to better monitor your exercise levels!


Optimity is a revived version of the Canadian paid-to-walk app Carrot Rewards that offers rewards like raffles, More Rewards points, and Petro-Points to its users for completing various tasks on the app, such as taking steps, reading, quizzing oneself, and challenging friends.

Users earn gems for completing tasks on Optimity, and these gems can be used to purchase rewards. While the rewards offered by Optimity are decent, if higher payouts and better rewards were available, the app could be even better.

Despite its earlier setbacks, Optimity is gaining momentum in the market and is worth checking out for anyone looking to earn rewards for healthy activities.


Runtopia is a fitness app that helps users improve their fitness by setting goals for running, walking, and cycling, with audio coaching available for support. The app also includes training programs for warm-up, stretching, and weight loss.

While most features are free, users can also access additional features with a premium membership. Sports Coins can be earned by completing exercises, app tasks, and community engagement, and can be redeemed for various products and memberships.

However, it's important to note that Sports Coins expire annually on March 1st. Overall, Runtopia is a great app for anyone looking to improve their fitness and set achievable goals.


StepBet is an innovative fitness reward app encouraging users to take their health seriously. Through a system of bets, players are assigned goals based on their activity levels and weight loss targets, with the chance to split the pool with others at the end of the game.

Non-members can only play one game at a time, whereas members who pay an annual fee can play up to 3 games simultaneously.

Those who succeed in meeting their goals can make anywhere from $5-$20 for winning a bet, making this app ideal for anyone looking for severe motivation and money rewards!


DietBet is an excellent weight-loss app that pays users when they reach their goals. With three different challenge options to choose from – Kickstarter, Transformer, and Maintainer – there are many ways to win money with DietBet.

The longer-term challenges make it easier to stay motivated, but the amount won will also depend on how many people you're competing against.

Joining DietBet also requires an upfront fee - these fees range from 25% to 10%, based on the bet size chosen.


If you're looking for an innovative way to make money while taking control of your health, HealthyWage is the app for you! This creative system allows users to bet on their weight loss journey. With prizes ranging from a few dollars to up to $10,009, a successful challenge can result in some serious cash.

To guarantee accuracy and progress, users must weigh in at a local gym or upload videos online at the start and end of their goal time frame. If individuals have friends or family that are also trying to get fit, they can join forces and try out the team challenge – potentially winning up to $10K with collective success!


LifeCoin is an app that rewards users for getting fit with its in-app currency LifeCoins. When you walk outdoors, you can earn coins and redeem them for rewards.

Compared to other exercise apps, such as Sweatcoin, LifeCoin offers a slower way to earn up to $50 worth of coins.

When you have enough coins collected, you can redeem them for lower-level prizes, such as gift cards which are not available on the Sweatcoin app. So if you want to get fit and rewarded, give LifeCoin a try!

Charity Miles

Charity Miles is an app that pays its users donations to charities of their choice. Every mile run or walked using the app earns either $0.10 for bikers or a 25-cent donation for runners, walkers and hikers. Each participant can choose from dozens of charitable organizations they would like to benefit from their workout efforts.

Prevalent causes supported by this platform include Feeding America, Alzheimer’s Association, Wounded Warriors, and more. It’s perfect for those conscious about giving back – there are no products or advertisement pitches endured when earning donations; only the logo of partnered brands will be visible during the workout session.


FitforBucks is an excellent app for getting rewarded for working out. Points can be earned by running, hiking, walking, or any activity that gets you moving, and an activity tracker must be connected to the app.

Rewards include complimentary coffee/smoothie, massages, and classes - 20,000 steps being enough to earn a 12 oz coffee.

Transparency is key in rewards; FitforBucks does an excellent job providing all users with the prices of their rewards, ensuring everyone knows how much will be spent when trying to earn something nice.


Rover is a convenient way for fitness buffs to make some extra money. It is a dog-walking app that operates in over 10,000 cities across the USA, allowing users to set their hours and prices on the app.


And by the time you walk a dog, you will become more active. That way you can earn money by walking with a dog. However, Rover takes a 40% commission, making some members earn up to $1000 per month through this side gig.

The app's user interface is user-friendly and easy to use, allowing its users to manage tasks and clients efficiently. In addition, Rover provides liability insurance packages for registered walkers so they can feel secure while walking dogs consistently.


If you're looking for an easy way to monetize your exercise routine, WinWalk is an excellent option. This free Android pedometer app rewards users with 1 coin for every 100 steps taken.

They can then redeem the coins for gift cards from companies such as Amazon, Domino's, Google Play, Sephora, Starbucks, Target, or Walmart.

Gift card rewards start at $10 and require 16000 coins to get the reward. Additionally, you can earn extra coins by answering surveys, watching ads or downloading new mobile apps!

If you are looking for an effortless way to make a bit of money while doing something beneficial for your body, WinWalk is for you - it earns users around $10-20 per year if you're walking a lot.


Gigwalk is a mobile app that allows users to make extra money on their schedule. It allows people to select gigs in their area and earn up to $100 by completing the gigs assigned to them.

This can involve physical activities such as running errands or carpentry work. Registration is easy, with just a few basic questions needed, and afterward, people can start earning from $3 to $100 per gig with payments instantly sent via PayPal. Take advantage of this awesome opportunity and start making money today!


Vitality is a leading provider of employee wellness programs, partnering with businesses to encourage and promote healthy living among employees. Individuals can request their employers to include Vitality in the company wellness program, and in doing so, gain access to a range of benefits.

These include a free fitness tracker device such as an Apple Watch or Fitbit, which can be earned by exercising regularly. In addition to this, users can also win additional prizes such as Amazon gift cards.

Vitality is a top-rated app that pays users to work out, making it a great option for anyone looking to prioritize their health while also earning rewards.


The Rakuten app is a unique shopping app that offers cashback rewards for fitness-related purchases prior to exercising, setting it apart from other apps. Users can get $5 for joining Weight Watchers, 5% back on 24 Hour Fitness, 4.5% back at Bowflex Shop, and 12% back on Shoes.com, among other rewards. Users also receive a $10 bonus for their first purchase with Rakuten.

The mobile app also allows users to earn double cashback rewards. Payments are issued via PayPal or mailed check when the rewards balance is $5.01 or more. Some select merchants offer an additional redemption bonus. Overall, Rakuten is a great app for those who want to save money on fitness-related purchases and earn cashback rewards.

My Walgreens

My Walgreens is a program that allows users to earn rewards points for healthy behaviors. By creating and achieving goals, linking health devices, testing blood pressure and glucose, quitting smoking, and exercising, users can earn 250 points each.

Additionally, My Walgreens program provides access to WebMD's advice, which can help users learn more about healthy behaviors. By shopping at Walgreens with Ibotta, users can also earn extra money.

For those who are new to Ibotta, there is a $10 bonus offered when redeeming your first Ibotta offer. Overall, My Walgreens is a great program that encourages healthy behaviors and rewards users for their efforts.

Virgin Pulse

Virgin Pulse is a corporate wellness program that partners with businesses to provide employees with perks such as rewards and merchandise prizes. Employees can participate in individual or group challenges to win cash rewards, which serves as a great incentive to maintain healthy habits.

Tracking progress is made easy with a pedometer app, Fitbit, or smartphone. For those whose companies do not offer a rewards-based corporate wellness program yet, it is possible to ask HR to look into partnering with Virgin Pulse.

Overall, Virgin Pulse is a fantastic option for businesses looking to improve their employees' health and well-being while also offering incentives for healthy behaviors.


MapMyFitness is a fitness app developed by Under Armour that offers users prizes for being the top monthly and yearly performers. This feature encourages users to stay motivated and achieve their fitness goals while competing with other users.

In addition to this, the app also offers user-created exercise routes for those who want to challenge themselves with more scenic workouts. Users can also create their workout routines, and training plans, and track their calorie intake using the app.

Overall, MapMyFitness is a great app for anyone looking to track their fitness progress and take advantage of challenges to stay motivated.

Dick’s Sporting Goods ScoreCard

Dick's Sporting Goods ScoreCard is a loyalty rewards program that is offered by Dick's Sporting Goods. The program is free to join, and customers earn 3% back with each purchase. To earn points, customers simply need to have the cashier scan their rewards card before payment.

Dick’s Sporting Goods ScoreCard

The program is similar to Rakuten in that it provides a way for customers to get paid for exercising before they start shopping. Overall, ScoreCard is a great option for those who shop frequently at Dick's Sporting Goods and want to earn rewards for their purchases.


What are the best apps that pay you to exercise?

There are several popular apps that pay you to exercise, including Sweatcoin, Achievement, and StepBet, among others.

How do exercise apps pay you to work out?

Exercise apps that pay you typically use tracking technology to monitor your activity and then reward you with virtual currency, cash, or other incentives for meeting your goals.

Are there any free apps that pay you to exercise?

Yes, there are some free apps that pay you to exercise, such as Google Fit, Lympo, and FitPotato.

What are the rewards for using apps that pay you to exercise?

The rewards for using exercise apps that pay you can vary widely, but they often include virtual currency, gift cards, or cash payouts, among other incentives.

How much money can you earn from using exercise apps that pay you?

The amount of money you can earn from using exercise apps that pay you depends on the app and how much you use it, but some users have reported earning a few dollars to a few hundred dollars per month.

Can you really get paid to exercise using apps?

Yes, you can get paid to exercise using certain apps that offer rewards for physical activity.

Which exercise apps are available for both Android and iOS?

Most exercise apps that pay you are available for both Android and iOS devices, but it's always a good idea to check the app store to confirm.

Are there any apps that pay you to walk?

Yes, there are several apps that pay you to walk, including Sweatcoin, Achievement, and Higi, among others.

Are there any health benefits to using apps that pay you to exercise?

Yes, there can be health benefits to using apps that pay you to exercise, such as increased motivation to be active, improved physical fitness, and better overall health and wellness.

Final Thoughts

Healthy living improves your quality of life and can lead to earning a little extra cash. There are now 20 apps that pay you to exercise and be active. From popular apps like Sweatcoin to lesser-known ones like DietBet, there’s an option for everyone.

With summer just around the corner, what better time to start getting in shape and earning money simultaneously?

Let us know in the comments which app is your favorite and whether or not they’ve helped you get in shape. However, remember that these apps won’t make you rich – they’re more of a fun way to stay motivated and earn a little pocket change.

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